Kinect Priced At $199 In Australia

Microsoft has revealed that Xbox 360 accessory Kinect will retail for $199 in Australia when it launches in November. It will also be available in a console bundle including for $449.

Kinect enables controller-free motion gaming along with voice and facial recognition technology. The $199 standalone unit will be packed with one game, Kinect Adventures.

The $449 bundle will come with an Xbox 360 Slim console with 4GB built-in flash memory, the Kinect unit and Kinect Adventures game, pictured.

Currently the Xbox 360 Slim console with 250GB hard drive retails for $449 RRP. The previous Xbox 360 models - the 120GB and 250GB Elites and hard drive-less Arcade - are no longer in production.

Microsoft has not announced a Kinect bundle for the 250GB console. Nor have they revealed details regarding the availability of the 4GB console without Kinect.

We're chasing Microsoft for more details and will update this post when we hear.


    Hmm, this makes EBgames estimate correct, i really hope that their $350 estimate for the 3DS isn't right though...

      The DSi XL is $349. Do you really expect the 3DS to be cheaper than that?

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