LunchTimeWaster: Trust Issues

Subverting the typical tutorial, this Flash platformer turns the tutorial into a game in itself. Your instructor is completely untrustworthy - or are they? - and you're forced to experiment and work things out for yourself.

Even the controls!

Portal wasn't the first game to borrow a variation on the unreliable narrator, but there are clear echoes of GLaDOS in the way Depict1's instructor leads you through a series of puzzles. This is sharp, funny and - even though you think you know what's going on - genuinely surprising.

Depict1 [Bored]


    I think I got to the real end of the game. I think.

      Does the second ending actually end? It doesn't appear so...

        It does. I'd ellaborate, but it would spoil the fun in discovering it for yourself.

          I'm done with it, lunch time is over for me.

          In the end you have two darts, one which you use to climb over the last wall, I was trying to figure out a way to 'de-mirror' the other dude with the last arrow as I noticed he dodges your arrows and it upsets the mirroring... In the end I ran out of time to give it another go.

            Essentially that's the trick. The fact that he doesn't throw a spike, and that when you do you go through a different animation, allows you to use the spike to de-sync your motions, pitching him into the pit.

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