Aussie Nintendo Store: Diary Dullness

The Toyko Game Show isn't a fun time for Nintendo fans, all these new games and basically none of them for the Wii, DS or even the 3DS. So it's that time of the week, surely Nintendo (who control what comes out) will give us some awesome titles? Nope it's mostly drivel this week.


Adventure on Lost Island - Hidden Object Game (Ateam Inc - 500 Points) - Ateam is back with another Hidden Object Game. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the game, it's basically just another find a object in a crowd-type game.


myDiary (Nnooo, 200 Points) - The proud shiny beacon of the releases this week, for 200 points you get a full diary/calendar app for your DSi. Set alarms, take notes, all the good stuff and for cheap too. I checked this out this morning and it's very polished and clean. Sorry, the design nerd in me is coming out with that comment.

Petz Hamster Superstar and Petz Nursery (Ubisoft - 800 Points each) - This week you have the honour of not one but two Petz games. Petz Hamster Superstar lets you take care of a well a Hamster and Petz Nuserery lets you take care of kittens. Both games are the more expensive 800 points.

So the best title this week is a diary - a good diary though. Keep it up Nintendo.


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