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Got a witty caption for this screenshot of the upcoming Red Dead Redemption Liars and Cheats pack? Leave it in the comments below.


    Which one of you is Billy?

    "HD graphics, surround sound, lightning-fast internet connecting people around the globe... and we still end up in a dirty saloon playing a round of poker."

    "Do you have any 3's?"

    In their recent employee culling, Rockstar decided to test the Red Dead development team's worth by means of poker

    Guy doing his best Patrick Stewart image meme impersonation...

    "WTF is this shit!!!"

    "You should have been here last week. This group of dogs came in to play poker and cleaned us all out"

    Go fish

    "...Hey John, I thought you died?"

      Oh... *spoiler!* haha.

        I guess if you haven't finished it yet you prob aren't going to anyway.....

          ...or not everyone can afford to buy the game at full price and are waiting for it to drop to under $50.

          Ignorant asshole.

            oh snap

            Sorry if I offended. Meant nothing by it. But your response was prob not called for. You raise a good point then ruin it with name calling The regulars around here will know that I don't go around talking poo.

    You win, all I've got are four ones.

    I see your point and raise an eyebrow.

    The Global Financial Crisis really hit the World Series of Poker hard.

    "Goddammit Gollum, stop eatin yo chips."

    Who let the dogs out?

    woooah the hokey pokey

    "Lets bet on when Red Dead Redemption will come out on PC"

    "So have you guys tried 'Caravan'? HUGE in Vegas."

    How many times have i told you to use a coaster!

    "Hey who invited smeagul to the table?"

    Possible merger with Bethesda? I don't see any other reason for a ghoul sitting at the table. Don't make him angry, you smooth skins!

    I wanna cast... Magic Missile

    All right boy, straight flush, hand over them draw string jeans ah yours.

    Johnson: "You sure you wanna quit playing, Seth? The game's always between you and getting called a C***."

    Not original, but it made me think of that scene in Deadwood haha.

    "Excuse me miss, are you lost? Can't you see us men are trying to play poker"

    "I hear RedDeadDev5 has got himself into some strife with the Sherrif again"

    "That's not the worst of it. I hear he's gonna be locked up with RedDeadTester2"

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