Report: Kinect Launching November 18

We've known for a while now that Kinect's Australian launch date would be sometime in November. It looks like that date is now November 18.

IGN AU is reporting that Microsoft confirmed the date to them at a Kinect preview event earlier today.

Microsoft has not yet officially announced the launch date, so we're following up with them to confirm the IGN report.

Kinect enables controller-free motion gaming on the Xbox 360 along with voice and facial recognition technology. The accessory retails for $199 bundled with Kinect Adventures.

Kinect Release Date Announced [IGN AU]


    That dancing game... I don't understand how every one was so impressed with it at E3. It's a freakin' dancing game!!

      People like dancing. People may want to dance but can't be bothered going out. People may like to dance but are too embarrassed to dance in front of others because they aren't that good. Or people don't want to go to dance classes.

      It's because it's made by Harmonix and most hardcore journalists and gamers have a hard-on for Harmonix.

      It's currently the only "it really works" game.

    Call of Duty wins this round. I'll get you next time Kinect. Next time (said with fist shaking)

    I like the dancing game especially not having to hold controllers or having to have a dance mat to play it.

    Intresting news in the USA the Pre orders for Kinect have reached 100,000 which is bundled with Kinect and with 10 weeks until release is a good indication that Kinect is going to sell well.

    PS3 pre orders for Sports champions which also comes with the Move bundled camera and controller has only sold 24.000 with only just under 3 weeks until launch.

    In the comment above I should of said "Kinect Adventures is bundled with Kinect and the sales have reached 100,000.

    And on November 19th I will still be waiting for a Kinect game that I could give a damn about.

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