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We're hearing some real positive rumblings regarding the upcoming Mortal Kombat, and with good reason. It's a genuine series reboot - one that strips back all the nonsense, drop kicks the DC characters back into their own "universe", and leaves nothing but the kind of brutal bone-crushing action that has our inner 12-year-olds spitting out our Apple juice in disbelief.

It's a great change of direction for the franchise, and it looks to be paying off.

We managed to get a hold of the latest Mortal Kombat trailer, which details the back story of Scorpion. Long story short? Someone killed some people he knew, and he's out for reveeeeeenge.

Get over here! And watch this trailer.


    Hehe i just watched this video on the american post, and it runs much smoother in a youtube format - thanks mark :)

    This MK reboot is looking seriously... killer.. MUHAHAHA!!!

    The MK series has really gotten stale over the last 10 years. And this game looks to be no exception. I was genuinely excited when they announced that Armageddon would feature most of the characters for a final time. I would have loved to see an entire new set of characters and mechanics.

    I hate it when I'm mysteriously resurrected in the middle of the night.

      Actually its the best time for it. If you are mysteriously resurrected in the middle of the day it takes a long time for your eyes to adjust to the bright light, greatly increasing the risk of serious tombstone-related shin injuries.

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