LunchTimeWaster: Let There Be Light!

Named after the second most frustrating dungeon in Ocarina of Time [shakes fist in the general direction of The Water Temple] , The Light Temple is a unique little puzzle platformer designed for co-op play.

Playing as Fireboy and Watergirl simultaneously, players have to work together in order to progress through increasingly fiendish levels. The design is stellar, utilising the need for both characters to work in tandem in a number of original ways. You don't have to play it co-op - single players can control both players at once, and in a way that just increases the challenge.

We loved it.

The Light Temple [Armor Games]


    Super fun. I liked the zelda-esque sound effects :P

    The Light Temple only existed in cutscenes. Are you sure you're not thinking of the spirit temple when you're talking about the second most frustrating one?

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