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    Can we get a "Deals of the week" section? I'd even be glad to write it if it were too much of an inconvenience.

    While it's great that you post individual deals as they come in, it'd be nice to have a rock-paper-shotgun sort of "bargain bucket", but for Australians.

    Any clue if this would be possible?

      +1 to this.

      Definitely possible - we're currently talking about adding new regular sections, and getting rid of some others. I have a couple of ideas - but would love to hear what you guys think? Also, feel free to say which of the current regulars you're not to fond of? I want to add a couple of new things here and there, but at the same time I don't want Kotaku Aus to just be regular section posts all day!

      Keen to hear what you guys think...

        Well, maybe if it were in the weekly news wrap up, "The things you missed" section?

        I have to publicly declare my love for the sunday comics, so despite anyone's complaints, you do NOT have permission to remove it! XD

        Keep it up Marky! ;)

        Will you be willing to once more have 'Show Us Yours' articles where we send in photos of our gaming collections/setups?

        Everyone likes looking at other people's stuff :)


          I love 'show us yours' and would love to see it come back

            Yeah I love that tiny glimpse into other people's worlds. Plus I'd kinda like to show off my own stuffs.

            Yeah that would be good to see comeback. Or even do a "window to Kotaku, the desks on which view Kotaku from"...?

              Uh, that would be my lap. No way I'm posting a picture of that.

                "'s as if million of voices cried out, then were all silenced as one..."

        Perhaps kill the genres and publisher droplists at the top of the page, and make the platforms/categories sections more obvious?

        Also make the US kotaku link (top right) work!

        Can't think of any other sections I'd want removed tho - Kotaku's pretty well-rounded as it is :)

          The US link does work...

            Whoops my bad, sorry - turns out on my browsers the link is just above the text rather than the text itself.

            If you do a funny little mouse pointer dance over it until it catches, yeah (on firefox, at least).

            Thus I second the "please make the US link work properly" request. I only occasionally use it when I want read US comments on a big issue, or to take advantage of them having more articles per page when I'm few days behind in the news.

            Actually, that could be another useful feature - more articles per page please!

          Are you on Chrome? I am and you have to click just above the word US for it to work.

            Just above clickiness for me under Firefox, Chrome and IE

        Personally i really don't like the new format for reviews - it can be long winded, contradictory and seems a little amateur - i know you have no control over this, but i just preferred the "loved/hated" simplicity of the old ways...

        As for new sections, "Ask Chuloopa Stuff" or "Chuloopa's corner" could be an interesting read.

        Maybe a weekly or monthly post about great free-to-play games going around. I wrote a massive article and posted it in here a few weeks back in regards to bargain gaming/gaming on the cheap, and there are a TONNE of great Freeware/shareware/abandonware games that people can jump into without the worry of financial backlash.

        Not to sound greedy, but everyone loves a good competition now and then, so more of those (freebies from publishers permitting) would be awesome. No matter how small the prize, it's still a good bit of fun and i love seeing everyone's imaginations kicking into overdrive,

        Another one i suggested when Junglist first over temporary reigns was an article on "retro treasures". This would be where the editor picks a game of ye olde times and talks about what there was to love about the game and why people should look into it now.

        Also, just a FYI for everyone, when you type 'chuloopa' into firefox, you get auto correct options of chuloopa "chutzpah", "chutzpa,

          Accidentally submitted this one - please banish it to the void Mr. Serrelicious! :)

          Speaking of reviews, what do we do with reader reviews?
          Do we write them in the new style, or the 'old' love/hate style?

            Everyone still seems to be doing the old style.. amateur reviews in the new style would only be chaotic to the power of evil :P

              I'm going to say let's keep reader reviews in the old style. You guys all cool with that?

                Hear hear

          I prefer the love/hated format. It was the first thing that attracted me to Kotaku.

        I don't know how far the budget extends... but maybe a weekend editor... or at least someone to approve the posts?

        Perhaps Sunday, as it's Saturday in YankieLand, could have an inflamitory editorial... which we could then spend the rest of the day arguing over?

          Here Here!!! Its almost like Kotaku dies every weekend... :( I'm poor and un-employable so I could approve posts if I was to be given such powers....?

            Could make the intern do it... you know, when they aren't fetching coffee?

              BUT I NEED COFFEE!

              (I actually hate coffee)

              BUT I NEED PEPSI MAX!


                  There's nothing wrong with hating coffee... but liking Pepsi, that's just all kinds of not right.

              All rubbish jokes aside, it's something we've been thinking about. I try and hop online and approve the comments when I can, and Elly approves a lot of comments on the sat morning. There is that dead space on the sunday, and we're currently thinking about solutions.

                I think it's pretty safe to say that there will be more than a few willing volunteers to give you guys a hand.

        I don't know if it's above the talents of the geek-dom that maintain kotaku (and the remainder of the Allure network), but would it be possible to have expandable/contractable threads in the comments section?

        Just to make reading sections like this a little bit easier (and possible to fold them down), particularly when the Talk Amongst Yourselves thread gets massively huge.

          I felt compelled to comment on your comment just so it increases the length of the page by a few more lines...


      Deals of the week is a nice idea. The ol' Wildgoose (bless his socks) used to run a Bargain Hunter section, not sure if this is similar to what you're proposing. Often tips from readers would be the basis of the segment.

      As for other posts, perhaps a few more feature news/opinion articles would be awesome. Just off the top of my head, the one last week about pre-owned games really got people talking.

        I was thinking something in the format of's one:

        A list like that would be invaluable, methinks.

    With the Aussie dollar making the most of the USD crumbling, I thought it might be a good time to cash in and get a game or three from the US.

    Any suggestions on cheap US sites that offer decent postage rates? I've previously used UK sites in the past due to their unbelieveably awesome postage rates, whereas FedEx/USPS always seem to negate any savings.

    Bonus points for site(s) which still have GT5 super-editions available (for less than RRP here).

      Hey mate.

      I've actually already read into this, and you're still much better off just ordering from the UK.

      While there may be some US sites that offer a decent price, shipping is usually crippling.
      The only exception would be Ebay from US sellers i guess.

      Plus when ordering from US you have to worry about region encoding a lot more than what you would from the UK.

      Yeah, that's the problem with buying stuff from the US. The games are usually super cheap but the postage costs almost as much as the game.
      I'd be very interested in people's answers to your question too.

      Try eStarland. Only US store that I actually bothered importing from.

      Yeah, as Chuloopa says, it's probably better to get it from the UK, while we measure ourselves against the US dollar, and are proud of our six seconds of parity, our improvements against the pound have been pretty good, as they've tanked hard, so, given the cheaper postage rates, it might be better to get stuff from the UK (also, I don't know about this from the UK/Europe, but American games on the PSN sometimes have problems with DLC, as the game doesn't recognise US DLC if you're using an aussie PSN account (but if your main account is for the US PSN then you'll have no problems)).

      This sprung to my mind as well, but if I'm importing I tend to go from the UK - in my mind I feel safer with the regions, etc. My other problem has been I've been thinking "Oh look, the Aussie is so strong! I should buy lots of stuff online!". However I can't think of a single thing I should buy, other than some Threadless tees, which I already have too many of. D:

        Dr. McNinja - 'nuff said. You don't just want it - you NEED it! :D

      Cheers for the responses guys; I guess I'll do my bit for not propping up the US economy, and spend my dosh in the UK instead ;)

      My intent was to import the special GT5 edition for the retail (game-only) cost of GT5 here; and get the extra book and wank with it. Then offload the game on ebay and partly-cover my costs of buying GT5 (game-only) locally the moment it breaks street release here.

      I'll check out the UK sites then, but I think all their collectors' editions have sold out... :(

        Your plan has me confused Gobbo. Why do you want to sell the game to offset the local purchase? It'd have to be to support local retailers or something, yeah?

          I'm not so much interested in supporting local retaillers, but moreso getting my mits on the game as soon as humanly possible; hence buying it locally rather than waiting for overseas post to arrive.

          Selling the import copy should get me most of locally-bought-gt5's cost back, plus I'd get the Apex book and more junk that I don't really need :)

            Ah, ingenius little scheme! Postal delay is the main reason I don't buy the must-have-on-release-or-die games overseas - I tend to end up in JB HiFi or something like that.

            How much do you think you'll be able to save off the Aus regular version? I was thinking of preordering GT5 through ozgameshop today and noticed they've only got the reg. edition.

              Collectors edition is about USD$99, but it's sold out at most retaillers (both overseas and here).

              Best deal to get GT5 (game only) cheap here so far seems like doing a 2-for-1 trade-in deal at JBHiFi where you can buy 2 of their games on special for $50 combined, and then trade them for a GT5 pre-order.

              My sister starts a job with them later this week, so I figure I'll just get her to do that for me or swaggle it at cost price instead :)

            Wanting to get a game "NOW" is something I understand however when we get price gouged on something like Fallout NV being $90-$110 in stores and $89.95 USD on steam but could order it from for less then $40AUD its worth the wait. It takes only around a week for delivery usually and by ordering 3-4 (or more) games at a time it makes the wait worth it when they arrive.
            Im a massive steam advocate but all this "overcharging" by publishers of Aussies just means they miss sales to overseas orders where they only make half the money or they miss the sale all together.

      While we're sort of on the subject, anyone know of any good online stores for reasonably priced music with a huge range of metal CDs and that don't charge exorbitant postage?

        Not too sure on the where-to-go thing, but if you haven't heard the band 'Psychostick'yet, i urge you and EVERYONE to check them out. They are just plain delightful and catchy as hell :D

        Most of my Metal CD's come from jb/pawn shops/ebay. Specialty stores just charge you through the nose...

    Okay so, Guitar Hero: Battle Sessions.
    I didn't win. *sadface*
    But I didn't fail either. *relievedface*
    Plus I beat at least 3 guys, not counting the 2 who gave up before finishing the song.

    They chose the one song I was scared they'd choose so I instantly knew I wouldn't win anything and was tempted to just walk away( read: run away screaming).
    I was shaking really bad and missed notes I don't usually miss but I finished. Was mortified to see I'd only got 4 stars and 90% of notes hit but then a lot of others after me also got 4 stars so I didn't feel so bad. I may have done a little happy dance upon seeing someone do worse than me. Yes, I'm a bad person.
    I think I ended up coming around 8th from about 12-15 people. Not bad for a mother. The guy who won was awesome, he barely missed any notes and got a hug from his mum and a huge round of applause when he was done.

      Guitar Hero is one of those games where, no matter how awesome you are, there's always some 9-year old kid who can just absolutely blitz it.

      Sounds like you put up an insane fight - 90%, that's awesome. What song did they choose out of interest?

        I think they're randomly choosing a song for each state on their day, but ours (Queensland's) was Black Sabbath's 'Children of the Grave'. It hurts.

        haha yeah - i'm 25 and get whooped by my 19 year old partner.. and everyone else.. i seriously suck at it - i can't play above medium level :s

        Well done strange - that was an absolutely awesome effort! You should be proud. Also, i will never, ever play against you, but if you want i can be your sub-par bassist or drummer! :D

      That's how it goes sometimes. Mega props for getting as far as you did.

      (I suck at guitar hero :P)

      congrats. did anyone rock up with a Strange is a girl tshirt???

      Serreliously, well done!

        Wow, I just noticed that third last word.
        Just... wow.
        It's kind of in that void between "That's deviously clever" and "That's... terrible".

        Don't worry Strange, you'll always be a winnar in our eyes, also because the rest of us suck at it. ;D

      Bad luck Strange, you should have let us know where you were at, we could have come down and supported you!! Dont tell anyone, but I've never ever even bother with guitar hero, does that make me odd?

      well done strange! I always crack under pressure when i'm playing with my wife.. can't imagine how hard it'd be playign in front of a crowd :0

    I don't usually get excited going to work on Monday, but this week's going to be awesome!!!

    Metallica live on Tuesday night, then Fallout New Vegas is out on Thursday! Brilliant! I can't wait for either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Metallica were awesome, I saw them a month ago now. The pyrotechnics were great, I wasn't very near the stage, but could still feel them burning my face, it was great. Oh, and I guess the band were alright :P.

        Screw Metallica, i'm still trying to get to see Rammstein :(

          Rammstein - @BDO along with Tool

            yes, i'm well aware of that - the unfortunate thing is the Melbourne round sold out in 2 minutes.

            So this means i either have to be REALLY lucky in the lottery draws for the tickets, or prey they do a side show..

              I'm pinning my bet on sideshows, at least here in Melbourne. Can't see the big acts (Tool, Rammstein, Deftones) just doing the main shows; they'll easily pull massive crowds and make a nice bit of profit.

              While the intially BDO lineup is enticing, I'd much rather go to the sideshows. I'm also hoping the Bloody Beetroots put one up. It'd probably be the closest my wife and I ever get to raving in our lives. :D

                While that would be nice, Rammstein don't tend to chuck in extra shows at a whim, which leaves me concerned.

                Believe me i would much rather pay to see JUST them than to put up with 12 year old emos in mosh pits at the BDO

                  I don't care what I'm doing... I'm going to drop everything the next time Daft Punk come to Aus.

              Or fly to Hobart and steal my tickets? :D

              Speaking of which, I wonder when my BDO tix will get sent out...

    Ok guys and gals, as some as you may know as of this weekend i'm heading up to sydney for a few days and need some suggestions on what's good to do, and if there is anything gamer related i should possibly check out.

    So far we're going to look at the 'Oprah' House, the bidge and the botanical gardens, as well as the rocks and manly. I'm sure there is other stuff on the agenda too but i have already forgotten.

    Being Melbourne born and bred i am already extremely pessimistic on what Sydney has to offer, more so as i have looked at the prices of doing stuff that may actually be decent (you want to charge me $40pp to go to the ZOO?!?!?).

    Help me people!!!

    OOO!!! How about i head over to kotaku and be guest editor for the day?! LOL

      Try going to the more obscure "sydney-native" places, like the imax and surrounding shops. Take the time to go to places like the QVB (Queen Victoria Building), Sydney Aquarium, the Power House Museum, Town hall, Chinatown (you may get a few insults yelled at you if you're white, I know I do), Darling Harbour, etc, etc, etc...

      Most of all, explore! Sydney is great because of the hidden stuff, NOT the tourist stuff ;)

      Besides, the monorail will take you to anywhere of value.

      And also... Kotaku is in Sydney? lol! I thought they were QLD's XD


      Man, you should have delayed your trip by two weeks; by then Markets by Moonlight at The Rocks would have been on, and that's pretty okay, I guess.

      Apart from that... uh... Löwenbräu? Drink, eat, be merry!

        We're going at this time because of Jetstars "Bring a friend free" promotion a while back.

        Basically me and the missus are going there and back for just $76 total

          No, that's fair enough, it's just that like FatShady, born and bred,but those are literally the only 2 things I thought of. :\

          I'd agree with TadMod though, I guess opera houses and bridges and great beaches are nice enough, but some of the common stuff is worth checking out too (I guess? maybe I'm just jaded after being here for so long).
          QVB is a nice view from the outside, architecturally, and there's a stack of shopping inside. Galeries Victoria (which is right next to the QVB) also has a nice Japanese place (Wagamama?) and the massively awesome Kinokuniya if you like books.
          Chinese Gardens near the Powerhouse is also nice. Also, underground markets at Market City on weekends. It's a bit dirty, but there's alot of crap (in the nicest possible way) to look at, even if you don't buy anything.

          Oh, oh! You could totally visit your favourite politician! Tony Abbott lives somewhere nearby!

            +1 for the Chinese garden place. Its really beautiful.
            But you should definately be guest editor for the day, you could even, ahem, sniff, ahem upon the chair on once sat upon down the Goose....

      Mate I have been born and bred in SYD and I can't think of anything for you to do. There is a jet boat ride that departs from Manly I think that I have been on and that was fun. To be honest, just walking around the harbour and checking out the bridge and 'Oprah' house is pretty cool. I catch the train past it every day and still am amazed how awesome it is... and free.

      The only good thing I can suggest you see is... ME!. I will be in SYD CBD Wednesday and Thursday working so if you are really bored looknig for something to do, Sydney catch up for all kotaku locals???? Lunch/after works drinks>???

      You could do it after the interview to be the co-editor of Kotaku... lol

        That would be cool if it wasn't for the unfortunate fact that we're only going to be in town for a couple of days. :(

        I will have to hold you to that drink for future ventures, though :P

    Did the picture change for Talk Amongst Yourselves? Or is my memory screwing around with me?

    In other news, Playstation Move has sold 1.5 million in Europe:

    Which is far more than I expected it to. Anyone else surprised (or not?)

      It was cropped???? I think. Question is, do we embrace change of fight against it?

        Fight against it! Oh I don't know!

        I was thinking about trying to get screenbrags of all the different sword fighting insults and changing it every day... just to totally waste my time!

        (And because I love Monkey Island.)

          I like the idea of a changing picture each day.

      it was changed, Wildgoose had it set as the HD version when it came out...

      Seems Serrels is going back to the old school version.

    Foxtel on Xbox 360 prices announced, as well as channel content:

    To be honest, it doesn't interest me at all. The only stuff on Foxtel that I want to watch are the Foxsports channels - which aren't available on FTfor360 - instead they've got Foxsports Play which has been 'specially programmed'.

    The other thing - no ISP announcements yet for unmetered data. I'm assuming there will be one for Telstra eventually, but that's still a big hurdle right there.

    Any thoughts? People thinking of joining?

      Im keen i think...

      I already have FT and a ,ultiroom box sitting next to my xbox. I could get rid of the foxtel box and then get this instead. Also sounds like I could then have differing packages for the xbox vs the FT account which multiroom does not allow.

      I just wonder if the FT4360 is console linked or gamertag linked. If GT then I have 2 360's so this would be awesome as one is wireless so could take FT anywhere????? Interesting. I will read more and update if I get it.

      Does anyone know if the iinet deal of xbiox data being excluded will count toward this also?

        I sent a tweet to Jinx in regards to the iiNet data thing, but haven't had a response yet. I'm assuming it won't be since the content won't be coming off the XBL servers, so iiNet won't count it.

        I'd definitely like to see their answers on multi-GTs and multi-consoles. I guess with it being Gold only, if you've got Silver accounts on the same console they won't be able to watch live content..

        Here is a mini competition for you all, can you guess the colour of cordial the i spilt on my keyboard over the weekend that caused the keys to stick and the crappy spelling above?

          I'm pumping for blue.

          I bet it's one of those ridiculous Derwent colours, like Hawaiian Tropical Jungle Green.

          OMG OMG OMG, I totally know how to clean a keyboard!!! And melt them too...

            That was possibly one of your finest moment that were were rightfully rewarded for :)

        oops. i forgot to reply... it was green cordial...

      I'm not interested... I haven't been in a household with Foxtel for over a year now and the only thing that I am missing is Live Sport (mainly Rugby League and A-League).

      Oddly enough over the same period of time we have seen the Freeview options popping up and even though there is alot of shit on those channels, there is generally something I can find to sit through, even if I have seen it already.

      Otherwise, there is no Foxtel exclusive that is a must have, or if there was, I'd go the other method of watching it. In general, I can't see myself getting any version of Foxtel anytime soon, perhaps when the Central Coast Bears return in 2013! :p

      I was thinking seriously about this until I found out you have to be a Gold subscriber. I'm almost exclusively a single-player gamer so getting Gold just for Foxtel (especially without any word on data exclusion deals) is kind of ridiculous.

    Really enjoying Casltevania.

    I think it's a hugely under rated game.
    I'm a big fan of all the things Castlevania, and although it may not hit all the elements that make a Castlevania game, I find the subtle nods and it doing it's own thing quite comforting.

    Enjoying the battle system heaps as it's alot more intriguing than God of War.
    The graphics are astounding. The lush levels and the animation and design of Gabriel is fluid and smooth.

    Patrick Stewarts narration lends it this mythical epic storyteller tone at the beginning of the chapter, and the music is just screams epic...

    And then there's the Blah Blah can tell I like it, so do yourselves a favour and pick it up !!

      I will be, it was surprising to see a few stores get stock after there were going to be delays again for a week..

      anyway, random question... does the game have Round UK18+ symbol on the front of the box? I'm just trying to work out if there is any actual local version or if all versions are going to be from the UK.

      ah, so is the reason that you are not playing dead rising with me... i see!

        @Ogbob: I got mine off PlayAsia for 60bux which was the Hong Kong ver. It's all in english except for the back cover. The manual is all in English to.

        @FatShady: Apologies !!
        I completed DR2 the very day my Castlevania copy arrived. I made sure I got my S rank ending and reached LVL 37ish...I still haven't bought a headset, so I'd be doin you a disservice by co-oping with ya and not be able to chat with ya.

          lol, no dramas... thanks for getting back to me...

          It seems like we are getting the UK version anyway...

            Yeah, def looks that way.
            Convinced one of my mates to pick one up.
            They've basically just stuck the MA15+ sticker on top of the UK classification.

    Does anyone else really like the tic tac colour scheme on the front page.

    I guess a bit of green and gold is always welcome, but I like it!

      Yeah i like it a lot compared to some past advertisements...

        Man, I could really do with a Subway cheese and steak sub right about now.

          ... with a side of tic tacs???

          You know will all their efforts, I never actually had that sub.... did anyone have it and was it any good? Loops talked me out of it and from then on I could not get one!

            Can you blame me? That thing was a heart condition waiting to happen

              I bought one... I never got to eat it.
              I traded it for a Toyota Rukus.

              Damn my short attention span.

                Just as I thought. Noone could seriously pay an amount of money for that car. If you ask me, I wouldn't trade my lunch for it though. How about half a packet of strepsils (used)?

                  Somone offered me a rukus once, i laughed until i realized they were serious - then i just ran until i couldn't feel my legs anymore.

                  Seriously though, has anyone actually seen a Rukus being driven around? I do A LOT of driving through many suburbs and the heart of Melbourne and i haven't seen a single one... Me thinks the Rukus was a massive flop for Toyota...

    Ok, so we're probably going to be giving IInet the arse. It's super slow and mildly expensive..

    We were going to swap to tpg for a couple of reasons..

    1. Its the only provider that offers ADSL2+ in geelong
    2. it's cheaper by $30 for the ADSL2+, compared to IInet's standard ADSL

    I know IInet has the freezone, but we seriously don't download that much and my piracy days a long gone.. so looks like it may be TPG..

    Anyone want to argue the fact or steer me in another direction?

      I'm on Pacific, which is now overpriced, but on looking for an alternative, I still can't get ADSL 2+!!! Grrrr, not only that, but it seems so many suppliers now have 2 year contracts to contend with. You don't want to be stuck for 2 years, especially if the service is lame.

      Im with TPG, the prices are fair and they let me change deals every six months which is GREAT.

      We changed the amount we use the net so many times, so it's very handy.

      I've been with TPG for about 3 years now. I'm on the $49 plan with voip and 130gb (might have changed now.. can't remember).. Has b een plenty for me, and works a treat. I always hear people bitch about TPG, but in my 3 years with them, I've only lost my net connection twice. Speed is great for me too, and I'm prolly 5km form the exchange. Will be interesting to seeing how much all that changes when i move this weekend though. Gonna be a little further from the exchange at my new place, so will be interesting to see what kind of difference it makes. Hopefully not much! So excited though! Moving is getting closer! Got my desk all set up and ready to go.. network and tv points setup in my office! Nice spangly new shelf to display some (not sure if they'll all fit yet) figurines on. Still waiting on my dead rising 2 zombie figure though... :0 Any news on the whereabouts of those prizes Mark?

        We just got them. Under my desk now. Will send them out quicksmart.

          Is the community service award going to be making a reappearance... or has it been replaced with the Friday Group Hug post?

          yippee!!!!! looking forward to seeing that bad boy on my new shelf!

      im with netspace atm and have been happy with them but again the prices are a bit steep compared to the DL limits of TPG. I am paying about $50pm for 40gb but and while i get close to the limit, never really go over this so it is fine. I have been real happy with them and their tech support guys aer actually pretty good. MELB based also which may be good for you?. i was actually with TPG previousy and didn;t have any issues with them.

      I am looking to change and was thinking of iinet but have not looked into it that much. i just liked the unmetered xbox live content. if this includes foxtel i will prob jump ship. funny thing is that netspace was bought out by iinet a few months ago so it is only a matter of time before they merge i feel anyway...

      Will be on the market again come december so i am also intereseted to hear what others think and who they are with. Was leaning wither to TPG or iinet???

        The main thing I like about TPG now is if I go over my limit, I'm capped at 1Mb rather than dial up speed!

          that is a big plus. I wa looking at their plans tonight but this was the 59/69 dollar plan, not the bottom one?

          As it turns out, iinet have already merged with netspace, they are both offering the same plans. Good for me because I can go from 40gb to 100gb with no cost increase...

          Bust still interested in switching to tpg or someone else when the time comes. It does seem that about $50 is the going rate for ADSL2 naked with a 50gb+ plan. Anyone beat that with a decent provider????

      I'm with Optus!



        Bishy.. you know i love you, so you know i say this with only concern.

        OPTUS?!?! FOR INTERNET?!?!



          I know, I know.
          It's just... bundled with the home phone, so I think it's cheaper.
          To their credit, they upgraded their archaic plans last month, so instead of 8GBs of quota, we get 30GBs, and that's plenty for me.

          (I know, I know, TPG has unlimited for ~$50... quiet, you)

            Um,. mate - both IInet and TPG can be bundled with home phone for MUCH cheaper - that's no excuse :P

              Yeah, but [retort here].


                Stay there. i'm going to go find a stick to poke you with..

    Ooo I'm so excited! Don't want to reveal my sources, as I might get put in to the naughty corner for a bit of time-out, but I got my hands on a copy of Gothic 4 :0 I'm absolutely pissing my pants with excitement at the thought of getting in to playing! w00t! Gonna hit the installer when I get home and I might very well lose myself for a few weeks! Which is prolly not the best thing since I'm moving this weekend, but really.. I just can't resist! eeeeeeeee!

      I thinks it's a really good game, but it's a bit easy, so it's best to play on one of the higher difficulties (hard or Gothic). Oh and if you want to use magic as your main form of combat then you have to put a lot of points in the 3 magic skill sets (at least 15-20 levels).

    Best news, The Hobbit has been greenlit by Hollywood with Peter Jackson directing. Bad news - 3D. But I'll still see it.

    Source: BBC

    Bets on the movie tie in game? :P

      I hope Martin Freeman does end up taking the role of Bilbo. I reckon he'd be pretty good at it (similar sort of character to Arthur Dent - hopelessly confused :P ).

    In the spirit of Mr 'bot's post above, I am also so excited. I am writing this post 13 hours before the end of my MBA. I have my final exam at 9am tomorrow morning for 3 hours and then i am done. No more study, no more library on the weekends, no more textbook on the train and heaps more gaming time! (sure, and wife/kid/housework time).

    I actually started this journey in 2004 and while I have had a couple of years break in that time, it is finally drawing to a close. I am working on the assumption that my preparations for the final exam are enough to pass.

    Been a crazy few weeks with work so have had the last week off for study and I think it has paid dividends. These dividends are paid at a constant growth rate of 5% annually, you require a return of 13% for similar investments (similar risk/reward) and the last dividend that was paid was $0.23.

    Intrisic value of the share = $3.02

    Oops, sorry, go into automatic mode when dividends are mentioned. Actually, this is all crap to me but I need to know it for 13 more hours then I will happily lose this knowledge between wine/vodka/bacardi along with 100+ hours in New Vegas!!!!

      I'm here to calculate dividendeds and chew bubble gum, and i'm all outta gum!

      Awesome news, mate! Take it to the MAXXX WOO!!

      Good luck indeed! Here's hoping you pass with flying colours! Hopefully you'll be spreading cheer by the bucketload soon!

      Pretty sure you'll be coming out of it right about now. So I hope all went well man!

      I don't think FS sleeps... It makes no sense to me, unless he can stop time? How the funk do you get your MBA and more importantly, stay in the top eschalon (spelling?) of Trials??? You must be some super freak or something!! Anyways, big congrats on sticking to it, and use that knowledge wisely my friend!

        thanks to all for the well wishes. I am out of my exam, have had lunch, watched 5 mins of TV then set 2 new PB's on TrialsHD so thought I would jump online and say whats up!. I also took 3 seconds off one of my times on a hard track last night)

        Yeah I think i did OK, am pretty confident that I will pass and as they say, a P is a degree!. I only had to gt 31.5 out of 70 in the exam to pass so i am comfortable with getting that.

        And yeah Qumulys, you are spot on mate. I just don't sleep, serreliously!

        I only got 4 hours sleep last night (was literally doing equations in my head whenever my eyes shut!) but on a good night I am only getting 5-6 hours so there is plenty of time for gaming. I do most of my gaming between 8-9pm and 1am so there is a fair amount of time available. Also with the study thing, I can do between 1-3 hours a day just sitting on the train on the way to work and that all adds up!

        Sleep is for the weak!!!!! Speaking of that, i'm going off for a nap now! lol.

    Hey Mark - what time's your stint in the Motorshow GT5 endurance race today? Have you been practicing... and if so... how?

    I'm going to have a bit of a rage session against Bethesda and Steam regarding their "launch" of Fallout: New Vegas.

    At what point did either Bethesda or Steam work out that this wouldn't be released in Australia on the 19th as originally promised? It would seem that it was at the exact moment it was unlocked in the US. And why exactly do we have to wait an extra three days, is our money not as valuable as Bethesda/Steam's American customers? This is yet another example of how far the games industry has to go from a customer service perspective. I elected to pay more than my US cousins to get this game - that was my choice (although I don't understand it), but I don't understand why, up until nine hours ago, I was told this game would be released today and now I have to wait another three days. It's a disgrace. I'm sure someone will jump in here and say that I'm being unreasonable, but from what other service provider in what other industry would we tolerate it? Why do we as gamers have to continually put up with this sort of rubbish in the form of broken games and broken promises? Why do we in Australia always get screwed over?!

      The release date has always been the 22nd. The release clock on steam has always been wrong. The same thing happened with Borderlands with the counter just about running out and then resetting to a couple days later.

      As for the pricing difference. Its to keep EB's of the country happy but then again those guys get hosed too with the outrageous prices distributors charge stores in OZ too.

        I didn't pre-order on Steam, but I imagine it's more the fact of the sheer mockery by Steam. We get things on Thursdays, normally, and they get it on Tuesdays, that's how it's been for ages (with retail games in bricks and mortar stores), and we're used to it. The 19th is the US release date, sure, and certainly, I do think it was wishful thinking that Steam would be 'tricked' into the 19th for everyone, but it's just cruel if you have a timer saying the 19th from the start, and when that timer is up, then going "OH WAIT, 3 more days, haaaah". If it's the 22nd, just say so from the start. Surely it can't be that hard to implement a separate timer?

      Yep, I got duped by this as well. Frankly I don't give a flying duck about retail stores, I paid for the game via Steam so I should be able to play the game via Steam.

      Bah. I can wait til Thursday and pick the game up on my Xbox for AU$79 from KMart:

      Fistbeard McTavish = best name ever?

      Reminds me of the line in family guy about chuck norris having another fist instead of a chin under his beard... totally bad-ass!

      Here's a hilarious twist to the story:

      In the USA, it's a midnight launch on the 19th (aka about now). But the thing is, that's midnight, EAST COAST time. Tons of people went to midnight launches on the West coast (eg New York), and got home to discover the game didn't unlock for another 3 hours.

      Now all Fallout forums are full of people raging about that. Previously, they were just full of screwed-over Aussies, and Americans telling them to "man up".

        Or rather, I could have completely mixed up East and West coasts. Oops. You get the jist of it!

    This game is so awesome. I can't wait for it!

      That was pretty darn cool! It amazes me the things ppl can come up with in LBP :D

    one question... Did anyone manage to go to the Mana Bar last saturday and play Duke Nukem Forever? and what was your impression of it?

    i wish i could of gone but living 2,100km away i couldnt really get there

    One fix that would be awesome is a seemingly increasing trend for articles not to open in Firefox. Also, I seem to be unable to post comments in the 'fore mentioned browser.

    Aside from that, I have to +1 the recommendation for a "Deals" section. Or even just a weekly post that lets us know who's selling what new games for what price. I got Spider-man:SD at JB then walked in to Big W and saw it cheaper.

      I think it might be something worth lining up on a thursday when most games come out - what do you guys think?

        All of the department store catalogues come out on a Tuesday, so that would be better. Especially to give us advanced warning.

        Also, it seems Fallout: New Vegas is only $79 at KMart as of Thursday.

          Good call mate. Maybe starting from next week we can hook this up?

            Maybe we should consider a partnership with for this venture?

            They seem to be the most on the ball when it comes to all gaming related bargains, and using the info their community provides would be most helpful.

            Also, bear in mind that some specials on some sites are 'one day only' type affairs and also have the whole "first come first serve" thing going for them and against us, which means by the time the weekly article comes around it'll be too late... This is where the old fashioned bargain hunter posts came in most handy

        Maybe for a Friday... after the stores have had a day to undercut each other.

        I would like to ask something about pricing though:
        Last night I checked the preorder price on DragonAge2 at EB. Xbox and PS3 were roughly 120 dollars, but PC was only 80 dollars.
        My question is, what's that all about?

      Hey Crono, not sure why your having a problem on firefox?? I'm on firefox and have little in the way of problems (except for the annoying facebook/twitter/whatever thing that keeps popping up, which seriously after a couple of years is darn annoying). But as for articals not loading up, perhaps its something else at your end?? missbehaving firewall, lousy internet connection??? Mind you, there has been the odd occasion when it seems kotaku just hangs about, goes out for a coffee (or pepsi in the CryingGamers case) while waiting to load, but its generally back to normal 10 minutes later.

        yeah, ditto there. pal.

        I use firefox on both work and home computers and have zero problems what so ever.

          Indeed that is odd. I'm having some trouble at home but mainly at work. I have to use IE to look at Kotaku. Maybe it's a settings problem? I'll see what I can find out.

          The only problems I have on Firefox while on Kotaku are those white video players with green bars (No idea what that one is called) and it keeps chopping and minifreezing on me whenever I try to play the videos, even after I let it load completely. Every other player works 100% fine for me.

    I thought I'd consult the brains trust on this one:

    I'm going to Edinburgh for about 6 weeks next year, but before I get there I'd like to spend a few days seeing the sights in London.
    I want to see the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, HMS Victory at Portsmith and maybe Westminster Abbey, but other than that... what's worth seeing in London?

      Definitely check out the Tate Modern. Because of the range and craziness of their exhibitions, you always get a different kind of experience. Me, I remember walking through an entire glass installation, and then finishing in a small room filled with talcum powder with a single candle. No idea what they meant, but damn they were fun.

      Westminster Abbey is cool, but just make sure you get there early. Jam packed, and annoyingly filled with the tinny sound of audio guides in heaps of languages. In that area though, you've got Big Ben, Westminster tube station (well, I liked it), the Eye (do it at night) then short walks to the gardens and the Palace (boring).

      If you like cars, have a wander around the back of Harrods. There's also a couple of cool markets around east London but I can't for the life of me remember their names.

      Don't forget to stop by a bar somewhere and taste the local brews :)

      Just one place--> The Imperial War Museum

      My only exposure to London was a brief changeover at Heathrow, so I'm no expert. But this has always been something that I wanted to try out:

      It's close to the Tate Modern, so should be pretty convenient to check out.

    Hey guys, quick question. I'm assuming a few of you will have a SNES lying around, and a couple of you will have NTSC carts and a PAL console. What type of adaptor are you guys using? I'm having a bit of trouble firstly finding one I can buy, and secondly finding out any information whatsoever on the various types, their setups, pros, cons, etc. The main reason I want one is that I'm trying to pick up Chrono Trigger.

    But! I am enjoying browsing eBay for old carts. It's incredibly more satisfying than looking at latest games, etc. :D

      The one we used to have was just one that you put into your cart slot like a normal game, then put your cart into the converter. Simple as that.

      see here

      thats both the game and the converter i was talking about.

      Also the converter itself -although this one is VERY pricey, you should be able to find it much cheaper.

        Yeah, that's one of the ones I've found on my travels (there's another which has a slot at the top for the NTSC, and a slot at the back for the PAL game). Obviously you found it super easy to use. Any problems that you came across with it?

        Funnily enough, the first link is on my watchlist, just to see how high it goes out of curiosity. I saw that, and I went hunting for them on their own, then I ended up here. :D

          No problems that i remember, mate.

          It's been a while since i used it. It may even be floating around at mum's somewhere. lol

          I had one of these for my snes years ago.. mine was the type that had the ntsc slot and a pal slot on the back/front. basically you had to have a pal cart plugged in to make it work. think it used the pal card to route the signal through the proper channels. worked great though!

    I just found this, and have to say that this has to be the most kick ass piece of handy work I've seen all year! Talk about dedication! This guy must have the patience of a saint!

    DO WANT!

      Dayum... serreliously, dayum!

      That is one heck of a track. Definately a masterpiece and labor of love.

      *Pushes welbot out of the way. I WANT IT FIRST!!! lol, mate, that is freaking awesome! Makes me want to dig out my old track, but I'll only set it up and cry at the disapointment of track envy... That dubai like tower at the back of the track had incredible detail. I think I've found a new hobby, which as according to my book of rules, will have to be funded by you welbot for showing me this in the first place!

      That is quite awesome!

      Reminds me of James May's Toy Stories, when he made the full length track for the world record. Sure it wasn't pretty, but that was brilliant also!

    I got the chance to be a responsible gamer today; a friend of my dads was thinking of buying his 10yr old son Red Dead Redemption and asked my advice.
    I obviously explained why it is not suitable material for a kid and he will now look for something else.
    I feel inordinately proud.

      *fist bump*
      Totally Rad

      Drives me nuts when i see parents buying their kids games with big "MA15+" stickers on them...

      Oh man, one time I was browsing JB, mother and son in the same aisle. Kid picks up Assassin's Creed, and starts pleading for it. I'm about to interject (with something along the lines of "It's a game where you STAB people") but she very calmly tells him no, swipes the game from his hands, puts it back on the shelf, and drags him out of there.
      Right on, random mother I was watching (probably in a bit of a creepy way).

        Thats a cool story (not the creepy stare part!)

        I have a son and he will be 2 in a few months. I am already starting to think about this and how i will respond. I was always taught the difference of what is right and wrong, fiction and reality so I have been watching 15+ movies (and drinking for that matter) since well before i turned 15. I appreciated the respect my mother gave me and as a result, never abused this and did not do anything stupid because I saw it in a movie.

        I appreciate games are more interactive so not really sure where i draw the line. I am OK with the right kid who is perhaps 13/14 having access to this but that is the parents choice and should only be done with supervision... It is weird that i am thinking about this now.

        I guess it is appropriate because my son can already say xbox (pronounced 'Ec-Boc') and can also say 'Bike', when referring to Trials HD. He actually plays it already which is funny to watch, most times he just uses the bail out button to jump off the bike, but he has actually completed a track without faulting all by himself, i was actually out of the room and had just turned the ec-boc on for him, came back a minute later adn there was a completed track (the first one) in 28.4 seconds.... pretty good for 21 months old huh?

        I will post a video of his forst completed track. I was so proud!!!. I will be away for the weekend but perhaps next week!

    Anyone know if the Fallout: New Vegas street date has been broken?

    Also, as someone mentioned earlier the cheapest I've seen it priced is $79 in the latest K-Mart catalogue.

      Doesn't seem like it...
      Oh well, street date is tomorrow.
      And it's $79 on Xbox 360 and PS3 at K-Mart.

      Also, Professor Layton is out tomorrow.
      Cheapest I've seen that advertised is $49 at Dick Smith Electronics.

        I just ordered the PC version off for $39.99.
        I have no idea if they are reliable but for that price I am willing to take the chance.

          Well, they're basically, but in AUD. There's a dedicated thread to them on the whirlpool forums, and from a few quick peeks, most people are pretty happy with them. Most of the complaints seem to be either about delivery times or items just not turning up at all, but I imagine that that's bound to happen eventually in sending things (by normal post) halfway cross the world.
          I pre-ordered NV from them about a month back, and I got an email this morning saying it's shipped out, so hopefully I get it before next weekend. *fingers crossed*

        My bad. *Super Scribblenauts* is $49 at DSE.

        Professor Layton is $55 from K-Mart, though.

    This one is for FatShady!

    So i had a quick go at the backbreaker Demo again last night - almost forgot how fun it was, and guess what - I WON MY FIRST MATCH!

    I haven't played it much and i usually go to tackle alley because the AI kept beating me and i was having a tough time completing passes, but last night i managed not one but TWO massive touchdowns! Better yet, they were both around the same distance as your 75 yard touchdown with me in your copy of backbreaker. I just got the ball and ran like a madman..

    So NOW i'll be keeping an eye out for a cheap copy of backbreaker :D

      cheap copies wont be hard to track down mate. The game was not that well received and even after their massive patch, there were still issues. Overall I am still really happy with it and i realised that this was the first sporting game i have ever bought...

      There are a few pre owned copies popping up and you can get it from GAME uk for 24 pound. I will keep an eye out. I will hold onto it mate so even if it takes you 6 months, im keen for a game.

      And to see, I truly don't sleep!

        */me lays down across FS's face, snuggles in, and wraps himself up snug and warm under your eye-bags. ;)

    Check out the scooter flamethrower. Plus plenty more.

    He also got to ~112 km/h with a customised mobility scooter (gopher). Epic.

      Cheers for the ideas! If only I had a full-on 6 car garage, complete with lathes, welders, cnc's, piles of metal, car lifts, dyno, 15 meters of sidchrome tools, a few jet turbines and a spray booth. I would build the ultimate business card wallet caddy. ohhhh yeah. :)

      Would love a go on the scooter!

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