Kotaku Awards: Overall Game Of The Year

Kotaku Awards: Overall Game Of The Year

Kotaku Awards: Overall Game Of The YearThis is the big one. We’re looking for your nominations for the overall game of the year. This can be absolutely any game from any category. Mobile, Console, PC, Indie, absolutely anything.

It could be Limbo, Mass Effect 2, Starcraft II, Game Dev Story, anything. No boundaries.

So add your nominations below, and feel free to reminisce on what has been one of my favourite gaming years in recent memory.


  • Minecraft. It may still be in development (alpha whatever) but it feels infinitely more fresh than any other big release to date. This vote isn’t me riding the Minecraft band wagon (or minecart!) either.

  • Oh man, Game Dev Story ate my wife and my own lives for about a week. I do wish though it had one more level of expansion, so you had a bigger office space you could scroll around, or multilevel, or something. You know, make it feel like your company really made it massive, on top of the ridiculous sales you’re making of the 17th iteration of a Dungeon Adventure game on your own Console.

    It’s been a stellar year for games though. However, I’d have to say RDR is my game of the year. Nothing has been as memorable, as surprising, as involving for me as RDR. It hit me in just the right spots – story, gameplay, world, music, visuals, exploration. What a blast. 😀

  • Mass Effect 2. Such a awesome universe with great characters and voicework. Gameplay is also tops and almost all the DLC is amazing.

  • Red Dead Redemption.

    The most complete game I have ever played. Every aspect of game design that I like was there (plus some parts I don’t care about too).

    Loved every moment of the game.

  • Hate to sound like an old curmudgeon but I’ve found this year quite uninspiring on the gaming front. I’m one of the few people I know that wasn’t all that impressed with RDR.

    Out of this year’s releases I’ve probably gotten the most play time out Super Street Fighter 4 and Blood Bowl: LE with mates.

    Other than those it’d be between Peace Walker or New Vegas, neither of which I’ve had time to finish. Mario Galaxy 2 was fun but not as enjoyable as the first.

    Kind of sad that it’s pretty much all sequels or expansion-style update that have captured my attention this year. If I had to pick a new IP that I had the most fun with, it’d be Bayonetta but I don’t feel that it’s all that GOTY-worthy.

  • Cut the Rope. New update is out!

    I joke. I think Brotherhood has my vote. The ending has made an even more giant WTF moment than 2.

    Close seconds: GoWIII, Heavy Rain, Peace Walker and RDR.

  • Red Dead Redemption for me. Great story, graphics, atmosphere. Traded it in after finishing it but am looking forward to getting the Undead Nightmares disc and getting back into that world.

    Others that I especially enjoyed were Heavy Rain, Battlefield Bad Company 2 (for the online component), and Black Ops.

  • Fifa 11, best sports sim out there and one of the most addictive games around bar Champ Manager for football fans.

  • Obligatory Minecraft vote. No matter what you think of it, it’s been the biggest success of the year, and one that no one could have predicted.
    (Although the fact it’s still in ‘beta’ may preclude it from such awards).

  • I’m umming and awwing over ME2 or RDR… but probably ME2.

    Award for the most unrealised potential goes to Alpha Protocol.

    Honourable mention goes to Bad Company 2, but it just wasn’t as funny as the last game. Hopefully with Battlefield, Medal of Honour, Operation Flashpoint and Homefront all coming out on consoles it can go back to being the irreverant fun we all fell in love with.

    • Ohhhh that’s what he’s saying, haha! Blah. That really is irritating though. I didn’t even know what he was saying exactly and it still grinded on me. Just… ok, no spoilers, but seriously, I don’t want to play him.

  • I’ve sunk the most hours into Bad Company 2 on PC, the sound effects keep me coming back. This year’s GOTY is such a hard choice but I’m going with Mass Effect 2, more space games please.

    • Yeah, if I based it purely on hours played, BFBC2 would win hands down for me.

      Got GOW3 and Heavy Rain are right up there, with GT5 and NFS:Hot Pursuit late contenders.

      • GOW3 was a blast, there was just too much awesome this year to choose but no “hands down” winner. Which says a lot about the variety we had in 2010.

  • Heavy Rain.

    And Resonance of Fate. Both of those games made anything else I played for a while afterwards seem lacklustre.

  • Mass Effect 2, with RDR a very close second. ME2 wins in my opinion because of its fantastic DLC (Lair of the Shadow Broker and Overlord in particular).

  • Mass Effect 2 for me. Honestly, that game is as close to perfect as its ever going to get (in my opinion). Red dead is a close second though

  • Gotta say Metro 2033. No other game nailed atmosphere so well this year. Other than that probably New Vegas and Black Ops.

  • In order of importance:

    1) Mass Effect 2
    2) Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
    3) Super Mario Galaxy 2
    4) Starcraft 2
    5) Transformers: War for Cybertron
    6) Alan Wake
    7) Red Dead Redemption
    8) Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    9) Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Note – This isn’t a list of all the games i have purchased in order, only those that i have played that i think deserve GOTY – I do not think God of War 3 deserves it (it was a let down for me personally) nor does Halo: Reach (I was expecting a better/more epic campaign – good MP though).

  • Between red dead and super mario galaxy 2.

    I have to vote for super mario galaxy though it just wowed me so much.

    But close behind it is rdr.

  • Fallout: New Vegas for me, hands down. Improved on pretty much every aspect of FO:3, while delivering a fantastic story and being generally fun to play. I devoured it, and was sad when it finished, even though I poured at least 40 hours into it.

    Runners up: CoD: Black Ops, Starcraft II and Dead Rising 2

    • Black Ops? I don’t wanna sound like a hater for haters sake- I love COD games online- but Blops has been a big disappointment so far.

      I think lots has to do with how unstable it is online for PS3…

    • Actually, I might have jumped into my decision a bit early. I really liked FALLOUT NEW VEGAS as well. Just like Steven Bogos, I too put a ridiculous amount of time into it, but more than 40 hours though…I think I gave it about 60 hours all told.

      The decision is hard though, because I really liked how you loaded your MASS EFFECT files into MASS EFFECT 2. It made it feel like a real continuation with exactly the same character and links back to the first game. Then of course any characters that died in MASS EFFECT 2 will be absent in MASS EFFECT 3 (for which the developers have promised an ever greater depth into story and character continuation) – I love that idea.

  • My criteria is simple. The game I’ve played most and put the most time into this year is my game of the year- cos I’m very picky.

    So far Red Dead: Redemption is leading the pack, but GT5 is fast catching up- that game is addictive as hell. Me and a bunch of friends discovered how fun it is to race online today.

  • Darksiders. Shame it came out back at the start of January and had to compete with Bayonetta and GOW3, but it was awesome. Most underrated game of the year (as was the game into which I sunk the most time, Blur).

    I didn’t like ME2 as much as ME1 (although it was still a very good game).

    I don’t think it’s been quite the year in gaming that last year was. Last year was ridonkulous. Few games this year would make last year’s top 10.

  • Ok this is lame but I have two nominations:

    1:Angry Birds

    Angry Birds because it’s probably my most played game this year (not that I have much time nowadays) Whenever I load it up I say goodbye to my battery and usually at least two hours of my life, and I don’t even realise till I switch it off.

    Minecraft because it’s the only game I have never played that watching videos of others playing is just awesome!!!

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