Miyamoto On Aussie TV This Sunday

Shigeru Miyamoto will be appearing on Australian TV this Sunday, on Seven's 'Sunday Night' show at 6.30pm, according to Vooks, so we advise you to set your Alarms/TiVos/Play Tvs and get to watching the great man himself on the Aussie airwaves.

The interview is said to focus on the 25th anniversary of Mario and while we don't expect insightful, probing questions of the likes seen in Iwata Asks, it is good to see the great man get the mainstream coverage he deserves.

Shigeru Miyamoto to appear on Aussie TV’s this weekend [vooks]


    Sunday Night? I bet Channel 7 will do something weird like paint him as a crazy Japanese man or something. Or be condescending about just how important of pivotal he's been to the game industry. Or just be like "games are 4 kids lol".

      "How does it feel to be contributing to video game violence and the corruption of our youth?" doesn't seem so farfetched if Channel 7 are involved? TODAY TONIGHT SCANDAL: MARIO ADDICTED TO SHROOMS. COMING UP TOMORROW EVENING: BIRDO- LGBT ICON OR PSYCHO-PERVO?

        Haha, pretty much. To be fair, I am being slack to Sunday Night; I haven't watched an episode ever (except I think there was this one time Jamie Durie was on and I was all like "He's a journalist now?", but then I switched channels), I'm just assuming it has some of that A Current Affair/Today Tonight flair that we all know and love. Just a tiny bit.

          It's called commercial television. It's to entertain the lowest common denominator, not the informed. ;)

      Or ask him if he knows what pavlova is and brand him unaustralian if he doesn't. Is Naomi Robson conducting the interview?


    Surely we have a better show for him to appear on other than Sunday Night...

      Should be on the 7.30 Report with Kerry O'Brien.
      Or Q&A.

      Although if he were on the latter I can only imagine him busting out a plastic Master Sword and Shield and attacking his opposition.

    IIRC Last Year Sunday Night did a story on these dudes who played in some sort of FIFA tournament so someone there has an interest

    hopefully what they do isnt condesending, it'd be a nice change of pace

    Am I the only one that can't think of a decent show on TV for him to appear on?

      There are decent shows on TV?

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