Wow! These Marvel Vs Capcom Entries Are INCREDIBLE

I've started receiving entries for the Marvel vs Capcom competition we're running and, typically, I've just been chucking them straight into a folder without checking them. But just now I had a quick look and I was blown away. Every single one of them is incredible.

Eldwin Huynh

Dane Krams

Marc Forza

Louise Phillips


Sasha Bryning



    Sasha wins :(

    Now I need to pray Santa is generous enough to give me an Xbox for Christmas XD

    Congrats to all. Stellar entries all around! :D

    What competition is it? My girlfriend is an insane portrait artist (realism, yodog) and i think she could actually win something :D

    Damn there's some talanted people on this blog.

    Sasha would get my vote if Cap's shield wasn't on the ground.

    Krams, you're MY superhero!

      As Mr. Krams I'll take that compliment thanks! :D

      But dammit! I was hoping everyone else sucked. My fears are coming true!
      But seriously, best of luck to you all though, such a beast of a comp and equally beast-like entrants so far.

        The only thing I don't like about your art style for this picture is that its not very...flattering for some of the females.

    Holy shit.

    Forgive the swearing, but... those are the only words that can describe what I am seeing.

    Awesome entries so far! :) Every second I'm stuck at work and not photo-shopping my entry is excruciating.

    Turns green.

    *runs out of the room sulking*

    Seriously good work. makes my pissy Photoshop skills seem useless really. Lucky i got 'mad biddness skillz' huh?

    Awesome.. and I don't even like comics or whatever?

    That is sweet. They have a lot more skill than I have.

    Holy crap.. if i didn't eel discouraged before, i sure do now :(

    I think i may sit this one out now.. With no drawing talent i had to rely on my photoshop skills, which next to all these AMAZING drawings just won't cut it.

    Absolutely stunning stuff guys - absolutely stunning.

    Wow.. just wow!!

    What goddamned competition is this for gods sake? link, i serached but could not find.

    Going by her expression and position of her hand in the last picture, Doctor Doom hit poor Chun Li in a rather sensative and inconsiderate area.

    Damn! first thing Ive heard of this comp! extension by a couple of day?? pppllleeassse!

    Started and submitted an entry after seeing these ones - here's hoping everyone else is off by 1-2 pixels, 'cause I nailed my resolution.

    Shiiiiiiit first I heard of this D:

    *sigh* makes me wish I had some modicum of artistic talent :( Seriously though incredible pics, if these are only a snapshot of what we're getting in the competition, GL Mark on picking the winner!!!

    Hope my entry went through! Even though the size limit is 10 meg, my 8.9 meg file was rejected by your mailer-daemon. So I sent another email with a link to the file instead.

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