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Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – like what are you guys getting up to over the Christmas holidays? Catching up on the old backlog? Avoiding games altogether?

Christmas is a weird period for me in a way. I always intend to blast through an inordinate amount of games - the games that get forgotten in the holiday release glut - but I always seem to get distracted by family commitments, parties and socialising (ugh).

I kinda hoping to get the chance to finally finish Dead Space. But what about you guys - what are the plans for Christmas?


    Finish Fable III. Start Halo Reach. Volunteer at the Exodus Foundation on Christmas Day so I can get out of pretending to like my relatives, while they pretend to like me.

    I plan to get through my backlog of games, as I get 2 weeks off work, shit yes.

    I want to finish up Tales of Vesperia, Skate 3, and a few other random games that are gathering dust. Mainly just relax and push lots of buttons, instead of people pushing mine day in and out.

      I was thinking about going through Skate 3. Skate 2 is one of my favourite games ever - wasn't feeling the same vibe with 3. Worth giving it a second chance?

        I thought that Skate 3 is the game Skate 2 should have been. They're getting a bit samey, but Skate 3 is worth a playthrough if you enjoy the series.

        It's allright, it doesn't seem to be as "focused" as Skate 2, but There's no reason to not enjoy it if you didn't enjoy Skate 2. If you binged out on Skate 2 and went directly into 3, it probably burnt you out, so give it another try.

        I actually really like the Skate series, and this is coming from someone who doesn't enjoy skating games too much. I lost interest when Tony Hawk Underground 2 hit, and I only ever sunk a lot of time into THPS 2, 3 and 4.

        That, and Flip-tricking into a grind and having your wheel snag on a rail post, causing you to break ribs is *awesome*

    Well i only get the main days off, so it's not a big change for me. The days i do get off are going to be filled with family commitments.

    When i do get to play some games, i'll be trying to finish off Mass Effect whilst i try to decide what to play next out of my constantly growing pile of shame.

    On the plus side, i'm going fishing for the first time in probably a decade early Saturday morning. Should be interesting if nothing else. lol
    Anyone know some good places near geelong? Thinking of heading to Torquay for it, or Queenscliff...

      The piers around queenscliff are apparently good this time of year. Plenty of squid too if thats your thing.

    Drink. Eat. Drink some more.

    My plans haven't gone beyond that, and I'd like to keep it that way.

    I wasn't planning much time off over xmas, but have just found out I'll be getting quite a lot, so will have plenty of gaming time! Including...

    RDR - Undead Nightmare (it's under the xmas tree)
    ACB - game completed but I need to finish rebuilding Rome and get my assassins levels up.
    DKCR - Still heaps to go.
    Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 - dug this out of my pile of shame a few weeks ago and can't stop playing it!
    Fallout New Vegas - have been planning a 2nd playthrough, haven't started yet.
    Pinball FX2 - trying to beat my high score(s) on the new Marvel tables :)

    Oh yeah, I'm also going to buy myself the Sly Collection for PS3 and have a look at that as I've never played any of those games.

    Sooo, I think that should be enough to keep me out of trouble for a couple of weeks!

    I work through the holidays and just bought a house, so I'll probably spend all my spare time painting and tiling said new house.

    Minimal gaming for me :(

    Saving goldeneye for some xmas-night multiplayer. Lots of Red Dead, Dead Space and Metal Gear Solid 4. Oh, and minecraft. I still have to give that a red hot go.

    I'm going to do family stuff over xmas, then once that's out of the way I'll attempt some dodgy home improvements by day and gaming backlog by night.

    The goal I've set is to finish a game before then end of the year... two if I'm lucky! lol

    I will be catching up on 2 years worth of neglected stuff that was put on hold during uni. I have weeding, gardens to tend to, plastering, a small addition to a brick wall, remove two garden beds, pave a new area in my backyard that requires 6-700 pavers and prob some other stuff also.

    I will also have 2-3 weeks off so will do heaps of gaming. Need to get back into New vegas, continuing my way through the new platinum medals in Trials, undead nightmare, GT5, and still have a bunch of other unplayed games to get through.

    Also will be rebuilding my PC on a new HDD as my 90+% CPU usage while idle is killing me. Will make it Win 7 64bit and will also consider replacing the CPU along with buying a new wireless card for the PC.

    Then insert a trip to ACT with some Family, xmas with family and friends then some quality time with the wife and kid!

    Should be a good break.

    I've got two weeks of leave (hoo-fucking-ray!) but I really need a break, so gaming might go on the backburner. I'd love to go down the coast for a week - just need someone to babysit our cat. Oh, and going to the cricket.

    But I started hitting up AC:B on Tuesday. I think it's fair to say that will eat up quite a chuck of my gaming time that will inevitably happen.

    Family stuff around the festive dates then two weeks of solitude, peace and quiet.

    Planning to go through the backlog.

    Dead Rising 2 - Haven't finished (shame on me)
    Fallout New Vegas - Have another crack and pray it doesn't bug out on me again.
    Also Neverwinter Nights 2 - I've had the full box set staring at me for years now from the cupboard over my computer desk. May give it another shot.
    The Witcher - Haven't finished (double shame on me)

    I have to go interstate to visit my parents over christmas, so not much gaming for me :( I'll have my iPhone & iPad, so at least I can get a hit from those.

    Family stuff for xmas, then work for NYE. Then I have a week off, to hopefully finish Undead Nightmare, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Mario Galaxy 2, with some GT5 in between. Also need to fit the girlfriend in somewhere :/

      Be careful where you try to fit her. That kinky stuff can get out of hand. FAST.


    Spend xmas day and boxing day with the fam for me. Then day after boxing day is my nephews b'day, so fam again.. other than that, I'm on 3 weeks hols as of today, so lots of sitting on my ass getting fat and playing games. No doubt will put a lot of effort in to stuff for our project too.

    OH YES, I forgot, I'm going to start another run-through on Baldur's Gate, as I haven't played it for years, and picked up the bundle on GOG.

    I've already got it modded with the Baldur's Gate 2 engine and expanded dialogue, so I can go through the main game as a Wild Mage from start to finish.

    "Oh my god, A wolf! CAST MAGIC MISSILE!"
    *Spell messes up and gems spray everywhere*

    *Gate to hell opens up and a demon appears, slaughtering everyone*

    *Random Fight*
    *Spell cats 6 times, obliterating enemy*
    "Whoa, nifty."

    I experience much the same thing Mark. I have these grand visions of getting stuck into some serious gameage...but alas. It never happens. Having a large family and a girlfriend with an equally large family requires a plethora of days taken up with social events. We tend to go away for a few days as well and that equals time away from my big screen and yeah...I might get to sneak in a few sessions here and there I hope. Currently (finally) in the midst of Dragon Age, but already dreading the fact that I'll be interrupted and lose my precious momentum with it!

    I want to finish Mass Effect... so then I get Mass Effect 2 in the new year.. .yeah yeah I am behind but then I can get these games cheaper... :)

    Finish cleaning 7 years worth of dust from around my room.
    Attempt to finish one of my backlog of 102 games.
    Con my family into having a round of L4D2.
    Sleep in every-damn-day.

    Being the one responsible for cooking for and organising the festivities doesn't leave much time for gaming, especially with my daughter's birthday soon after Christmas, and then we're going to America 3/4 of the way through January....eeek, so much to do!
    If I managed to score a game for Christmas I'd definitely have to find some time to play it though.

    Heading to Brisbane.

    Already purchased a Wii console and had it sent to the family home ahead of arrival. And this was BEFORE finding out my mum had actually purchased a Wii anyway the day before :(

    Got my Xbox 360 bag today from eBay so I'm all set for gaming when I head back to hometown. Well, at least until the girlfriend arrives from overseas :)

    well im off school now but i still gotta work at my job :(. I like to finish every game i get so any games i need to check off that list are metro 2033, prince of persia(2008 one), ballad of gay tony, elder scrolls 4(i love fallout but im not sure if i can get into oblivion, not sure what about that makes me not like it much, think its that i dont know wat to do in it), never got much mileage out of Gears 2, ilo milo, more monday night combat, doom 1, DR2: case zero(didnt like it :p), marble blast ultra, super meat boy, Fallout new vegas, half life 2 ep1 and ep2 aswell.
    Now, tell me what i should play first?

    hmmmmmmmmm, been playing a shitload of minecraft multi-player with my friends, and with the beta coming out soon, i see more minecraft in the future!

    but i have gotten back into dead rising 2, might try and get the uncharted games as i only just got my ps3 and the trailer for 3 made me wet myself, still haven't passed fallout New vegas, and after christmas, i plan on getting some mega bargains for after christmas sales! last time i got DJ hero on 360 for 100 dollars, i was pretty proud of myself! :P

    For the first time in several years I'm off from Christmas until after new years. Very exciting :)

    Gaming time will consist of a three way tug of war between ACB, A third run through Mass Effect 2 (now with DLC! Squee!) and Costume Quest.

    Oh, Costume Quest. I heart you so damn much...

    (Note: I am 27 years old. And male)

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