Win! A Copy Of Dead Space 2!

Dead Space 2 is set for release this coming January, but the demo is currently available for download. Considering that the original was probably one of the best single player experiences of this generation, we totally recommend giving it a bash. And while you're at it, you may as well have a shot at winning a copy of the game when it's released in 2011.

We have five copies up for grabs, and the entry mechanic is simple. You asked for a Haiku competition and by jeebus you're going to get one! We want you to tell us, in Haiku form, how scared/excited/terrified you were when you first played either the original Dead Space, or the Dead Space 2 demo.

Here's my rubbish example.

I open the door, A dead baby eats my face, My pants are soiled.

The five most entertaining/funny/clever entries win the game - leave your Haikus in the comments below and I'll announce the winners next Friday.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.


    You see my face
    You hear me speak out loud
    The game is ruined

      You tell her play
      The Necro jumps out with a fright
      Girlfriend hates you

    Hear a noise and turn...
    They are coming from behind!
    Race to dismember.

    You thought this would
    would move units on the Wii.
    Oh the horror!

      Dammit haiku fail!

      You thought this would
      would move units on the
      Wii. The horror!

      Yeah, I've got nothing.




    An empty room,
    A presence is felt,
    Dead in space.

      A haiku is 5,7,5 mate :)
      might want to re-do that one :)

        5,7,5? So my correction above was wrong as well. That's it! I'm packing up my toys and going home. *runs away crying*

    Garment scent, pine fresh.
    First fright of Dead Space launch night.
    What's that funky smell?

    Will have to get the demo now cause I've never played before. Give me a minute.

    I gloat about braveness
    High-pitched scream at seeing a baby
    Friends laugh, head hangs.

    Unfortunately, the above is a true story...

      Wow, I can't count to save my life. Fixed version:

      I gloat about braveness
      See baby, high-pitch scream
      Friends laugh, head hangs low.

        Have another crack
        I'm sure you'll get it next time
        Hint, The bottom's 5

          I don't get it... it is 5 syllables...

          Am I missing something? XD

            You've got 6,6,5, so you need to tweak those first two lines.

            I gloat about braveness - 6 (about and braveness =2 each)
            See baby, high-pitch scream - 6
            Friends laugh, head hangs low. 5

            You want 5,7,5 your close but might have to reword the first line

              I gloat in braveness
              See baby, high-pitch screaming
              Friends laugh, head hangs low.

              OK, Now I'm CERTAIN it's right! XD

              Thanks guys!

    elevator shuts
    finally, my heart slows
    door opens, bricks are shat

    Rattling from the vent
    Panicked i blast it away
    damn, just the air con...

    My broken limbs float within
    Zero Gravity.


    ... Damnit.
    Fix that last line as...

    door opens, shat bricks

    A long corridor
    I walk down.. nothing happens,
    Pause game and change pants.

    Darkness all around
    Gore splashes onto my face
    Get me a tissue

      I have a 360 (Not that my pisspoor attempt is gonna win)
      The prince of Persia ones were way funnier. Prolly thanks to shirtless Jake!

    Played the first Dead Space,
    Scared off after one hour,
    Two achievements unlocked.

    (Kotaku can email me for my Gamertag for proof). :P

    the voices of ghosts,
    this is a load of barnacles,
    still scary though

    Abadoned station,
    Necromorphs ambush me now,
    Damn the vents!

    Heart pounds heavily
    Skin crawls, breathe halts, blood boils
    Shields at forty-nine.

      (Reference to 'Don't Get Cocky, Kid' achievement if that wasn't clear)


      I panic, I run
      Corpse wakes up, says hello sir
      I jump higher than

      Are we allowed multiple entries? If not, I'd like this one to be accepted rather than the other.

        Let me try that again >_>

        I panic, I run
        Corpse wakes up, says hello sir
        Jump higher than

    Lost in the darkness
    You tap me on the shoulder
    Embarrassing squeal

    floating in space,
    dismembered limbs surround,
    the church of unitology was wrong.

    The light turns on
    Your brother starts to talk
    Urge to kill, rising...

    Necromorphs abound
    Playing with my head and heart
    Cutter is the key

    Oh crap, i have just
    shat myself, as i did now fight a
    necromorph, i'm dead

    Employed at NASA,
    Playing the game one weekend,
    Resign next Monday.

    Have not played this game
    Do not wish to pay for it
    How bout a free copy


      Is this going to be a PC (on Steam) Copy, or an EggsBox 360 / Pee S-Tree copy?

    It's quiet out here.
    In space, can anybody
    hear me scream? Zombie!

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