Homefront Collector’s Edition Announced

Homefront Collector’s Edition Announced

My shelf would probably be bare, or filled with books I never read if it wasn’t for the rapid increase of pre-order related special editions that come with major releases. Now THQ is getting in on the act with a Collector’s Edition of Homefront, which is exclusive to EB Games.

The package contains…

– Propaganda Booklet
– Shotgun DLC
– Concept Art Card
– Cloth Patch
– Multiplayer Unlock Pack

I know a lot of you guys are hyped for Homefront, but are you guys pre-ordering? Pre-orders work well for publishers, and give retailers an idea of consumer demand, but do they really serve any purpose for gamers themselves? I can’t remember the last time a major release was legitimately sold out.

What do you guys think?


  • That CE look pretty piss poor… imho…

    Might just get the regular edition a few months after it comes out.

    I certainly won’t be pre-ordering. I want to know if its worth it before i get it, or if it’s just another generic shooter.

  • Alright so whattya we got here?

    I like the little red propaganda book. In keeping with the theme of the game. As for the rest, NAH. Nowhere near worth my money. Especially to EB Games. Still interested in the game though.

    I have to say, a single concept art ‘card’ is a pretty crappy pre-order bonus. They would have hundreds of pieces of concept art lying around the THQ offices. Transferring one of those onto a bit of cardboard is a poor effort.

  • SC2 collectors edition sold out a couple months before release.
    Other than that it’s to keep from missing out at your local store on release day rather than general distribution.

    • Dead Space 2 CE on 360 sold out everywhere too. Though PS3 and PC copies are still available all over the place.

  • I never understood the unit patch for games… all the way back to Ghost Recon.
    It’s not like they’re actual units… who’s going round with them on their jackets?
    Same thing with the medal in the BlOps CE…

    That said, Homefront is a definate for me.

    • That is not a unit patch, it is the Gadsden Flag patch and if you know anything about US History you would know that it is quite significant, especially in the context of this game. It is a symbol of American revolution.

  • Last game I pre-ordered in a store was Star Wars: Battlefront… and that was 2004.
    I would definitely agree that games very very rarely sell out on release. [only case I can remember is trying to get DK returns on Wii last xmas…. but it had been out a while before].

    Now, all of my PC games I buy off steam if I can [friends in the US + paypal = win + F-you to local publishers/distributors], and I will only pre-order if they have pre-loading enabled. I will wait till preload is confirmed before preordering Homefront.

    • Oh, and sorry for double post.
      But it occurred to me a few trends which are really annoying. First, launch day DLC…. Dont charge me for a full price game, then bend me over to ask for even more money for content which should be in the game anyway. Secondly, combined with retailer-specific exclusives… people paying for an extra edge in MP etc…
      Is this the strategy bricks and mortar stores are bringing to the fight against digital distribution?

  • Don’t know why they call it collectors edition, there is hardly anything collectible there. A patch, a concept art card, and a booklet…. the rest are online unlocks.

    Will still get it though… because there isn’t a standard edition 😛

  • I like the looks of this game but i doubt i will pre-order it. normally im a sucker when it comes to CE’ but i think i will pass on this one.

  • Exclusive to EB? Eh… it looks nice, but that’s enough to make me pass. :/

    Very interested in getting it though, so I’ll probably preorder – usually you’ll find it cheaper for preorder than if you look after it’s been released.

  • While standard editions of games rarely (if ever) sell out, the limited/collector’s editions often do. So if I want one of those editions I’ll usually pre-order, otherwise I’ll only pre-order if there’s some particular pre-order bonus being offered that I want.

  • That’s a pretty crappy Collector’s edition, imo, but a look on EB’s site shows that it’s selling at the RRP, so I suppose it isn’t that bad. But I don’t really care for the game itself. Too many shooters.

    As for pre ordering, I only ever pre order a game if it’s the collector’s edition, because they are likely to be sold out.

    I have never pre ordered a standard edition of the game. I just don’t see the point. As you said, I’ve never seen a game I want sold out. There are plenty of stores to get it from.

  • I don’t believe I’ve seen a new release sell out for a long time also… what I don’t like is when some companies offer Special Editions and make too many of them…

    I’m somewhat liking what EA did recently, offer the Signature Edition of Dragon Age 2 for pre-orders uptil mid January. At that point you are shit out of luck.

    Have seen plenty of places which still have stock of BLOPS Prestige Edtions, etc… 2 of the worst from recent memory were the Gears Of War 2 Limited Edition and Bioshock 2 Rapture Edition. It defeats the point of a Collectors/Limited Editions when they make more than customers have pre-ordered.

    Still pre-order myself though, it’s more for the fact that I use it as a layby system, where I will pay off games over a few weeks before they are released, find this ways doesn’t impact the wallet as much as it would if it was paid in full in one go.

  • I won’t get this, but when I play online and get shot one of those guns I bet I go “GAAH! Why I didn’t get the CE pack!!” haha

  • Btw, if you preorder Dawn of War 2 Retribution Collector’s Edition you’re in the running to win a life size Space Marine. Having an 8 foot Marine in your bedroom beats any CE lately. Shame there’s only one.

  • I was pretty bummed when I read the title as I has already pre-ordered it on CD WOW. But now I’ve read this article and seen whats in it I’m glad.

    Seriously, cut with the sh***y expensive collectors editions already. At least put some good stuff in there.

  • Would’ve preordered it on Steam but THQ are up to their usual screwjob pricing. Will wait until it hits <20 pounds on a brit shop site and buy it then…

  • DLC content like “Shotgun Download” and “Multiplayer Pack” Should be part of the you purchased the game new, and not a used edition!

    Patches, Booklets, and things that make the game feel like an old school normal edition when Manuals where more than just how to play the game and bigger than a Pamplhet.

  • Anyone find it amusing that Tomorrow When The War Began ripped off Red Dawn, then Homefront ripped TWTWB right back off in a giant dance across film, books, film and game?

  • I’ve only ever pre-ordered two games: MGS2 Substance, and GTA: San Andreas, both on PC.

    Got horrendously ripped off both times (though the games were GREAT). Have learned my lesson – unless there’s some mega deal, way better off waiting until a month or two after release (or longer, if you can manage).

    • +1
      got the prestige edition of Black Ops last year for ps3 off of fishpond, got very disappointed how online turned out with the bugs and lag. Not going to buy another expensive special edition on release again

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