Community Review: Homefront

Community Review: Homefront
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This is my 10 word review of Homefront: “It talks the talk, but it doesn’t walk the walk”. That’s my two cents – but what do you think of THQ’s latest effort?

My problem with Homefront is this – despite all the big words about avoiding murder fatigue, having a interesting universe, evolving online multiplayer, the game goes on to play and feel like a derivative version of every other military shooter on the market place.

I see Homefront as a real missed opportunity. They had the story, they had the concept – the point of difference – but that means nothing when, in practice, the game feels like Medal of Duty: Battlefield Edition. I just wish the game had done more to distinguish itself with the mechanics. Bulletstorm is as dumb as a bag of broken bricks, but at least the game felt new, felt fresh. Minus the trimmings, Homefront played precisely like a million other different games.

That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game, but it does make it generic. And, considering the promise, and the claims of Kaos Studios, that was a major disappointment for me.

But that’s just my viewpoint – maybe I’m being a little harsh. What did you guys think of Homefront? All things considered, it is a decent shooter. Did you guys enjoy it?


  • I’d tend to agree with most points. I’d also add that it’s seriously lacking polish. It feels like a PS2 game, not necessarily visually (although some of the animation and AI in single player is horrid), just the way it plays. The Battle Points and Battle Commander concepts are great, hopefully they can be implemented much better in the (potential) sequel. Back to BFBC2 for large(er) scale team based warfare and onto Crysis 2 for some twitch solo shooting for me.

  • Well, to be honest, yes and no…
    Yes, i really enjoyed it because of the world that had been created inside the game, that was the most significant draw point for me. I felt like the story was emotive, but there just wasn’t enough gameplay to be able to immerse yourself into the world, the campaign was far shorter than I expected, and it ended so suddenly, I personally didn’t expect it until I saw the credits. The videos I saw of the Multiplayer development had me really excited, it seemed fresh, but upon actually playing, it fell well short of my expectations. I have only been able to play 3 or 4 full games with more than 5 people on the server (PC Version).
    Overall, you sum it up very well Mark, it talked the talk, but it didn’t walk the walk, at least not for me anyway.

  • I thought the controls were tight and i really liked the premise of the story… love the emotive scenes at the beginning of the game while on the bus… really put me in the role of the protagonist.

    It really felt like they had tried to take the level from modern warfare 2 in the burger joint and create an entire game from it! But I never felt that the game felt as good as that level…

    I REALLY didn’t like the idea of a camera on a remote controlled car feel the game had… after playing games like killzone game creators have to put me in a body, not a camera perspective.

  • I blazed through the singleplayer took me three hours to complete. Weapons sounded like peashooters, I like my shotguns and well it was underwhelming, by chance did any one in the campaign try and kill any footsoldiers with an rpg? I did and they wouldn’t die…..what the. The premise was good, an occupied country cool but the actual story come on bit weak. This game on a ps2 maybe would have been epic, kinda missed it’s mark by about 7 years. Didn’t even fire up the multiplayer, had no compulsion to do so either. Homefront is a wasted opportunity for sure.

  • Unlike most games you honestly do not feel a connection the the story whatsoever. What Homefront does is prove that Call of Duty is not just a shooter, the story you actually care about in a way

    It picks up towards the end with the final two missions being good, but it then ends 😐

    The story seems like Kaos looked at the biggest headlines from recent times (bird flu, GFC, oil wars) and decided that this is an awesome way to protray a story. Well its not. The story is crap.

    As well as this the ‘shocking’ moments seem thrown in there to add shock value to the game rather then actually fit within the context. Anyone can put a child watching their parents get shot dead in a game, but not everyone can make you actually care about it and want to kick their arse… Home front fails here

    It’s very much an american F YEAH game as well which is annoying. And the introduction of the other enemies (wont’ spoil) is just stupid as well. Takes away from the overall war being portrayed.

    The way they have completely ripped off call of duty is amazing, truly amazing. Even the ‘good kill’ soundbyte when that mission plays out

    The game is also ridiculously short. I finished it within 4 hours…

    Multiplayer on the other hand is really good, like really really good. Unlike COD i don’t feel like i am getting owned over and over again and the battlepoints system is excellent. I really like the style of Ground Control too

    So yet again Kaos shows it can build a multiplayer game but not a single player game (Frontlines Fuels of War anyone?). Maybe contract out the single player for the sequel (if it happens…)

    This has got to be up for one of the most disappointing games of the year. As you said THQ talked the talk but no where near walked the walk

    and that logo is just SHIT.

  • Read a few more things online about the game and although I heard about it’s shortness, was considering finding out what the online side was like, looking for something more casual on/off, but I’m hearing there is too much time to invest in leveling/unlocking everything.

    So will be passing on it, had a great concept going for it and I love all the art that has been made for it.

  • From what I’ve heard they spent more money on advertising than they did on level design, since it’s only like 3 hours long? Not even sure if I can be bothered with it when it his the bargain bin if that’s the case…

  • Very Short campaign, felt the story showed a lot of promise but never got there!! Didn’t try multiplayer! I’ve alredy traded the game in for a preorder of Crysis2

  • I’m gona BULLET POINT my issues (cos bullet points are great HEY!) and they’re all MP related:

    – WHAT AUSSIE SERVERS?! Every game I’ve had is a RED CONNECTION, which isn’t terrible because this game mostly handles lag ok. ie: I don’t see it cos I’m still droppin fools

    – GOOD LUCK getting more than 3 PLAYERS into the SAME MATCH! Due to the inadequete server size (as mentioned by THQ on their forum) it is nigh impossible to get into a match with a group of people. BUT, if you do…

    – PARTY/lobby members AREN’T HIGHLIGHTED ON in-game MINI MAP! You can’t see them through the mass of other allies on your map. I spent the first three games saying “I’m here where are YOU?” before saying “screw this, lets just shoot people” GO TEAMWORK! (wasn’t this game meant to be about teamwork? hmm…)

    In conclusion (lol), THQ and KAOS may find themselves in BIG TROUBLE if they DON’T PATCH the game BEFORE THURSDAY, because I think EVERYONE I know will TRADE IN Homefront FOR CRYSIS 2!

    *If this is TLDR, just read the ALL CAPS bits ;P

  • I easily clocked it in 4 hours, and I wasn’t rushing.
    The game’s fun to play if you are just expecting a generic shooter that has a pretty solid shooting mechanic but it ends there.
    They’ve created a world which seems like they want you to explore it and look at small details like posters or the debris you find in gardens and rooms but then they don’t let you actually look at them because they put in invisible walls! Sometimes there is a little box on the floor and it’s pretty clear that you can’t jump over it to go and explore the area you can plainly see. It’s a bit frustrating, it’s defintely very linear.

    And it really does feel like you’ve only just played about a third of a game and then it ends. There aren’t many epic american landmarks in the game at all! I think they could have followed call of duty’s influence a little closer and jumped from place to place, and character to character within america to show how the war is being waged accross different parts of the country, it never felt like the whole country is being overrun as you only see a very small group of mercenaries and really only one large battle.

    I think they had a good idea but certainly not the vision, time or budget or all of those things to actually see it through properly.

    Overall pretty disappointing.

    Definately rent it or buy it from EB cause you will want to return it afer one or 2 nights tops!

    I didn’t bother with MP as I would have had to use the one time code and I had a feeling I’d wanna return it.

    • 4 hours? That is ridiculous, and inexcusable to me. There are xbox live arcade titles that have better single player than that, while still including fun multiplayer and for a fraction of the cost.

      I expect to see this game littering bargain bins in a week’s time.

  • Homefront was a completed let down! I was really looking forward to it’s release. Mundane game play and a campaign was way too short. Not to mention the game play was fixed. THQ boasted the you could interact with people and thus forge you own destiny,not true at all. Also getting across the GGB and into San Francisco was my main goal. Half way across the bridge and in the middle of a so-so firefight the game ends! I’l be lucky to get even half of what I paid for it on Craigslist.

  • I had a crack at this while at my sister’s and I couldn’t really like it. The strange motion blur and level layouts were kinda annoying. I only played the section at an old church where the hill billy’s were holed up. They looked like they were out of time crisis. Also, while my brother in law played some sniper mission, my boring uncle pointed out that YOU should be in control of deciding when to shoot. We were just waiting for some arrow to change above people’s heads so we can take a shot. Also there were lots of invisible wall in silly places. Like, approaching the church there’s a bit of a barricade with some barbed wire and it looks like you can sneak around to the left where there’s a human sized gap. You can’t.
    It might’ve been the cake or baby screaming (I was at some sort of afternoon tea thing) but I couldn’t invert the Y axis. I’m pretty sure I just couldn’t find it in the menu easily. I probably will never play it again.

  • Yeah they had the setup for something great and honestly it was a letdown. I was hoping for some MW2 kind of action, like taking back Arcadia and winning back the White House. But it never gave me the satisfaction after the levels.The best part of the game was the beginning for sure. It pumped me up to start fighting. But between the graphics and the sometimes wild gameplay, I just felt like it was blah. And whats up with the ending????!!! That sucked so bad. I actually felt for once like the game was going somewhere and then all the sudden that was the end. They make a stand to take over the Golden Gate, then I figured it would go on to taking back other parts of the country, but no! just the ending. I hope they enjoy my 50 bucks cuz they will never get another penny from me.

  • Very upset that installing the game required an additional 5Gb of downloaded files from the Steam servers. Was it too much to ask that they include all of the required files to play the game? With download limits in Australia, this is very offensive, as there is no warning on the packaging that there is such a download requirement. Unfortunately, once you have installed up to that point, you’ve already had to have installed the CD key, so I can’t even take the game back to the shop.

    • And to add to that, it probably (depending on what download speed some people here have) takes longer to download those files, than it does to actually, you know BEAT the single player campaign.

      I was rather disappointed. Great premise and had a damn good writer doing the script…….it feels like half of it was cut in the end due to time constraints or something – please let that be the case and not that THIS was the whole story they had

  • Game is being returned tomorrow for full refund through JBHIFI.

    That is ALL!

    I thought i was playing a wii game….

    The first level really pulled me in with its in your face inhumanity and then i yawned, and yawned again and then it was over…

    I fired up multiplayer and my PS3 said NO!

    So i said FU and went back to playing Bad company 2.

  • Agree with the majority of points. So much opportunity (Red Dawn in a game, as lots of reports have said), but wasted. What’s the point of developing a massive central home base, like fallout, with heaps of NPCs, when you only visit it once.
    Then there were the bugs – some of the downed characters seemed like rag dolls hanging in mid air.

    Multiplayer is virtually unplayable – not only due to how hard it is to join a game properly (kicked off repeatedly before getting into game) but how unbalanced the weaponry is. Add to the fact that you can’t see when pieces are going to be unlocked, so have no way of tracking goals.

    Hopefully patches make it better for MP, but I managed to knock of SP in 3 hours, which isn’t a great start. It has SO much room for expansion, so maybe they’re just trying to milk the public for money.

    Mix this between Fallout and the current version, and you’d have an EPIC game.

  • Played campaign in 3 hrs and have since returned it. Wouldn’t even bother with multiplayer. I bought the game for the singleplayer ‘story’, and I feel actually cheated for spending $80 on 3 hours of Modern Warfare 2 rehashing.

  • Game Froze on Second Day No response from Kaos or THQ for 3 days about Freezing cant even play Single player game because of their battle code grab at money may have played online for 3 hours and 20mins single player before it froze so it went back fro Crysis 2 Preorder its a JOKE !

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