Someone Wants $15,000 For Legend Of Zelda Dishware

The starting bid is not yet met on this set of new-in-the-box Legend of Zelda dishware from 1989, a three-piece set the seller hopes to sell for $US100,000 but will be willing to part with for, presumably, $US15,000.

"This is really a rare find and it is likely that there is no other such set even complete together in existence still today," says the seller. "It was made by Peter Pan and is officially licensed by Nintendo. I am going to put a donation on this auction too because if this is going to sell for what it should sell for, then I think part of that money should go to a charity."

That charity is the American Red Cross, with 10 percent of the final bid going to the organisation. The opening bid is $US15,000. The set includes a plate, cup and bowl.

Ball's in your court, Internet.

EXTREMELY RARE 1989 ZELDA DINNERWARE SET! [eBay, thanks Heidi and Christopher]


    This guy is quite clearly insane.
    Charitable, but VERY insane.

    Maybe if it was Zelda's Panties (unwashed and signed), then he MIGHT get $100,000. But seeing as she is neither a hooker, nor real, it makes the prospect HIGHLY unlikely.

    Pretty neat that the box art shows how a kid can plug in his NES controller and play the dinner set, though!

    Nobody is going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on goddamn video game dishwares, let alone hundreds of thousands. Does that even NEED saying?

    If I had an account balance like Bill Gates. I would buy it then smash it up and upload on youtube. haha

      If you smash and upload everything to youtube, you'll never have account balance like Bill Gate

        Not true. He could just as easily steal it.

    lol free shipping. bargin.

    Damn you ppl who think this stuff isn't awesome! Although I would never pay the price. I just wish my parents bought me this when I was a kid.

    The plates will be used at a Greek wedding.

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