Tease Yourself With Some Beyond Good & Evil HD Footage

We know Beyond Good & Evil's HD re-release, due on the Xbox 360 very soon, is going to play well. We've, uh, played the game before. But how it looks will be just as important to some people.

And... yep, for a game first released in 2003, it's looking just fine.

The game will also be out on PlayStation 3. There's no date for that version yet, but it surely can't be too far off the 360's release.


    Any Beyond Good and Evil news is good news!

    Umm... it looks just how the game originally did. Sure, it'll support 720p (Or maybe even 1080p) but surely they'd update the lighting and the textures and stuff a little?

      The more extra work they have to put in to it, the more they'll have to charge, the less appealing it will be to purchase, as it is an "old" game. Since this game already flopped when it first came out, I doubt they're really looking to stink more money, they really have no guarantee it will sell better now. The faithful fans may get it again and the buck might stop there.

    I did not know Comic Mischief was a classification term.

    This looks pretty much the same as it does on my PC, with all the settings turned up. I guess for people who want it to look like that on the consoles?

      You need to see old games on new LCD TVs and then you'll understand!

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