What Have You Been Playing: Christmas Edition

What Have You Been Playing: Christmas Edition

Christmas is a magical time. A time for new releases, a time for backlogs. A time for eating your body weight in beef, a time for making Grandma play Dance Central. But weirdly enough, I spent hardly any time during this year’s break playing games. Except for yesterday, when I played Dead Space for nine hours straight. Anyway – the point of this post is: what games did you guys/girls get for Christmas, and what games did you spend your time playing?


  • Like you i didn’t really manage to get in much gaming AT ALL.

    Finished off Mass Effect (i was already on the last mission before the hols started) and started it again (literally still on the first planet with the CPL stil yet to be shot).

    Tonight, though – it’s all abotu Mass Effect, baby!

      • Yeah, imagine how i feel – at least you weren’t playing the exact same game as him.

        That’s Korean levels of dedication there..

      • I had a very uneventful break. Still, last thing I wanted was to tackle the crowds at the shopping Mall.

        I can’t wait for MAss Effect 3, mainly because I ended my Renegade run of Mass Effect 2 early. and by early, I mean having almost everyone die during the suicide run.

        “Someone needs to take the survivors to the ship!”
        “This isn’t a rescue mission, find your own way back! We’re here to stop the collectors!”
        *Fighting continues*
        “Are the survivors there, joker?”
        “Dr Chakwas and the survivors didn’t make it.”
        “Ah well. Jack, you’re expendable, stay there and get killed. Haw.”

        • I’ve finished ME half a dozen times, and ME2 twice – and am currently on a third, but I just got the DLC that I didn’t have (Kasumi, Overlord, and the other big one) so I’ll get to have fun playing those. Even so I still can’t wait for the final ME2 DLC, which should be out in the next few months.

    • One thing I’ve noticed during my playthroughs with Mass Effect 1 and 2:

      Don’t always choose a Renegade or Paragon dialogue choice as soon as it’s presented. There’s quite a few unique choices buried in dialogue trees.

      Example: Thane’s loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2. Instead of just going “I’m a spectre, talk”, you can drag out the interrogation, punch the suspect a few times, mouth off at his lawyer if you take too long, etc. It’s surprising just how deep they made the game.

      • The script for the original Mass Effect was 300,000 words. So many layers of dialogue that people probably miss.

        I’m also pumped for ME3, partly because I want to see how they’ll import all the choices and have them play out.

    • I have just finished playing through Mass Effect and am loving Mass Effect 2.

      Such a great series of games. Bioware have just payed so much attention to detail. They have got to be my fav game company of the last 10 years or so.

      • I laughed out loud at the “Shepard VI” part in Mass Effect 2, referencing the poor port of the first game to computers.

        “I delete data like you on the way to real errors.”
        “It crashes every 30 minutes with an error message about saving the galaxy, and you need to fix the problems yourself”

        Funny thing is: you can buy a copy but there’s no way to use it in-game. Mass Effect 3 maybe? Do I get to confuse reapers by making every VI in the galaxy be Shepard?

  • Bought myself NFS Hot Pursuit for Christmas and I’ve been playing the hell out of it for the last week and a bit πŸ™‚

    Other than that, I’ve used the rare time off to try to finish New Vegas and some more Super Meat Boy.

  • Been playing Borderlands. It’s so fun! Also, can’t get that song out of my head (Ain’t no rest for the wicked).

  • Thanks to NotoriousR and Chuloopa, I got Super Meat Boy and Serious Sam 1&2 HD! Big thanks guys!!! πŸ™‚
    My mum also gave me the ps3 move starter kit so I can finally use the move controller she gave me for my b’day in october :0
    Played a few of the demos on the disk and they’re pretty cool! Some of the games seem to lag a bit in control, but then others seem as zippy as a wiimote.. I was expecting them all to be laggy from what people have been saying, but I guess it comes down to the way they’ve been coded. Either way, it’s pretty cool. The augmented reality stuff in Start the Party is pretty impressive! Would love to see more stuff like that πŸ™‚

  • With so many people at our house over the holidays we have been playing copious amounts of Kinect.
    We cant get people out of the house because of it!
    Im talking from age 4 to over 60!

    • Yeah, thanks Microsoft marketing guy. We really needed that bit of advertising. Oprah plugging the kinect wasn’t enough…

      • What, so because Ive got Kinect and we all enjoy playing it that makes me a MS marketing guy?
        Then maybe Michael is a Nintendo rep.
        Or Ben J is a Ubisoft rep.
        Or Puck a Rockstar rep.

        So Im not allowed to say Ive enjoyed playing Kinect?
        Youre idiots. Get a clue.

  • Managed to finish AC: Brotherhood yesterday.
    What an ending !

    Still toiling away at GT:5. That should sustaing me until MvsC 3 comes out.

  • Not much. I picked up Lego Star Wars (Complete Saga), Saints Row 2 and Far Cry 2 at EB’s 3-for-2, and I’ve played a bit of LSW and SR2 so far.

    Going retro because I can’t afford any more AAA/2010 titles at the moment (though finding Bayonetta for $20 was a nice surprise). πŸ™‚

  • I got Alpha Protocol and Alan Wake for Christmas and have not been able to play either.
    Instead I’ve been watching my daughter play Epic Mickey and my husband play Batman: Arkham Asylum, both of which were gifts from me.
    Next year maybe I won’t get anyone else games so I can get some gametime in. About to begin Alan Wake now though as my husband is back at work today, and my son has just gone to bed for his nap.

  • Mass Effect 1 and 2, Got 2 characters through both games. Second run through ME1 took me about 14 hours, as you get to know the best ways through the side quests and story, and i didn’t even bother mining planets.

    I actually got hand cramps one day, Even though I use a Razer Mamba. I felt accomplished. “It’s like I’m unemployed again, whoo!”

    I actually planned to play through Baldur’s Gate over the holidays, but going through my old Portable HDD I found my Mass Effect steam files, and there went 2 weeks down the drain.

    I hate BioWare.

  • I WILL finish ACB tonight!!! Hopefully, got a few past memories only 50% sync and then the last few missions. Is the ending any different with 100% sync for all missions?
    Should finish Dead Space now i’ve started, but i know that i should dedicate some hours to New Vegas.
    I also foolishly started Dragon Age and now want to start again and again with all the different character permeations.

  • I bought the Humble Bundle 2 so played a little Braid (very cool) and some Machinarium (sooo endearing).

    Also picked up Bad Company 2 on Steam sale, played a fair bit of multiplayer.

  • Didn’t play much, but the little time I have (about 2 hours) was spent on VVVVVV. At first I didn’t see what the fuss was about, but after about 10 to 15 minutes, it started getting interesting.

    I highly recommend VVVVVV.

  • I don’t really celebrate Xmas and the gf was away so I managed to get a bit of gaming done.

    Managed to complete Halo Reach, Limbo and Dead Rising: Case West.. I’ve had Dragon Age Origins for a while and really got into that in the lead up for Dragon Age 2. I’m about half way thru it and its a massive game! Also downloaded Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2, but am yet to try it out. Alot of good deals on Xbox Live over the holidays (countdown to 2011).

    arghh now I’m back at work and rather be playing Dragon Age..

  • Does watching the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World dvd count?

    I didn’t get any gaming done over christmas, mostly because I’d already played through my pile of shame and partly because I didn’t have much time off.

    I did spend some time making progress in Assasin’s Creed Legacy on facebook, that was fun.

  • Almost finished AC: Brotherhood. It’s the best AC game yet. I think it works better with the one main location being the focus. Building your own group of assassins is pretty damn cool too.

  • I finally got a chance to give Red Dead Redemption a good go – man that game sucked me in a lot more I than I expected – more than any of the GTA’s and I didn’t even know I liked westerns. 20% through it, 80% to go!

    • And that’s probably why it’s one of the few games I finished this year.

      I’m a GTA fan but I’ve never been all that keen on westerns – but like you, I got pulled in and started playing for a lot longer than I thought.

  • I bought and played through Alan Wake, and now I’m playing Rock Band 3 and God of War Ghost of Sparta.

    The pile of shame feels ignored, I’ll get there one day pile of shame, perhaps when I retire in 30 odd years. Just don’t deteriorate beyond playability before then!

  • I finally finished Black Ops single player campaign and RDR campaign. I wanted to knock over a few more of my “not finished” games (e.g. Fallout Vegas) but RDR took longer than I expected dammit.

  • Been playing the crap out of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Awesome, awesome game. Tough as hell, but awesome. Those Temple levels are especially brutal.

      • The Cave levels were a lot of fun. Constant mine carting action. The puzzle pieces and Kong letters in those kinds of levels though are always harder to get (without dying in the process).

        Strangely the bosses aren’t anywhere near as difficult as the rest of the game.

        I dunno why they didn’t remix the “Hot Head Bop” track from DKC2 for the Volcano stages though.

  • I’ve mostly been playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood, but I’ve also managed to fit in a fair bit of super meat boy and also some banjo tooie after buying them in the sale. All great games! I’ve had a fair bit of time for gaming these holidays actually.

  • I moved away from some of the bigger games over Christmas and somehow ended up playing

    Pac-Mac Championship DX Edition
    Sly Cooper (from The Sly Collection)
    Prince Of Persia : Sands Of Time (from the PoP Trilogy)

    Mainly playing Sly 1 at the moment and I have forgotten how good the game actually is. Even though it’s a standard not overly difficult platformer, there is plenty of charm within the characters and it’s paced well with upgradeable moves as you progress.

    Still looks like a PS2 game with better textures and wide screen support, but it so smooth you kind of forget it’s a PS2 game at times.

    Prince of Persia, heard that it was a bad port of the game and I don’t think it looks too bad, only about 30mins in though. I had forgotten how slow the Prince is at walking though, seems like he is just walking everywhere.

  • Got some games for christmas that i wanted to buy and play earlier in the year when they first got released but uni/work got in the way.

    Been playing a lot of Hot Pursuit which is brilliant – love the online and this is the first time i am likely to get to max level in a racing game.

    My brother got Force Unleashed 2 and am glad that i didn’t pick it up on launch – gameplay wise it is fine but it is so short, i finished it without getting off the couch once – it took less then 3.5 hours. I could see where they cut levels/story out of the game, which might have had something to do with the layoffs earlier in the year. Overall i think the gameplay is there for a third one (although i heard they are not making it), if only they get a decent story and make it a 12 our campaign.

    Again – i picked up more then i needed to in the steam sales – haven’t downloaded a thing off that yet because i have been busy playing Black Ops MP over the break between other games and steam can’t download while playing a steam game (at least i don’t think so).

  • Been playing through Dawn of War II. Got it ages ago but my system couldn’t handle it properly so it joined the pile of shame.

    Other than that I started darksiders and have been playing some co-op tomb raider GOL with the wife. Great fun, I especially like the bit when I jump over a chasm and halfway through the air she grapples me and then drops me to my death.
    Fun times πŸ˜›

  • Playing through the games I got for Christmas, I got a new Saitek joystick (to replace my broken Attack 3 πŸ™ ) with H.A.W.X. On the PS3 front, I got Red Dead Undead Nightmare, the Sly Cooper collection and the God of War Collection, so I’ve been chipping away at those when I’m not working on my programming portfolio.

  • between Boxing Day and yesterday, I:

    – Played MGS4, start to finish
    – polished off Assassins Creed Brotherhood, all flags
    – Finished Borderlands

    All in all, pretty productive!

  • What really made Deadspace for me was the environment. How the machinery moves, the various ship sections. It was immersive and believable. I just wanted to fix the damn ship!

    I’ve been playing Amnesia, a very different type of horror and I must say it gets to you much worse than Deadspace. So much dread.

  • I Didn’t play much as I was away from my home setup for the Christmas/New year period.

    I did watch my 15 year old brother go through disc one of FFVII on my old playstation. He has been playing all of the old FF’s on various consoles.

    Then when i could steal a few hours I started a new game in Xenogears. One of my favourite PS1 games. Unfortunately I could only get a bit of the way through it. But I still really like the style of the game.

  • Gotta love those steam sales, bought so many games over Christmas. But the main 3 games I have been playing are:

    – TF2
    – WoW: Cata
    – Super Meat Boy

  • I have a great Xmas for games, got my early present of BFBC2 which is loads of fun, we got Kinect in the house with Kinect Sports (my shoulders hurt) and Kinectimals, my brother bought me Assassin’s Creed II which is a huge improvement over No 1 and in the Boxing Day sales I scored a copy of Crackdown 2!

    I also got to play Halo Reach for the first time since the beta over Xmas at my brother’s house interstate

  • I had resolved not to get any games for Xmas, I spends too much time with them already, however, was in JB HIFI the other day.
    Saw Bully for $15, Red Steel2 for 29 and a second hand copy of Lost in Shadow(had not ever seen it for sale at all) for 30 and just couldn’t resist!
    Bully and Red Steel2 are a lot of fun!

  • A bit of an odd one but whilst at a small LAN a friend whipped out Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (dated…). Having never seen any of the heroes games and in dire need of a new LAN game to play, he shared it around. A day later, 4 copies of the HoMM 5 packs on Steam were purchased with 3 gifted to friends. >_>

  • As I mentioned in TAY I got (finally) Halo:Reach so I have been playing that heaps and borrowed Red Dead Redemption… looking forward to loading that one up in the near future…
    Still got two weeks off for house repairs and gaming… and baby playing! (9mth old little girl – light of my life, even prefer her to gaming… true!)

  • well, played some uncharted 2, some little big planet, got saints row 2 on PC and playeed taht with friends, and now i’ve got the complete GTA pack for PC, so i’m playing that!

  • I didnt get any games for xmas this year =(

    But I did pick up The Sabotuor/er idk for $20 havnt really started. Currently still playing BC2 Vietnam, Fable 3, Brotherhood Multiplayer.

  • Only managed a bit of Reach because I flew off to Hong Kong on the 27th and stuck with no gaming console until late Feb…

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