Community Kudos

Community Kudos

Community KudosThe weekend is here folks – and you know what time it is. Well, it’s 4.49 on my clock, but this will probably at least 5.15 before this goes on the front page, possible 5.30. And even then I have no idea when you’re going to read this – so I guess I don’t know what time it is. Oh wait! Yes I do! It’s Community Kudos time!

It was a busy week for news – we got Australian details for the 3DS, Guitar Hero was put out of its misery, and Duke Nukem Forever miraculously made it past the classification board unscathed – but Talk Amongst Yourselves was strangely quiet, until today that is when things got a little frisky. I blame Elly for asking us to take off her bra.

But you guys were busy. To begin with, I want to mention that Chuloopa received a kudos nomination (from James Mac) for his incredible Wang parody. You are a gifted human being – when it comes to writing about wangs, you are truly without peer.

I want to give a joint Community Kudos award, however, to Tech Knight for his hard work in trying to set up a Kotaku Australia Minecraft server. It seems like both you and FatShady have been working your balls off on this project, and I hope it all works out. If there’s any way we can help over our end I’ll put the word out and see what we can do. Hopefully you guys can work out the creases and get it going.

Alright folks – have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check in over the weekend if you’ve got time. Elly will be dropping in our US stories throughout Saturday. Wish her luck!



  • So very, very disappointed that nothing else is tagged with “elly’s bra.”

    And gratz, was an awesome week, as usual.

    • It’s all part of my function sir. To help my friends with all the smarts and tech at my disposal. Thank you 🙂

  • Woohoo! TK ftw!! If you guys do end up going down the path of a paid server, I’ll prolly donate a chunk to support it. Wouldn’t be for a few weeks, but given some time, I could throw a hundred or so at it.

  • Awesome! Thanks Mark, it’s always great to know that my efforts do not fall on deaf ears 🙂 like it does everywhere else. You and all the other guys and gals make Kotaku my favourite place of all time.

    For my next trick on minecraft *cracks knuckles*, solving my lag problems, oyyyyy… this’ll be a headache I can tell already haha.

    Hey, think I could get a signed pic of Elly along with what you already had planned? Her mentioning her bra just today has got me too curious now xD.

    Thanks again for your congrats everybody, means a lot to me after I’ve had a depressing week, good way to cheer me up 🙂

  • Nice one Techy FS and also Loops! It will be awesome when the server works out 😀

    Did my nomination go missing Mark? 🙁

    • I was totally oblivious to the fuss over Chuloopa’s Wang. Thank god for Community Kudos because, although interest may be sagging now, the initial surge was hilarious. An exhilarating roller coaster ride.

  • Congrats Tech Knight!
    If you decide to go for a paid server let me know, I’d be willing to help out with a donation or two 🙂

    On a different note, I don’t know what to say, Chuloopa getting a tag for his penis on Kotaku. I don’t know how I feel about that, I feel like I should really pay more attention to the community here more.

    Damn you Chuloopa, your marketing strategy is already working! D:

  • I don’t usually wander into the Talk Amongst Yourselves threads at all, but now it has me wondering just how the mechanics of a Rubik’s Cube lock would work. Hrm.

    (FTR I could have that bra off in under a minute and a half :P)

  • Congrats KOTROT!! Haven’t paid much attention to minecraft, but the opportunity to muck about with you all is tempting. Would be happy to pay to join in when i get back in March. Hope the Valentines day minecrafin’ goes well. Hope you don’t experience any “lag”or maybe she will let you “switch ports” 😀
    Chuloopas wang thread was epic! All i could do was watch with tears in my eyes…

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