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    Guys. I just realised I won't be able to make the CheapSkate Gamer next week, so I'll need someone to take over for a week!

    Perks include:
    - You become awesome
    - Mark loves you more (can't guarantee this)
    - you get to make a guest CCG comic!

    Also, I'm sure VGP would be kind enough to help you out if you asked him/her (I still don't know their gender, lol) nicely!

    So, can I get a volunteer?

      I'll do it, but only if no-one more qualified (that is, more qualified than "has a pulse") than myself steps up to the plate.

      Downsides of me include:
      May well forget(I kid)
      Will make terrible jokes
      Cannot draw.

      Anyway, I shall tentatively raise my hand.

        w00! Blaghman is Daghman! <--- see! I can make terrible jokes too! You're not alone on that one! ;)

      Cheers for the offer I really appreciate it, but it looks like Blaghman has it covered!

      I only hope that he is ready for Serrels love, it could get messy.

      For the record, I am a him.

        Sorry VGP, but it's far more fun to refer to you as an it, I hope you don't mind, but I enjoy envisioning you as a kind of hive-mind structure in my mind.

    Ok.. so I'm playign minecraft last night. Finally got the ingredients to make some TNT~ w00t! This could be fun!! So I set about making some, and then thought.. how am I gonna light this up...
    So I sat the TNT on some rock about 2 or 3 squares away from a little drizzle of lava.. while I was deciding whether to try torches or buckets of lava to light it, out pops a little fizzling rock from the lava stream, and lands on the TNT... BOOOM! Right in my face! Major facepalm moment :|

      I am so proud of you right now.

      I have the whole thing framed in my mind, facial expressions and all.

      ROFL!!! That is awesome! I've not made tnt yet myself (but I made a Portal in it yesterday), but I would imagine you could light it with an Iron ingot and a flint?

      Also, I've decided from now on to only build/explore very close to the spawn site, for these whoopsie moments are painful to take when you've got a big load. But if its close to spawn, and you race back to the incident site, all the goodies you lost will still be there.

      I'm having a ball with Minecraft I must say. At first I was like, 'hmmmm so whats the appeal of this?' Then I followed a wiki guide and survived the first night and was like, 'ok, that was pretty cool actually' then it just grew on me more and more as my brain went 'I wonder if I could...'
      It just has that special charm.

      I really must encourage other ppl to give it a go (looking specifically at loops here, who has been missing....) just like FS and others encouraged me to try it. Yeah, I know, its not as easy to buy cause its not on Steam, I get that. But it truly is worth the time to set yourself up with this game. Just make sure you follow some sort of guide to help you through the first 'what the heck do I do' day/night cycle.

        Easiest way to set off tnt is to punch it, it flashes a little bit, then explodes. You jsut have to remember that it becomes "physics" activated after it's set off, so it will act like gravel, and fall down after you punch it.

      A red ore switch works, or you could just punch it. If it's not 'activated' by something explosive, it has a fuse of a few seconds, allowing for you to run away and cower under something.

      Haha thats like that youtube vid where some guy is making a tutorial on how to build a fireplace with a permanent fire, and it goes terribly wrong and burns his whole 3 story house down.

    It's Friday everyone!

    Wait, it is Friday, right? I tend to lose track *checks computer* Yeah. Friday!

    You know what that means?


    But not from me, you get enough of that normally. So, I present :


    Now dance for me, monkeys...


        St... Stupi... S... Stupidity?..

        "I'm Doctor Rockso, the Rock and Roll Clo-own. I do Cocaaaaaaaaine.

        *whispered in ear* Seriously, lots and lots of cocaine."

      Ok, stupid videos. How not to interact with the blind.

        Wow. I mean... Wow.

        That's just...

        Really? I thought a part of basic media training was how to handle disabilities while on the air (don't look at them, just pretend they're not there (I kid))...


      That Joik disurved evry STAB!

      For the sillies!!

        Not really silly but a crazy place to eat, and one of my favorites
        Even the green vegetables have bacon!!!
        You get a bib and a small towel when you sit down.

          I would totally eat there.
          Bacon is the answer to everything. Well, American bacon anyway. Ours is just barely disguised pork.

        That is classic, someone warn Micjeal J fox!

    FatShady I think it's official, it's my end causing my minecraft online lag and I don't know how to fix it. I've been looking up the most common fixes for it, such as using the Task Manager to change affinity and priority of the Java process, but they were all in vain. I think for now, I'll stick to playing alone until I figure out how to fix it.

    Secondly, that server looks absolutely insane, I don't even know where I can start, I didn't have anything the whole time I was playing it, and I got attacked by a spider at the spawn point, great start(!) :P.

    I got my own mission to carry out in minecraft, gonna make something for a sweetheart this valentines day. It's going to take a long time since I need to make a flat site, got lots of hills and trees to clear out as well as patch up a beach and get rid of the water making the site more square, then I gotta get the dyes and wool required to make it. Wish me luck :)

      Make sure you get some screenies for us! Will be awesome to check out what you do. I just hope your valentines appreciates how much effort goes into a MC creation :D

        Well she was honestly the one that got me into minecraft in the first place. She loves the tower I made, which I'm building above the clouds now. Problem is going to be I don't have the time to get it finished in time, since I still gotta get the tower finished plus the other tasks I mentioned earlier. I know it'll be worth it though.

          Well if she loves your "tower", that can take her beyond the clouds, i am sure your valentines creation will allow you some digging.... :P

      Cool Cool. Rocketman? and I from this site played for well over 3 hours last night in that same server and had a great old time.

      I was only in that site yesterday and people were just starting out (new spawn point). By last night, there was a freaking ARC - Noah style!

      Also, guys were building blimps!

      I really want there to be a place for us to go lag free, but until the multiplayer side of this game is optimised, I can't see it happening>

      Anyway, glad to hear everyone is having a good time with it.

      I sat down at 8 last night just to see if anyone was in the server, then looked and it was 11.30pm.

      This game seriously eats time like nothing else i've played. Only issue is that i couldn't figure out how to lock chests so i suspect that our loot is gone! Ah well.

        It was pretty awesome although after about 2 hours i was lagging pretty bad like tech knight i think it is on my end. I'll probably get on again tonight and keep going with our awesome base. I really enjoyed the part where we found skeleton cave. More people from kotaku should join though. The more people the more fun it will be.

          I was lagging right away as soon as I got in. Apparently changing graphics settings to much lower (In terms of minecraft, Say WHAT?!), lessen the render distance and apply fog will help. That's the only one I haven't tried yet.

          Secondly, that server, I felt like if I harvested something I'll be pissing somebody else off cuz it was part of something they made therefore I unintentionally become a griefer. I still really want a server that only we (We being Kotaku community only) can play on, that way we could organise our own "building zones" as soon as we start, instead of spawning into a metropolis trying to find land to be allowed to touch. In addition to FatShady's comment about locked chests, I agree completely, I don't want to store things on a server until I know that nobody else can take it. I got two large chests at my own place in single player atm.

            I guess the only way to hide your chest would be to bury it pirate style? Then just dig it up when needed (so long as nobody is watching). Pain in the butt, but better than looters.

              in online, they can be locked... i just couldn't figure it out and my eyes were popping out of my head.. needed sleep!

              Well I can't use different materials to bury it, it'll stand out, so I just use the same grass/dirt, although if someone was spying they could find it easily. However if the lock does work then that's double good.

              And make my own treasure map! That's perfect! I'll draw it out and everything while at home :D.

              Only one problem... what if the thief decides to destroy the chest and take it away elsewhere?

          Ill give it a go tonight, are you guys anywhere in particular?

    So since I'm mega lazy and slack... what did I miss in my absence this week?

      Ah crap, I forgot I had something else to ask... I finally registered all the club nintendo points I've accumulated, which since half are from the UK cannot be registered here (booooo!). So I only have 1600. But everything looks lame! Can anyone recommend anything in the catalogue?

      Geez, what a shame, you missed out on Serrels giving out 3ds' to everyone who replied to him. What a terrible week to miss.

      I kid.

      Nothing really happened, we've been very subdued this week. Thus why I already have the Friday Sillies.

        Mark should totally get onto that idea though...

          I reckon Mark already has one, which he is yet to confirm or deny.....

          I'd be up for that.

          Hey Mark, you've got a couple thousand dollars spare lying around that you feel like giving away, right?

          It's for a... ummm... It's for a cause...

      Me and nihandle started a charity for animators but things didnt work out cos we had no animator to help...or something.

        Me personally, Would be the new CoD...

        *straight face* because it is very innovative, with its *starting to break* Gun Game.

        ahhhh, fuck it. I couldnt lie to you gus, CoD is a load of ass.

        I would probs pick either ME3 or or or Rage, actually scratch all of that... Portal FTW.


          Did you check out all the Happy Harry toons?

          They were good.

    okay okay okay, lets try to inject some discussion into TAY...

    MASSIVE centipedes attack. The only way for the human race to survive is to ration out games. You can only choose ONE of the games to be released in 2011...

    What do you pick? and why?


      Yakuza 4.
      Even with cut content, Yakuza 3 has a boatload of stuff to do.
      Then I would probably steal Pokemon Black/White off someone and be set for the rest of eternity.


      No question.

      It won't be the best game, it will definitely not be one of the most polished, but holy crap, I will get hours and hours and hours and hours of enjoyment out of it, and in the case of "OHSHITONLYONEGAME" I have to go with that.

      And anyway, if I can still play SC2, I will honestly have no problems.

        Okay with Skyrim,

        Is it too late for me to latch onto the elder scrolls franchise? A mate told me that it wouldnt be cause they are each their own contained story.

        I loveeeed Fallout3 so if its the same engine/gameplay etc, but with more RPGing, i would totally dig it.

          I started with Oblivion, may work my way back from there...stopping at Morrowind because I dont get to game on the PC...

            Yeah, they're all their own little stories, they reference each other and stuff, but not to a huge extent.

            You may want to at least familiarise yourself with the plot of Oblivion, since it kind of relates to that of Skyrim, so far as I can tell, but it's not really essential.

            Hell, I haven't finished a single Bethesda game in my life.

      Arkham City!!!
      I would also sacrifice someone to the centipedes so i could take their copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

      Skyrim. No doubt about it.

      And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

        As the biology nerd I am, I have to point out, while centipedes, like insects, are arthropods, they do not fall under the classification of insects.

          Whoops, I forgot to add "Sorry for being a twat."

          Need to remind myself to say that more often...

            Being the socialology nerd that i am, i have to point out that twats, like smart alec pricks, are trolls and all fall under the same classification :D

            Now thats being a twat!!

          Damn. I was hoping nobody would call me out on that one :P

            Well it was a good Simpsons homage anyways...

          Australia manages multiple game releases in 2011 as centipedes were refused classification. Who would have thought that our stubborn AG’s would save the gaming industry?

        The insect invasion has been foretold by a mystic bard.....

          I keep reading this as

          Foretold by a mystic BIRD, thinking woman in Ausslang.

            LOL, nah it's Bill Bailey, check it out tonight if Mrs Hsien will allow....

      Journey. I know. Short game. But it look amaaaaaazing.

        Oooohhh, nice answer, not a game I would have picked, but that's a damn good idea.

        Crazy, crazy response. You sir are crazy. But seriously, I would like to see how this game turns out. I just dont know what to expect.

        What did you think of Flower? How much time did you put into it?

        also, watch this Developer interview.


      Dragon Age 2...cos I'd play it the most!

        How many old games can we take? One per system?

        SMS: WBIII: The Dragon's Trap
        NES: Ducktales
        SMD: QuackShot
        SNES: DKC3: Diddy's Kong Quest
        N64: TLoZ: Majora's Mask
        PSX: FFVIII
        PS2: Onimusha 2
        OXB: KotOR

        I will have to think more...

          DS: Mario Kart DS
          PSP: Castlevania(the one with Symphony built in)
          GB: Tetris
          GBC: Pokemon Silver
          GBA: Metroid Fusion
          SGG: Dunno...Micro Machines?
          SDC: Shenmue 2
          SCD: Flashback
          S32x: hahahhaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahaha Knuckles Chaotix??

            Awwww man i saw the Castlevania cheap too!! Dammit!

      Me personally, Would be the new CoD…

      *straight face* because it is very innovative, with its *starting to break* Gun Game.

      ahhhh, fuck it. I couldnt lie to you gus, CoD is a load of ass.

      I would probs pick either ME3 or or or Rage, actually scratch all of that… Portal FTW.

    I have never played or even seen left 4 dead. I know L4D2 was edited here so didnt even look at it. A mate of mine only got a 360 in the last 2 weeks, i got him online and we were looking for a game to play (he also has mates in UK).

    They all suggested L4D2, UK edition (R18+ thanks!) from ozgameshop for $27. Crazy cheap.

    I don't want anyone else to even talk about the game in here for the next 8-10 days please. I have bought it. If it is crap, i'll deal with $27. If it is awesome, I want to be surprised.

      I would have checked it out if it weren't multi

        It has bots... you don't have to be multi.

          Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, but it wouldn't be as fun!

      If you have never seen, or played any left 4 dead goodness, be prepared for face melting times.

      Trust me, I'm a doctor.

        No, that's my line, I stole it from somewhere, but it's MIIIIIIINNNNEEEEEEEEE!

        OK, I'm done, I don't really mind.

        I have cuff-links that say I'm a doctor though.

      How do they get through anyway? I tried to get the Mark Ecko game twice when it first got banned and both times i got nasty letters from customs....
      I wanna play unedited L4D2

      Btw Fatshady can't get enough Reef and AOP now!!
      Going to grab some when i'm stateside, what albums to you have or recommend?

        My dad bought me a copy of L4D2 while he was in the US (for PC, obviously), and it works fine on Steam.

        The secret to getting things through customs is to do it with lots of other stuff, presumably, they bring in large loads of games from the UK, and then distribute them from a centre somewhere in AUS, so if they bring in a massive crateload of games, they can just hide the R18 ones in the middle. No-one's going to bother searching there.

        How do they know whatsin the package.

        We get stuff from overseas alla the time and it has only been opened once!

        I preordered 2 copies of L4D2 from the UK, got them for ~AU$68 each, had no problems with customs.

        The game is freaking awesome. Best played with friends though. Solo play is just not as enjoyable.

        I actually have everything from them (reef the lost cauze and AOTP).

        I suggest all of em, but start in this order:

        Invisible empire
        feast or famine
        Long Live the cauze Vol 2 (I am legend mixtape)
        Vicious cycle
        Fight music

        Anything from AOTP is good.

        Also, if you just want to jump online and get a single track off itunes or similar, check out Sucka Pass off an album called table manners...

        Here is a cool bit of trivia. If you look at the back cover of 'The Stress Files', I am actually pictured on the cover. This was a show in 2008 in Brooklyn that i went to. Featured about half of AOTP on stage and was fantastic!

        You can see me in the front row, just under reef's arm, with another dudes hand covering my left eye.

        Reef is by far my fav, mainly because i got to speak to him after this show and he was just a cool dude.

        Glad you found some stuff you liked.

          ^the above is for Nohandle and is not in any way related to the actual post...

          If you miss his comment, it just looks like drunken ramblings.

            Cheers, will definitely be grabbing some.
            Did you check out Asher? Was going to make a point about perceptions of "underground" artists and how they (MTV etc.) now try to manufacture underground.
            Asher is nice on the mic if you can get past some of the forced perceptions....

    Mark Serrels,

    Since you're so anti-Dragon Age...can I have the code you would have gotten with Dead Space 2 for my Dragon Age 2?

      I never said I hated Dragon Age! NEVER! Stop it!

        Truly the rage of one who hates Dragon Age. *Shakes head Slowly*

          Ooh, I just realised...


          That's a bit of a... fiery anger, you've got there. Yelling like that, someone might even say, a bit of, dragon breath.

          (ok, these suck, let's pretend I never posted them)

        But you don't need the code , right?

        C'mon I'm desperate here!

        So that's denial and anger covered. :D
        Now if we can just breeze through bargaining and depression we can move onto acceptance.
        So.... what will it take to get you to play Mr. Serrels

          I don't give 2 farts if he plays or not (his loss).

          I JUST WANT THAT CODE!!!!

          Just say no already, stop leading me on!!!!

            Im hanging stop leaving me hangin!!!!!!!!!!

        For the record, I didnt say you "hated" DA I said you were "ANTI"

          Isn't it just some crappy armour set code? Then again, if there were two spare... ;)

          It seems not even the enjoinders of legions of fawning disciples can convince Mr. Serrels of the awesomeness that is Dragon Age.

          Sad face. :(

            I preordered b4 Jan 11th, Im getting everything else.

            No DS armour tho!

            I am also cut about the handful of items I can never get from Origins.
            I know, I know if I had a PC I could get it all for free...

              Just noticed this comment now....

              I also ordered before the 11th, which is good.

              There's a free belt you can unlock for your EA/Bioware account (and then download once you get the game) if you do a promo newsletter sign-up thing on the DA2 website (details here:

              There were a few other items to unlock but I think they've stopped now...

            I got the impress he was afraid of it's awesomeness because of the time commitment attached once you get hooked.

        Heard you on the radio last night, old boy; finally I know
        what it must feel like to have a bikini-clad Megan Fox
        pouring maple syrup into my ear-hole.

        Have you considered starting your own Sean Connery
        themed phone sex service? I'm thinking plenty of
        James Bond double-entendres. You know the
        deal - plenty of kilted saucy raunch; right up your alley
        so to speak.

        $4.50/minute sounds reasonable. A real untapped
        niche in the market as it were. Think about it: The FBI are pushing the red button - turning off the internets in
        2014 following the mass exodus to Mars, and this
        games journalism racket can't last forever; not
        like timeless, sexual innuendo laced, Sean
        Connery impersonations.
        Let's talk numbers.
        Call me on:

        0055-2-Hot-4-Highlander. ($5.70/minute. Higher
        from public phone and mobile.
        Conditions apply. 18+)

        What's the deal with Sean Connery's character
        name in Highlander? I'm sorry, but too f*cking absurd.
        Forget about it, it's not important right now.

        Bet you can't guess what I'm wearing? Give it a
        shot! (it's a Happy Days themed bathrobe). Sorry, just
        throwing a few of the frequently asked questions you
        can expect at the telephone call centre - at any
        moment. It's life in the fast-lane, old friend.

        Were you in Trainspotting? Don't answer that, I already
        know you were.

        Best of the Friday-ness love to you, friend.
        But keep the radio frequencies free all the same; I'm
        expecting a message from the CIA.
        Tally ho!

          Hello Plainview, will you write comics for me to draw?

          I like your dramatic stylings...

            Sorry, old chap, Friday had me on the run; away from
            the desk, as it were. The kind of day that just makes you
            wish for tomorrow; or Saturday as the case may
            be - something not unlike today.

            Sounds like you've got a plan, and who am I to stand in
            the way of such a grand scheme?

            Nobody, that's who I am. But If you think I can
            help - then so be it, let it be done; I'd try anything
            twice . . . maybe even thrice, if it just so happens
            to feel right.

            Keep fighting the power.
            Your old friend,

        You know what... just to spite Jimu, I think you should give it to me.

          Oh man, I thought everyone else bought DS2...

          Dammit, I'll never get the code now!

    Undo my bra please.

      Mark, about those signed pictures again?

      Honestly, after attempting to undo, and do up bras, when they're not even on people, I'd probably find the Rubik's cube easier.

        The secret's in the way you pinch and push. All you need is your thumb and index finger.

          But what about the bra!
          Boom Tish!

          ***Goes back to gutter with Jimu and Blaghman***

            Welcome back.

            *Gives you a massive fish smelling hug, while pickpocketing your wallet*

            The gutter?


            Im down in the sewer , baby!

              Dude, gutter is so much better than the sewer.

              Firstly: Free showers whenever it rains.
              Secondly: Occasional food, and pity money from public servants (Canberran only).
              Thirdly: Lots of skirts to look up.

          *Head pops out of the gutter*

          Feel like giving me a hands on demonstration?

          *Hops back into the gutter, gaze firmly affixed upwards, JM2s wallet firmly in hand*

      What if you get one of those weird dudes who solve Rubik's Cube with their feet?

        No no... fingers will do just fine...

          Apologies in advance to Kotaku as a whole, but I just had to.

          That's what she said.

          Damn, I am so mature. :/

      At least i would be motivated to finally solve one of those things!! And them the Rubiks Cube!!
      Also LOL at Blaghman practising :D
      I had a mate in high school who used to put his mums bra on a dining chair and practise reaching around and undoing with one hand





        Okay, actually, it's from doing the laundry. Anyway, I heard a good way to practice was to try with a pillow.

        I wouldn't know of course.

        Definitely not that sad lonely and pathetic.

      I'd just do what all the other kids did. Pick the stickers off and restick them...

        Also thanks to Elly for lowering her standards and flirting with a bunch of long haired smelly gamer nurds.

        We can't all be Commander Shepherds, so thanks, you're alright.

          Hey, my hair isn't long!

          No wait *checks hair* it's down to my shoulders... AHH WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?

            My hair aint long either, I was just raggin on Elly for saying she had never seen a man look good with long hair before.

            Sughly mentioned Fabio, or maybe it was Shaun Micalef dressed as Fabio. Either way, showed her!

              I'll admit, my hair looks quite ridiculous at the moment. But, I go for the grunge look, so it suits me pretty well.

              I've had a lot of drunk people laugh at my hair, I drew the line when someone with a mullet criticised it. It may be a party at the back, but up the front it's MY FIST!

              Okay, not really, I would never hit anyone, unless they were being a real twat.

              I prefer to wait around, and STAB THEM, STAB THEM AHAHAHAHA. I mean. *cough*

                but up the front it’s MY FIST!...fantastic

                  Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week.

      Problem solvered.

      Lol that wouldn't last long in my hands.. i can solve a rubiks cube in a matter of mins.. i'm no record setter, but it's not hard to solve.. Would sure make my wife happy though. She'd be pushing her way through to have a look at what you've got under that ;)

    Let's post soundtracks that make us nostalgic.

    I'll kick off with...

      Agnus Dei/Adagio for Strings from Homeworld. Amazing. Epic. Sad. Played at the perfect time, it fitted the moment so well.

      This one for Mark

      and this one for realz


      Hands down, amazing.

        YES! JSRF is one my favorite games of all time, and it's got the best soundtrack ever!

        ahhhhhhh nostalgia

        Oh, and this:

        Never fails to take me back.

          +1 for the FFVIII (whichever one it is)

            The second one. It's the tune that plays whenever you're wandering around the world map. Oh man, I miss FF world maps. :-(

            The first is the opening theme from Metal Gear Solid 2.

              Yeah that world map song is good,I always imagined that it was steel drums. I also like the one in the caverns...with the piano...

          Oddly enough, FF VIII was the very first game I brought for my PS3.

          I've only brought 3 game so far including that one and I've nearly had it a year now. The other two being FF XIII and Yakuza 3

        Hey Strange
        Just in case you missed my reply in What Are You Playing...
        Mmmmmmmm Cheese Fries

          I saw it, I was just too busy drooling to respond.

      Since I can't yootoob

      Can someone post up the Main Theme from Dune?


        Game or movie...everyone is posting game soundtracks btw :)

          And Strange just put up FF8!


          Super Metroid Brinstar

            For Jimu

              I have no way of checking so if this is what I think it is(and not the ad for XXX)


                I hope so. They have nearly every level so if you wanted to specify...

      Pretty much anything by Koji Kondo. Particularly the Zelda ones.

      Not gamey, but I'll be damned if this one doesn't get me all nostralgic everytime I hear it!


        It's official, you can post the Dune movie theme now!

          For Jimu

          you meant the main theme and not that Toto stuff right? :D

            This gets me as well...


              In terms of that game, this one always wins! It always makes courage flow through me every time I hear this.


                Or this. The most epic battle I ever been proud to be apart of!


            Not suuuuuuuuuuuuure, think I actually like the Toto stuff, not suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure...

      Gamme related, I really can't go past this..

      Or anything from that game in fact! I can't tell you how many times a year I find myself walking around whistling the tunes to myself!

        Really tense moments of my life I always have this music running through my head :0

      I feel way too young for this.

      The closest I have to Nostalgia is for this, which was pretty much the defining game of my upper primary school life (seriously).

      Reminds me of the days when I could quote the entirety of this game, and the majority of the first Halo. Sadly that skill has been lost for the ability to do anything I can sober, just as well drunk.

    Question to all about the kotaku minecraft server idea. How would you all feel about paying for one. I have found a company that has Aussie minecraft servers available for $2.50pp per month. Would need to front up without about 10 people or the cost per person would increase.

    What i was thinking was set up a new paypal account that was administered by a few of us, that we each chip into each month? Not ideal, but i think it will be the best way to get up and running and know we have total control.

    I was actually thinking that we all kick in $10 into the account as an up front payment, that will last us 3 months (with another $25 initial set up fee including a memory upgrade) and then we can decide if we want to continue it?

    Not sure how you all feel about it, but at $10 and all of this stuffing around, it may just be the best way forward?

    Let me know your thoughts and if anyone is keen, I'm happy to set it up (unless of course there are people out there who actually know what they are doing, in which case i am happy to just part with my $10?

    Let me know.

      ^btw, who said they had disposable income?????

        I believe that was me, however, I have no way to pay for things over the internet...

        Well, not easily anyway.

          If you with any of the big four, they will give you an everyday account with either a Debit Visa or Mastercard. You can use your own account to make purchases using credit card services.
          Here i'll show you mine...
          ***Looks for wallet***

          I worked in banking for 10 years and this is the most useful product they came up with over that time.

            Yep. It's called something like a 'debit Master Card' or 'debit Visa'. At CBA you get one with a Smart/Complete access account, not sure about the other three banks.

            Works as a debit card but has the fancy 3-digit number so you can buy things online. You still pay for stuff with the savings button. It's also easy to set up monthly payments for stuff like Minecraft if you want.

            I got one a few months ago and it's been awesome. The internet is a wonderland full of mystical unicorns and rainbows of cheap, cheap prices.

              Don't use the savings button!!! Well you can if you want...
              You can press credit at EFTPOS, uses same account. It gives you all the buyer protection provided by mastercard or visa for their regular credit card customers....
              Debits might sometimes not reflect right away, but this may have been fixed since i left.
              If for some reason they don't show and you overdraw, tell the bank that the trans didn't show right away through credit card system and the person who opened the account did not clearly explain this feature ( cos half of them don't know ),should get instant refund for OD fee...

                Seriously, who ARE the big 4?

                Common Stealth Wank
                Nab(all my money)
                ANZ(in my pants)?????

                  LOL at Suncorp
                  The other three are right. Westpac was missing.
                  Westpac/StGeorge/BankSA are all the same thing and are easily the biggest in Australia. There are supposed to be laws concerning the four pillars but the Westpac / St George merger blows that out of the water.
                  I met Gail Kelly once (CEO of Westpac), i think she would eat her own young....


                  Too tired to think of an insult.

                  I also didn't know about that credit protection thing. Will do that next time...

                Pressing 'Credit' will also give you access to the charges some retailers charge for using credit. I always just press 'savings'.

              Yeah, I know about them, and I've been meaning to get one, but I've just been slack, I have an irrational fear of banks.

                If it helps, you'll probably be able to apply online and not actually have to set foot in your bank.

                  Well, I do need to set up a new account (My current one is completely useless to me), can I do that without going near a bank?

                  God I hope so.

      im not sure of the generally demographic of the Kotaku commmunity, but im a student, i eat instant noodles to survive.

      if this thing gets off and running i will start contributing.

        Hey nothing wrong with 2 minute noodles! Though I eat them because I'm lazy not poor.

        I'll be willing to chip in assuming it works well.

      Fatshady i would be willing to pay $50.00 to get this up and running and pay for a few people for a little while as my thank you for everyone being helpful and friendly. As long as you set it up. I have a disposable income i just couldn't be stuffed setting it up.

      I might be able to, I work full time so I'd be willing to chip in. But I want to get my lag issues fixed first before I move forward to pitching in for a server, otherwise I'll be paying for my own lagfest and that won't be any fun.

        I was actually thinking of signing up for one month only, pay the $50 for all of us and test it out. If it works then fine, if not we kill it.

          ARGH, probably wont be seen as I'm a tad late reapding all this, but I will chip in a bit towards one :D So count me in.

    Allright you joiks

    One game per system...what'll it be.
    Any systems, PC is confusing but go ahead choose some PC games...

    The rules are as above
    Something about insect that aren't even insects
    and the world ending as we know it
    And newscasters changing allegiance before anything is even confirmed

    Post doesnt make sense u say? BAH Humbug!

      I... what?

        Heres a demo:

        SMS: WBIII: The Dragon’s Trap
        NES: Ducktales
        SMD: QuackShot
        SNES: DKC3: Diddy’s Kong Quest
        N64: TLoZ: Majora’s Mask
        PSX: FFVIII
        PS2: Onimusha 2
        OXB: KotOR

          SMS2!!- WB3
          SMD- Streets of Rage 3
          MegaCD- The Adventures of Batman and Robin (I need to see the lost episode)
          Neo-Geo - Samurai Showdown
          3DO- syndicate
          Jaguar - Flashback
          SNES- Rock n Roll Racing
          PSONE- FF8 to see what you going on about
          OXBOX - GTA San Andreas

            Thanks for humoring me.

            Do you have a PS2 or X?

            I think you could get 8 from psn for the PSP...

              I have a PS2
              And i wasn't just humoring you so here is a definitive list ( it's also kinda quiet today...)
              Coleco Telstar - PONG ( i actually had one of these)
              Coleco Intellivision with Atari 2600 System Changer - Armor Battle and ET
              Commodore 64 - International Karate
              NES- Zelda 2
              Game and Watch - Double Screen Doneky Knong FTW!
              Atari Lynx - California Games
              Master System- ESWAT
              Master System 2 (later model with built in Sonic) - Alien Storm but i would borrow your WB3
              Game Gear - Ecco
              Mega Drive - SOR3
              3DO - Syndicate
              Gensis- Shinobi
              Jaguar - Flashback
              Mega CD - Heart of The Alien cos it comes with Another World
              SNES - RnR Racing
              Saturn - MarvelSuper Heroes vs Streetfighter
              N64 - No Mercy
              Dreamcast - Shenmue 2
              PSONE - FF8
              PSP - Megaman Maverick Hunter X
              PS2- Mark Eckos Getting Up
              OXBOX- I want Jade Empire now
              360- SS4AE or M vs C 3
              PS3 - DCU Online ( I have to know what its like....)

            Thats considered the lost episode?
            Did you try youtube?
            Lots of in game cutscenes on youtube!

              They made fifteen minutes of animation with the proper voice cast for MegaCD and yay it's on youtube!!


    Reply to last page

    Which exclusive do you speak of?
    In my mind there is only
    God of War III, which I will finish over night, same as the last two.
    MGS4, which I will prolly just play through once for the story.
    And Modnation racers, which I'm not so sure about.

    My list of 360 exclusives is much bigger but I will not bother typing them. Unless someone would like to read it in which case...

      Demon's Souls! Demon's Souls! Demon's Souls! It doesn't matter if you're dying all the time because that world is so immersive and awe-insiring you never want it to end.

      Valkyria Chronicles. I'm no good at strategy but experiencing my husband's playthrough made me want to give it a go myself. It's worth it for the music alone, even.

      Uncharted. These games are just good fun. And pretty.

      Little Big Planet. Just so darn cute and clever. Plus you can make stuffs. My kid keeps making levels where you have to climb a dragon.

        Oh, and I almost forgot. Heavy Rain. Forget all the "press 'x' to Jason" coverage. This is a gaming experience I'll never forget. Umm, except for just then....

          Ill play the spiritual sequal to lost sould soon enough.

          Didn't dig little big planet as much as I thought I would have.

          Heavy Rain would want to be a hell of a lot better than that Indigo Prophecy/Farenheight game.

          I'd dig Uncharted but it would be the same as GoW, I'd play through once only...

          Valkyria Chronicles I would definetly check out, though.

            Where in the dickens did I get "Lost Souls" from?

      Err... DC Universe Online!!!!!! ( I know subscriptions. Dammit!!!)
      Uncharted.. nuff said
      DEMON SOULS!!!
      Infamous looks sweet....
      Or this
      and lastly

        Refer to above

        Also, I have NO time for MMOs. If I was going to play an MMO I would have done FF11 a long time ago. I deadset refuse to play. I have lost too many good freinds to WoW. I do not intend to lose myself.

        I've seen infamous...meh...

      So far free multi and a blu ray is the best parts...

      Yakuza 3 & 4!

        Saw the coming soon box today, looks amusing(in a good way).

    Guys, I'm at work, it's 4:30 on a friday, everyone else has left the office, this is technically my last day, but I'll be back in once or twice next week.

    What stupid things should I get up to?


        That seems to imply that I was wearing them previously?

        It's a very... Free spirited workplace.

          In that case, blow their minds by putting your pants... on.

      Cover someone's workspace in post-it notes!

        There's 2 slight problems:

        1: I don't even know if we have post-it notes here.

        2: The other people who work here are:
        My boss
        My half boss
        The receptionisty paper pushery organiser person
        The guy who just gave the closest equivalent to his 2 weeks notice.

        Also, I like all of them.

      Get into the server and switch every cable with the one to the right of it.

        Slight problem, our server is just a desktop pc.

      1# for whoever gets crabby about returning borrowed items, the ones that tell you "it's a boomerang you know" Aaaarrrghhh - Take every single one of an essential item ( i usually go with staplers)and put them all in this persons desk.
      2# superglue the phones down, you can use tape, as i had to pay for the phone last time, but was totally worth it
      3# Tiny stickers over optical mouse sensors
      4# Fuck it just torch the joint

    Im outta here, hope I dont win Kotaku-DOS again!

    Congrats to whoever does!!!

      Early minute again!! Now how do i change those youtube links to what you actually asked for... :D

      Probably Batguy for his procreation payoff.

        Didn't batguy only just win? Perhaps it's you strange! a welcome back gift perhaps? ;)

    Oh, good times.
    Recent stabbing spree in Sydney, one senior officer saying how stabbings are apparently becoming more calculated: "the [violent] media, the games... they know exactly where they're stabbing".

      Yeah cause it takes years of exposure to violent games and movies to figure out that the pointy end goes in first.
      Before video games I have no doubt people were getting bludgeoned by knife handles.

        Not quite related, but do you know how many people turn up to the ED with glass in their hand, after attempting to smash a bottle?

        Seriously, it's amazing how useless people are.

    I'm a bloke from the US. And here I am, thinking about reading for now on instead of normal Kotaku. Just so I can go on a site with an understandable, modern, and efficient design.

    So I guess this is hello everybody.

      I was wondering when we were going to get our first comment like this! Welcome!

      G'day mate! :0 ho ho ho.. how cliche.. welcome to the home of awesome! No doubt you'll get to know the regulars soon enough.. don't be frightened.. we don't bite too hard ;)

      Yay! Our first US refugee!

        Does that make him a Kotakugee?? Based on our country's current track record with refugees i suggest we just say he is a visting uncle....
        Oh and Hi George :)

      Oh gee, hello, same here *wave*.

      Except...I'm from Australia and have always gone to the US Kotaku ^^; (fellow Aussies, don't flame me! They 'had' better design and commenting!).

      Actually, despite how frustrating it is, I still prefer their commenting system. I mean, I've been wanting to comment on this Talk Amongst Yourselves, it just... causes my eyes to swirl when there are more than say, 5 messages. Anyway I'm learning. Sigh.

      Damnit, now neither site is perfect. :\

    I have to share this;

      This was hilarious/heartbreaking at the same time:

        haha, cute.

        Though I can't help feeling that it might have been rather unpleasant for the cat to be done up like that.

        poor cat, people making him a mouse

    For Jimu:

    Moar DA2 DLC here:

    in case you don't see the post above :)

      It's in my list, still havent seen a newsletter though!

    I was wondering around Doncaster Shopping Center tonight, and they have a Grill'd there. $12 bucks for a burger!! It was pretty tasty, but totally not worth $12. They should have a meal deal for $12.

      $12 for a burger?! omg! that's totally insane! too right it should have been a meal.. witha beer even for that price! yikes!

        I'm kinda tempted to try #2....

    I don't usually post politics here, but this is appalling:

    Those paragons of charity, the ACL, also pop up towards the end of the article. Jim Wallace, who I think Mark has interviewed a few times, says that expelling students is "a loving response".

    I give up.

    Argh! this is my first post for the week - not just TAY, but the entirety of Kotaku. Nothing exciting happened to keep me away, just stuff... no-one missed me? :/

    And sorry Jimu, I haven't been around to send out AC2 - I'll get it done on Monday (promise!)

    So i leave tomorrow!!! Getting excited now. I have actully been to NYC a couple of times before, and hove done all the main touristy things. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for somethin' a little different or anything particularly techy/geeky worth checking out?

      Safe travels indeed sire! LittleJJ and I wish you the best for your holiday! Should be tons of fun! w00!

    words cannot justify the awesome!


    Bendis and Maleev talk Moon Knight!!

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