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Hey guys, another week down. And what a week. We've giving away a huge 3DTV, we had the Bungie story, which is the reason you may not have seen as many comments from me today and yesterday! We also had FatShady's Minecraft server debut. Awesome stuff.

And on that topic, I'm going to get straight into proceedings. This week the Community Kudos is sponsored by Stacking - the awesome new game by Double Fine that I really want to play but haven't had time to yet! I've got three Xbox LIVE codes for the game, and three deserving winners. You each also get some rad Matryoshka dolls based on the game's characters.

And the winners are... [Drum Roll]

FatShady: I know, he's won so many times, but he's put an incredible amount of work into getting the Minecraft server up and running, also noticed that he's still doing Trials HD tutorial vids. Thanks for everything dude.

Blaghman: Thanks for doing CheapSkate Gamer this week - I know Tadmod does it every week, but you stepped up to the plate and did a great job. Well done mate.

Qumulys: A late nomination for you scores you the last code and Matryoshka doll! Batguy says hello and says you have to stop trying to give him money!

Alright guys, I think I'm going to go home now and sleep, but Elly will be in posting all the latest news tomorrow - so drop in and annoy her!

Thanks everyone! Mark


    Congrats FatShady, Blaghman and ol' man Qumulys!

    Grats peeps, well deserved.


    Congratulations FatShady and Qumulys, you guys deserve it. Dunno about that twat in the middle though. :D

      Congrats to all, and that twat in the middle is one funny mofo :)
      The comic was sweet too.

    Mark!!! Can you please please please please please give the code on to Batguy instead???? I put in nomination for him last week unsuccessfully, and this week he sent me a media center remote in the mail!! :-O So I formally am passing my prize onto him!!

    Checkmate Batguy, I win1!!!11!! (thanks for the nom though! :D)

    Also big grats Blaghman and also to FS, how he fits in life a wife and kids, let alone work, and then us insatiable monsters is anyone's guess. I'm thinking he's got a Multiplicity thing going on.

      Thanks Qumulys for the honorary kudos award and code offer, but I already played and finished Stacking last weekend. So it's all yours! Have fun! The Matryoshka doll sounds pretty funky though, so I'll happily take that off your hands if you like.

      And FatShady, how appropriate that you won as well... I threw in a nomination for you for being my arch-nemesis, and here you are, winning an award instead of me


        "... winning an award instead of me *evil glare*" was what I tried to say in there, but it seems that the angle brackets I originally used made it disappear!

        Thanks dude. Loved the hornets nest line. Yeah it's like that I guess when infer challenged.

    Always nice to feel the love... but it's been my pleasure. Made the minecraft experience so much more enjoyable. Now we just need to start some community projects.... I want to dig the biggest hole we can like an open cut mine.. but an elephant is good also!

    Thanks Mark, very much appreciated. Congrats to you other guys also... we make a nice threesome... wait...yep .....we do..


    See you at my place tonight.!!!

    I feel like I won too, because this is the second week in a row I got my own tag!

      Every week i say the same things adn every week i forget to read the tags.. thanks again for pointing it out....

      Yay i got one too!

      It's just as good as winning! I don't get yours though... was someone picking on Strange?

    Oh crap, you got the sweet ass dolls they have in the Double Fine store?

    Time to straighten up and fly right.


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