Nintendo's Hologram Is A Vision Of The Future

On February 26, the Nintendo 3DS is going on sale in Japan. It's hitting North America in late March. That might sound like the future. Technically, it is. But it's hardly the future.

Nintendo held a Nintendo 3DS event in Bristol over the weekend, giving UK gamers a chance to check out the upcoming handheld.

This is a glass prism with projected 3D holographic images. It's a tech demo, sure, but it's utterly amazing. Is this the future? God, I hope so.


    Very cool! Imagine having a prism in your lounge instead of a TV!

    The Hologram tech has nothing to do with Nintendo - holograms like that are just a cool way to grab the viewers attention. A Sydney company called Propel Interactive does this sort of stuff for stores to show off thier products.

    Technically, I don't believe this is 3D. It's a reflection of a 2d picture.

    It works the same as facing your monitor at a window and then looking at the reflection in the glass.

    It's a clever effect, but it's not a 3D hologram like we see in movies.

    man.. this prism tech is actually old tech! its been around for years....

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