So You Want To Fistbump To Trade Pokemon?

Allana Horgan was a contestent in iiNet's Top Geek competition. She also loves Pokémon. She loves Pokémon so much that she wanted to 'fistbump' people in order to trade Pokémon. Well, where there's a will there's a way - Allana has made a pretty decent attempt at creating a device that allows people to trade Pokémon via the art of 'fistbumping'.

According to Allana you're not to worry - the voting the iiNet Top Geek comp is closed, and she only sent this in because she "thinks it's awesome" and hopes that "you will too".

So what the verdict - is Fistbumping to trade Pokémon awesome?

Thanks Allana for sending in the vid!


    You can't trade pokemon via the pokewalker, you can only exchange items.

    What a n00b

      Oops meant to say items. Sigh.

    You, me, Harry's Cafe On Wheels. I'll bring both Pokéwalkers.

    Nice socks.

    the only way to seems to have a secure connection is to "lock it down"

    Wow! Did she make the zoom on that camera with a fishing reel too?!

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