This Killzone 'Movie' Is Short, Sweet (And Muddy)

This short fan film, by YouTube user pwnisher, isn't a piece of sponsored Killzone 3 marketing. But it's so impressive it could easily pass as one.

Indeed, by cutting out the clich├ęd bravado and excessive vulgarities that so dogs Killzone's narrative, this is in many ways superior to the action found in Guerilla's sci-fi shooter trilogy.

On the downside? That city isn't passing for Helghan. Come on, people, I saw at least three colours in those buildings that weren't grey, black or black-grey!


    Very well done. Kinda depressing tho

    Very very epic! I really think the Killzone 3 score needs more credit than I've seen it given! It's brilliant, and really helps make this game!

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