While You Were Sleeping

Today's roundup is brought to you by your bleary-eyed night editor, thanks to Mark being tied up with yesterday's news about Bungie's latest game. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on that story as it breaks.

Felicia Day Teaches Us Proper Dragon Age Dagger Technique Stunning ranga star of The Guild doing her promotional thang.

If This Is How PC Gaming Will Live, Maybe It Should Die Crecente has a whinge about the future of casual gaming.

Check Out The Action-Packed Debut Trailer For Dragon Age: Redemption More Felicia Day sexiness. It's a tease alright!

The Massive Chaos-Causing Solar Flares Are Just Getting Started "Some say the solar activity we're in for could be powerful enough to kill all electronics on the planet..." Holy shit.

The Excellent Beginning Of Portal 2 Totilo writes up a detailed preview of the first few minutes of Portal 2.

The PlayStation 4 Is Still Pie In The Sky Talk In other words, be happy with what you've got.


    Thanks Elly - you're the best!

      Better keep a low profile, there are ninjas out to get you!

      *Opens Dufflecoat
      You can hide in here ;)

        Something tells me Ninjas may be preferable...especially after reading your de Blob 2 competition entry. :P

          Yeah, just hide in the gutter.

          It's not too cold, and I have a new fun game, called "scream whenever a car drives past, acting like I've been hit."

            or we could play stereotypes and say that he's in the safest place in the world.

            we all know american's have no idea where australia is.

            though they may be slightly more informed because of oprah

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