Win! A Sony Bravia 3DTV Thanks To de Blob 2!

Win! A Sony Bravia 3DTV Thanks To de Blob 2!
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This probably one of the biggest competitions we’ve run on Kotaku since I’ve been here. Thanks to THQ and de Blob 2, we’re giving away a Sony Bravia 46-inch 3DTV – details on how to enter and win can be found below. Today is your last chance folks!

But first the sweet, sweet swag.

1st Prize
1x Sony Bravia KDL-46HX800
2x TDGBR100B 3D Glasses:
1x TMRBR100 3D Transmitter
1x PlayStation 3
1x Copy of de Blob 2

Runners Up
5x Copy of de Blob 2
5x de Blob 2 poster
5x de Blob figurine

Since it’s such a huge prize, I want to make sure that as many people as possible can get involved. Therefore entering the competition is simple: you must invent a new colour and name it. As simple as that – drop your entries (no more than three per person) into the comments below and we’ll chose the winner by the end of next week.

Good luck everyone.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.


  • Known simply as Blurg, this name itself is far too interesting for this colour. Descriptions for it typically describe it as a kind of grey-brown, however, that does not truly capture the true essence of just how boring it is. This is the colour of accountants and commercial lawyers. To look upon this colour is to feel your very soul being sucked away through ever pore in your skin.

    Blurg: Like falling asleep.

    • Rainbowbalia
      All colours brought together
      Wonderous medley

      Not quite green and red
      Or purple, blue and yellow
      Smash them into one

      Very beautiful
      Fireworks on a night sky
      Haiku of colours

    • Glim: The color of the air disturbance left in the wake of me fleeing from a fair fight in any FPS game.

      Snippiloo: The color of the nipples on boobroses, which are found only on the third moon of Snij.

      Charbuul: The color of the fumes emitted from Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s smoking corpses immediately after we- er, “somebody” -killed them.

    • Reedy:

      A colour, similar to red, which is seen by those raging against those who wish to simply propel their comment to the top of a list with the vain hope that it will make their comment noticed more by the editor, because he is clearly far too lazy to care enough about the community and fairness in a competition to *shock, horror* read through every actual entry.

  • Ragigo: That distictive colour that forms around the face of an enraged gamer as he screams “hax! you cheating hack!”. It should be noted to create this colour the accused hacker must not actually be hacking, and is just a better player.

  • The colour “derp”…

    It’s kind of a brownish-reddish-green, and it’s the colour that appears in your vision whenever you facepalm at a stupid person making comments/forum posts. Instead of being angry and “seeing red”, you get facepalm and see “derp”.

    For example: “This next Call of Duty game will be revolutionary”… DERP!

    • Redshirt. (Pr. “Rej-hurt”)

      The colour you turn when facing a fight-or-flight situation, if you’re unsuitably equipped/skilled/just plain unlucky.
      Coincidentally, it’s also the color you turn a few seconds before death/KO.

  • It shall be called “Sky”- like you know how an Orange is well- orange. The Sky is well Sky. You see in logical sense the sky isn’t blue- its because of the atmosphere it gains that color. Which is why the true colour of the sky is my magical new color. It’s a very calming elemental mix between Silver, Black and Blue oh and Green. Cause everything has to be green these days.

  • Loquacious: 70C0D8

    At the end of a hard day – the boss is on your ass, the wife is giving you shit, and your kids are just plain unappealing – you need Loquacious.

    Loquacious isn’t as much a colour as it is a way of life. Loquacious makes it alright, Loquacious makes it better, because Loquacious makes it bearable.

  • Bachelor White – not to be confused with off-white, eggshell, cream, beige, ecru – is the colour achieved by non-separation of whites and colours followed by repeated bleachings which never quite bring that shirt back to white. But the shirts clean so you wear it anyway.

  • “The promotion commences 14.00pm AEDT on 17 February, 2011 and closes at 11.59pm AEDT on 23 January, 2011 (“the Promotional Period”).”

    The competition closes before it opens?

  • Invisibool: The colour of Mark Serrel’s pants.

    Also I would like to point out that there is an error in the terms and conditions. apparently the comp ends before it commences 🙂

  • Trollple – considered a most hideous colour by the general populous, though to those who seek anonymity it is the bright luminous calling colour of kin. Some would describe it as a morose mix of brown and khaki green others have reported it to be akin to a mixture of all the rays of the rainbow mixed with pubbie tears.

    • My second entry: Andkog.

      One cannot, in nature, comprehend additional colours in the visible spectrum of light. We each have three receptor cones capable of sensing colour in our retinal sensors, each one observing a different range of the spectrum. This is because the radiation hits those sensors and creates a potential difference within them, which our brain interprets as colour. Given this, then, it is impossible to “create” a new colour which can be shown to other people, as they have no way of seeing it. Instead, we can comprehend additional colours by applying the opposite potential difference to the optical sensors. Thus, rather than the brain receiving that there is red being sensed, it will in turn sense an inverse of what we perceive as red. To attempt to comprehend what such a colour such as this would look like is impossible, as the natural realm is unable to conjure up such images.

      In 1987, the United States commissioned several experiments to incite this kind of stimulation, but at the time the technology was insufficiently advanced to surgically attach wiring to individual sensors on the eye. As such, they attempted to perform the surgery on the entire eye. Prisoners were used in these trials, but all attempts were failures and they turned completely blind as a result.

      More recently, in 2006, experiments attempting to restore sight to the blind were performed. Their eyes were directly connected to cameras which parsed the visual information into a form they could comprehend. These experiments met with undeniable success, and each of the 40 volunteers were able to perceive some of the stimuli. While it may be impossible to let the sighted see the impossible hues, it is ironically only the blind who can observe the Inverse Spectrum.

      However, these people could not properly explain what they saw. As difficult as it is to explain the concept of colour to the blind, it was equally frustrating to them as they had no words to describe such things. The experimenters logically named the colours Anti-Red, Anti-Blue and Anti-Green. Such colours cannot be turned into a paint, of course, as they do not correspond to physical colours. They were directly fed to the participants’ augmented optical nerves from a computer interface, one which was designed to turn the data into electrical signals that they could comprehend. This worked well, and the colours mixed as one would expect in the visible spectrum: Anti-Red and Anti-Blue formed Anti-Purple, and so on.

      However, Anti-Red, when mixed with Red, turned to black, and similarly with other colours. Such comprehensions were difficult for the scientists to conceptualise, but the blind, who had only known sight as science had gifted them, took such perceptions as standard. They then thought to introduce a colour in an abnormal format. They passed information to the nerves which violated the typical Red, Green and Blue notation that computers use most frequently to represent colour. In their implementation, they did not use a byte for each colour’s magnitude, but 32 bytes. This was how they had formed the negative colours, after all. Their representation as a “long” integer meant a greatly expanded array of potential colours.

      They planned a set of testing colour codes for the subjects. #FG0000 was the first of the Ultra-Reds to be found, similarly, Ultra-Green and Ultra-Blue. However, there were points of each colour cone at which the subjects would scream uncontrollably until the colour was removed from their sight. Upon recovery, they explained that this was not because they were feeling pain, but simply a reflex panic response from their bodies. For Ultra-Red, this colour was #&K0000, the Ultra-Green Limit was #00O=00, and Ultra-Blue’s was #0000G/.

      They united these theoretical hues into one input, #&KO=G/, colloquially referred to as Andkog from this Unicodal Representation.

      When the colour was passed to the subjects, though, the response was completely unexpected. Rather than inciting the panic response that each of the individual colours had caused, this colour resulted in the subject becoming nonresponsive. Their brainwaves were detected as in the Gamma phase, which was traditionally associated with those of people deep in meditation. The scientists were shocked with the first result, but assumed that it was an anomalous reaction to the colour. After a day of attempted resuscitation the subject was still unresponsive, and so they tried it on two further subjects. These had similar results, bringing the scientists to the conclusion that Andkog would cause these symptoms in all of those who perceived it. The participants in the experiment were returned to their homes, and the experiment was completed. However, those who had seen Andkog remained in their catatonic state for five more years. They were kept alive in hospitals through feeding tubes. None of these three had any immediate family, and nobody came looking for them. Their brainwaves were monitored continuously for this period.

      On the fifth anniversary of their involvement – the Seventeenth of February, 2011 – the Gamma Waves being detected by the machines monitoring their health were replaced by Alpha Waves. These signals are known to be related to the networking that the brain performs between its many systems, and interestingly, all of the Andkog recipients’ waves were oscillating in near-harmony. While this information on their neural activity implies that they should be awake at present, they remain completely unresponsive to all external stimuli.

      Due to these recent developments, further Andkog research will be forthcoming in the next few days.

  • The ultra bright colour of Yeeek can destroy your vision in the same way that a loud, high pitched scream can destroy your hearing.

    Created using some fancy machine that has lots of lasers and molecules and nano machines, Yeeek paint can be used instead of lightbulbs in lighthouses, as markings on the ground to deter any sort of living creature or in paintings that are meant to be viewed from a really long way away.

    To imagine Yeeek, imagine the sun blowing up in your face. Twice. Then add some green and yellow.

  • “The Great Depression”. The colour is already widely used, known primary as the brownish tinge that is layered over the graphics of ‘realistic’ games in the past 5years.

  • Phlizz,
    it’s the colour you see when you’re so excited about something that your eye twitches a little, you wink a few times, your knees buckle and you get sleepy.
    like when they announced Skyward Sword…but then it wasn’t out for a year and half.

  • Everyone has referred to some horrible shade of light greeny brown as “Poo” colour at some point in their life – lets just standardise this crap (pun intended) and get “Poo” on a dulux colour card at all good paint retailers. “4L of “Poo” quarter tint please”.

    • Entry 2 – I call it Valvinium. It uses a colour to represent Valve time, and more specifically, the delays that are associated with it. It looks like Orange, but it really isn’t. And we can see the effects it’s had on its games. TF2, HL2, The Orange Box, Portal 2 have some hint of ‘orange’, or Valvinium on it. Think about it.

      • I should clarify by saying that the official cover art of the retail boxes of the aforementioned games have Valvinium in them.

    • Finally, for my third entry, which took a while (I’m not that great at limericks, but here goes):

      I have made a colour called chull
      Which makes everything look so dull
      So they lose their coolness
      Just like a George Lucas
      Who made Kingdom of the crystal skull.

  • 1) Ecstaticow- the colour of my face after winning this prize!

    B) Prot- The colour of time.

    Left) Cantankaroonidoobigwanur- the colour of an infected ingrown toenail

  • As much as I would like to use octarine in this competition, the greenish-yellow purple colour which is the colour of magic, it was invented by Terry Pratchett for the Discworld, and can’t be used here.

    I’m going to go with sirulin, the colour that the smell of raw meat tastes like.
    While not consciously recognisable, sirulin pervades the graphics of bad video games, making them repellant to all senses save touch, and is easily recognised subconsciously by experienced gamers.

    Some veteran gamers, after many years of playing games of all types, learn to consiciously recognise sirulin and can identify its pigment in screenshots.

    • Ha, the first online competition I ever won was a copy of Discworld Noir, and the question was “What colour is octarine?”

      I think I won with “the colour you don’t paint your house if you still want it to be a house in the morning”.

      Judging by the entries in most Kotaku comps, you’d have to do a darn sight better than that to win something these days.

  • Dando. A colour that only dogs can see. Even though we perceive dogs as being able to only see in black and white, dogs in actuality have a much wider spectrum of colours that they can look at… minus our own.

    Dogs typically see shades of dando on grass. But as an example of their wider variety of colours, they see the colours trefleg on leaves, and spoker on limes.

  • Colors are nothing more than waves of light that are of specific lengths. The formula for light is as such:

    λ = X

    Where λ is the lambda symbol representing wave length, and X is a unit measured in nanometers. For example, red would be λ = ~625-740nm. Where 625nm is the lower limit for red, and 740nm is the upper limit.

    λ(x,y,z) = x√(-1) + y√(-1) + z√(-1)

    In this equation, you can see that the length of the light wave for my new color, is a function of x,y & z. The x, y and z are multiplied by the imaginary number √(-1). In mathematics this represents a theoretical three dimensional light wave, a light wave having lengths in three dimensions.

    My new color, using the above function ( λ(x,y,z) = x√(-1) + y√(-1) + z√(-1) ) , is as follows:


    I call this color, cosmic twist, and its peculiar features include: the appearance of being orange-red when the light particle hits the eye at an angle parallel to its X-axis, the appearance of being invisible when it hits the eye at an parallel to its Y-axis, and the appearance of being a deep violet when it hits the eye at an angle parallel to its Z-axis.

    Of course this color, in fact 3D light waves in general, haven’t been found to exist in nature (as yet so far), but I imagine a 3D television would greatly assist me in my efforts to find an instance of such a light particle.

    Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my theoretical color.

    • You seem to have devised a purely imaginary colour. You could, however, rotate your axes by pi/2 counterclockwise (in the complex plane) to produce a real equivalent…

      • I was thinking applying a projection transformation would provide a real equivalent, rather than simply swapping the length of each axis from a fixed point of view. However a projection would yield different results dependent upon the plane to which the projection is based, thus I prefer to describe my colour as it is in its hypothetical state, and not have my description be tied down to only describing its properties when projected onto a specific plane of reference.

  • Brorange:

    Sighted only a few times. Brorange is a colour when two related red-headed stepbrothers (or stepsisters) clash heads in an intense tampoline bounce off. The mish-mash of crumpled bodies laying on a trampoline, red hair colour, bloodied craniums and intense sunlight. A sight for sore eyes.

  • Phosfiend: A visual effect which derives it’s inspiration within the eye itself. Characterised by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye (i.e. when rubbing your eyes).

    An aurora australis radioactive green with shimmers of purple and yellow.

  • im gonna name mine like paint colours

    baby brown – a pleasant light greenish brown colour. name says it all.

    blinding white – a type of white that if you stare at long enough its as if it isnt there.

    Kotaku Green – a light yellowish green with hints of red and black making an ominous presence.

  • Shlorf – The colour which causes arguments between the even best of friends over whether the fabric of “shlorf” coloured pants are a shade of grey, blue or a grey-ish blue. In the sun it appears to be green, in the fridge-light it appears to be mudskipper-close-to-asphyxiation-in-a-muddy-pool-of-almost-but-not-quite-expired-Dr-Pepper brown, yet in a well-lit bathroom it resembles the face of your first born child. However, “shlorf” is just what it is – “shlorf”.

  • Man, I don’t think I have a shot with this one. Just a quick entry then:

    My coulour would be called “ArgeyBee” (RGB) It’s actually not a static colour and is only achieved by cycling through Red Green and Blue really really fast. The intense flashing of colours helps trigger an epileptic fit, which is the only way to see this magical colour.

  • ‘Assange’ similar to Orange only in pronunciation – ‘Assange’, from the lesser known ‘controversial’ end of the spectrum, has a silvery tone but what makes it so unique how it makes other colours react – able to draw out the darkness from the red white and blue.

    Another unique property is it’s the only colour to envoke a sound, people have said to have heard the sound of a ‘whistle’ blowing when they see ‘Assange’

    but don’t try and paint your walls with it, it’ll leak everywhere.

  • Fallout Grey – A bleak, dread-filled grey giving a feeling of barren, monotonous despair.

    Portal Blue – a bright, rich blue, that upon seeing mesmerizes and silences.

    Sackboy Brown – the funnest, most hilarious brown you ever did see.

  • 1) The Omnicolour: Nobody can quite say just what colour the Omnicolour most resembles, as it appears uniquely different to everyone that views it.

    2) Backin: A shade of black so dark that if the sky was this colour, it would cause people to ‘get high’.

  • “Funkalicious X”

    The colour which De Blob chooses for his own bedroom which highly impresses his lady-friends. 3D glasses must be worn in order to be able to see this colour, and when it is viewed it immediately invokes a sense of funky synesthesia resulting in some amazing 3D dance parties.

  • Retrowoah!

    That colour of absolute awesome that can only be seen on dimensions “8” and “16-bit”! It is the colour entirely responsible for the miracle of gaming being created and henceforth loved. Yet with great games come the terrible few, console warring and trollface; and so it was written retrowoah would be in constant turmoil with itself, able to display legends of a simple man with a pack as well as terrors such as the extraterrestrial. In other cultures and concepts, retrowoah embodies the constant sparring of paradise and purgatory, with man in the middle deciding just which game he shall play today!

  • 1) Smurple – Just like purple, except slightly different to avoid trademark issues with Cadbury, 3M and Prince

    2) Grack – The grayish not-quite-black that a low-quality lcd monitor or TV tries to pass off as black.

  • Annoying – Annoying is the colour of the image you see when you stare at a light source for too long.

    The colour that embodies the shape of the light you’ve accidently or purposely stared upon. The colour that when you instantly look away, emits a bright neon green and dark reddish hue on whatever you’re trying to focus on. The colour that flashes green when you blink rapidly. The colour that stays looking right back at you when your eyes are closed, slowly shifting from green to blue to yellow to red to black and finally white.

    A colour that can’t easily be described in words, a colour that refuses to stop changing.

    The colour that ultimately is, Annoying.

    PS. Writing this entry involved some hardcore staring at lights and thus my eyes now hurt… but it was definitely worth it!

    Fun things to do:
    1) Stare at a light to get the full Annoying experience.
    2) Slowly shift your head while still focusing on the light and blink rapidly. Now you’ll see lots of shapes (one for each blink) all coloured with Annoying!

  • Blimmow. You know how your wife can always remember the colour of the shirt you wore 5 years ago when you were arguing about something. This is the colour you remember it to be.

  • Deep Blobalt – A unique bluish hue that is the default colour of Blob protagonists, before invariably getting covered in chromatic madness whilst on their adventures…

  • ‘Unconceivablue’ a colour that can only be seen with 3D glasses when looking directly at ‘Unobtanium’ from the planet Pandora- Discovered by James Camaroon

  • Marianaqua (R:0, G:1, B:1. #000101): Based on the Mariana Trench, Marianaqua is the colour visible from the bottom of the Mariana Trench: Black with the very slightest tinge of aqua.

  • My 3 Colours are!

    A white so intence anyone that looks at it is instantly rendered blind, those lucky few that have experienced it have said it had the intencity of 10,000 suns

    Takeout Red
    Ever noticed how almost every fast food joint has a red colour in there logo? thats Takeout Red your treating your eyes too, its also the colour that blinds you when they dont get your order correct!

    Insomniac Neon
    The colour you see after you blend a drink out
    of the following items:
    – red bull
    – skittles
    – marshmellows
    – An ipod full of rave tunes
    – Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray

  • Hychrome – In 2021, Sony RnD take entertainment to new levels with the development of bio-ocular stemsoft technology, enabling humans for the first time not only to experience a broader array of the existing colour spectrum, but the ability to to SYNTHESIZE whole new colours. At launch, their flagship colour is unveiled, “Hychrome”. A new form of light that while combining the existing spectrum has the ability to reflect and bend it, weaving a new brilliant surface unknown previously to conscious beings.

  • Apathy Eggshell.
    The shade of white paint which is indistinguishable from the previous 32 shades of white which your wife has previously asked your opinion on.

  • ‘Abottricot’ a new skin pigment only recently discovered which only manifests itself when the whole body is tensed and the head is intensely nodded for around 1 minute with no speech. Looks good on any furniture backed in to a corner…looks really bad out of context.

  • Haemoblobin – The curious physiology of a blob is made all the more wonderful by the striking colour of their blood. Dazzling with a touch of doom.

  • Rapturine, a colour not only seen but felt with all of your senses, generally upon hearing great news. Appears to be the same colour as the smell of orange zest, filtered through the elation of unwrapping my SNES on my 10th birthday. A universal colour amongst gamers.

  • Blissphoria – It’s hard to pinpoint what shades this colour is most similar to, as if seems to be in a constant state of flux. I am yet to see it for myself, but I know it exists – I can feel my insides turning this bright shade whenever I hear de Blob’s soundtrack again.

  • I would enter but it closed before it started.

    The promotion commences 14.00pm AEDT on 17 February, 2011 and closes at 11.59pm
    AEDT on 23 January, 2011

  • Hipsterine – I’ll have to describe it, you probably wouldn’t know it. A colour that is somehow a plaid pattern of any two colours that shouldn’t go together. I coloured in with it before it was cool.


  • ‘SheerGlee’
    Hex Code: #55378008

    a colour that only appears when a child taps in the hex code to a calculator and turns it upside down.

  • Obluvitint. This is the color of the perfection and while many claim to know its true form it never seems to stay in the same place, jumping from game to game as if it wasn’t even perfection to begin it.

  • Rurple
    The colour that is mysteriously formed when your are red with rage and extremely sick at the same time. For example a blackout when you have just defeated a boss and haven’t reached the save point yet.

  • Energy Drink Wash – Tinged with green, but mostly a dark, heavy urine colour. Promises Energy, fails to deliver.

    Storm Cloud – Deep, dark and foreboding – Often seen in Tropical Cyclones at the horizon of an ocean front beach house, ruining any chances of today’s surfing venture.

    Almost Black – Registers as 95K in the CMYK, a very dark, slate-like grey that is almost black, but not quite. It is often used when Black would be too dark and boasts experience in colour theory.

    Virgin Pink – A pink and brown tinge that is reminiscent of early pubescent facial hair but still inexperienced. Often described as a colour that could scream like a little girl, and often seen after a good, old fashion online “pwnage” in Call of Duty games.

    Dried Blood – Usually found on carpets, in the rear seats and storage compartments of vehicles and buried in the great outback of Australia or deserts of Las Vegas in shallow graves. Dark Maroon with a dirty, grief-ridden palette.

    Double Rainbow – Colours so intense, with a variety of primary hues including Red, Orange, Yellow to Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet, in tandem. Rare, but can be seen across the sky. May cause intense feeling of awe causing ecstatic tearful outcries and bursts of joy.

    Facepalm Glow – Seen on the foreheads of much of the population, usually those in customer service or technical support roles. May be confused as a skin condition, however, it is a known symptom of suffering under the idiocy and lack-of-logic statements that the person has to endure. Medical practitioners have noticed that the rise in cases is directly proportional to the number of Internet users who do not use spell check or lack basic grammatical skills as technology evolves.

  • Entry 1


    The colour of the squiggly line that is visible in your eye just outside of your vision that keeps moving when you try to look at it (as seen below).

    Illusive and mysterious, this colour can not be measured in the traditional sense, exhibiting similarities to measurement in quantum physics; observing the colour changes the actual colour, creating an ever changing, dynamic colour, that can therefore only be identified by name:

    *whispers quietly, [with a gentle breeze rustling leaves on the trees around you at sunset]*


    PS, this is not part of my answer, but seriously who can beat this name.

    Crayola Beaver

  • Angeria – The colour of all of the birds in angry birds mixed together.

    Brize = The colour of a blown up car.

    Alpha = A colour that is both grey and white in a checkerboard, while being none of them.

  • Braize – Often found in individuals staring in wonderment at stellar visuals found in great games on beautiful displays, braize is the colour that floods over your vision giving you the intellectual capacity of a recently lobotomised zombie. Interaction with those “seeing braize” if often met with grunts, drool or both.

  • Necrobierber – A hue that can only manifest on a paint pallet by combining the blood of a virgin with the deathly shriek of a thousand teenage girls and the demonic chant of a young teen pop-star known only in legends as “Justin Bieber”.

    It is a hue that must only be handled wearing a haz-man suit and a paintbrush blessed by the Pope himself.

  • Very simple, possibly too simple…Blink. A combination of Blue and Pink, most people call it light purple but it’s much deeper than that. The blue is far deeper and the pink really makes it pop.

  • I vote for “Bleen”.

    No, it’s not a mixture of blue and green. It’s a mixture of blood and spleen.

    Can be seen in many games such as Dead Space, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Splatterhouse, Madworld and Doom.

    Can also be seen oozing from bodily orifices of anyone playing Sonic and the Black Knight, Daikatana, Jaws Unleashed and Superman 64.

  • Ayegeebee – A colour that is so unholy and disturbing it has been outlawed in all but the most godforsaken corners of the planet. It has been said to possess the ability to make grown men cry at sight alone. Victor Ian Beeter, the alleged creator of the colour has been noted to have taken great pride in his creation at first however a deep sense of shame for brining his creation into the world plagued Victor for the rest of his natural born days.

  • Jägerbarf – It’s a colour, which is dependent on what was on the menu for lunch and the number of Jäger-bombs (normally exceeding 15) consumed by said luncheon diner within the space of half an hour. Amazingly, this versatile colour is also a smell and a texture. This colour can be recreated by almost anyone, but this performing this ‘colour creation’ repetitively is not condoned by its Creator or Kotaku Au. Photographic evidence of recreations need not be linked on Kotaku Au.

  • Before all others, one colour was employed by the Color Underground to insight the revolution. That colour is Dissidange.

    An incredibly powerful, rebellious tone often associated with vandalism and guerrilla propaganda, it proved too influential that the current communist regimes failed to keep it suppressed from it’s visible glory.

    Embrace beauty, embrace change, embrace Dissidange.

  • 3D tvs are the future of television. Hence, I nominate “blurange”. Just like how the past was once colored in black and white the future will be blurange a gradient of blue melding into orange as evidenced by every poster of a futuristic science fiction movie or video game.

  • Bort – a seemingly unnatural and unwanted colour but is constantly sold out of at all paint stores and every stranger in the shop absolutely requires this particular colour

  • ‘Hue-Manity’ – the one colour we all are around the world, the colour that people need to see above all skin colours. Don’t be ‘colour blind’ be ‘colour full’

  • “Furkinecktarine”

    It’s that special colour of red that only the colourblind see. Seen only when an idiot, upon finding out that very fact, says “What, so you only see in black and white?”.

    Note: Colour also seen when colouring a picture in, only to find out that you made the sky purple.

  • Paralyzimine: The colour a politician’s face turns when asked to justify why Australia doesn’t have an R rating for video games.

    Fuckyousuckersia: The colour used in accounting ledgers to indicate profit earned by gouging Australian gamers with vastly higher prices for the exact same games elsewhere.

  • Douchrange – that orange/brown fake tan color seen on socialites out on the town, often with a slight red tinge of intoxication.

  • brpwn – everyone knows what this looks like. Now it has a name.

    lag – unfortuntely not able to be seen by the human eye, and therefore not very useful, this colour is always behind the visible colour spectrum.

  • Bongs:
    Despite the name it’s not a party colour. It’s dark and dull. Not quite brown, not quite grey but somewhere in between.
    It’s the colour of the Background Of Next Gen Shooters

  • hoffle
    Pronunciation: /[hof-uhl]/ n, adj., -er, -est.

    1) A dark brown pertaining to the chest of David Hasslehoff.
    2) One’s need to ingest a hamburger or similar sandwich while inebriated.

    1) Beauty.

  • “Bacon” – the colour of delicious

    “Woman Colour” – any colour that can’t be entered as a name in html, you know the ones i’m talking about

    “Sprung Red” – the colour your face goes when someone walks in on you looking at porn

  • Lohan
    While officially discovered in 1986, this colour resembles colours that are much older. While only a short while ago, its colour was bright, vibrant and it was the envy of colours of the opposite hue, today; very few colours are seen with it.

    As it used to be popular, this colour was over used on a number different pallet s. This led to turpentine or paint thinner abuse in an attempt to resolve the colour issues.

    In a last ditch attempt to bring back its luminosity, Lohan attempted to decorate itself. This backfired, which unfortunately resulted in Lohan being only visible when surrounded by blue and red.

  • My Three Colours

    Noob – really sucks at being a colour. There is no colour like it as it doesn’t listen to anyone, and has no clue about being a colour. Don’t expect anything special from this colour; it’s extremely annoying and excessively stupid

    fo’ shizzle my nizzle – the colour of rappers, gangsta’s and black American brother. It’s black with attitude, and carries an uzi. Will beat yo punk ass down and steal yo cash.

    Pow Biff Bam- The colour of a connecting punch from a comic book hero. Extremely hard to distinguish from other colours, May require X-ray vision or other superpower to witness this spectacle. If you have none of these, being Batman should do the trick.

  • Oumpgh: The colour associated with feeling queasy almost to the point of throwing up but not QUITE there yet

    Usage: “Boy that rollercoaster really throws the lunch around, you’ve come over all Oumpgh mate!”

  • Refreshian – The colour of the sense of refreshment you get from the first beer after work on a hot summers day.
    The brewer who manages to manufacture beer this color will achieve world domination.

  • Shpoiple: A highly perplex colour discovered by Dr. Herbert Canbelical in 2011. The colour was found when he looked at a drenticle through a zonoscope while shining the light of the flame of the element ignitogen (Ig). Unfortunately, the colour was so overwhelming that Canbelical’s brain fried.

    Canbelical is the only man to have witnessed Shpoiple. Scientists are in the process of creating a pair of goggles made of rubinex that will allow people to see the colour without their brains melting.

    It is predicted that in 50 years time, after wearing the goggles, humans will be able to witness shpoiple with the need of googles.

  • 2nd Entry:

    Bluvi: The effervescent glow of a well-meaning but annoying fairy. This colour is almost always associated with the phrase “hey listen!”, causing an assault on two senses.

    This colour is so bright, that staring directly into it will cause you to go blind. Unfortunately you will not go deaf, and for ever be reliant on your faithful guide-fairy.

  • Regretigo – Seen only by drunk (and most likely shallow) men, and therefore never successfully remembered, it is a coloured glow that surrounds and highlights any ‘totally hot chics’ nearby. Unknown to the male victim, it is actually the colour of pheromones released by crazy, overweight, or overly hairy women, amongst others.

  • blusilve – a combination of blue and silver that’s very faint, it appears in the plastic only when you hold an unopened, shrink wrapped game for the first time. It disappears once the plastic is torn.

  • Bloob – boobies that are exposed to the cold for too long will eventually turn this colour. It’s a few shades away from bloner.

  • Icynodiffrinse – pronounce (I-see-no-diff-rinse)

    It is likely everyone has encountered this color however not noted it at the time of sighting.

    Icynodiffrinse has the uncanny ability to be two or more colors at once to some people (generally females) however only one basic color to others (generally males).

    Icynodiffrinse has been the cause of numerous lovers tiffs usually when a couple decides to paint their home and the female requests the male’s preference on two colors, at which point the male will proclaim he cannot tell the difference between the two and that he’s 100% certain that they’re both white.

  • Icynodiffrinse – pronounce (I-see-no-diff-rinse)

    It is likely everyone has encountered this color however not noted it at the time of sighting.

    Icynodiffrinse has the uncanny ability to be two or more colors at once to some people (generally females) however only one basic color to others (generally males).

    Icynodiffrinse has been the cause of numerous lovers tiffs usually when a couple decides to paint their home and the female requests the male’s preference on two colors, at which point the male will proclaim he cannot tell the difference between the two and that he’s 100% certain that they’re both white.

  • “Apatheticum”.

    Between red and orange on the colour spectrum – but closer to blue, this colour is widely used in decorating living areas in which university students frequent.

    Apatheticum is also commonly seen on computer screens during the little-known “apatheticum screen of death”; in which the screen frequently disrupts productive work – such as the Uni preparation the author acknowledges one should probably be doing.

  • Blubablob – The colour someone’s face will turn when they realise they misspelled “Blob” as “Blub” after writing the T&C of this competition.

    Perplexial – The colour you need to change to in order to meet the start (17 February, 2011) and end (23 January, 2011) dates of this competition.

    Joyusmaximus – The colour, defined by the Romans, I will turn if I win 1st prize.

  • Dustrum: A mix of Black, Grey and Silver specs, commonly used to describe the dusty substance found inside computers found in industrial premises!

  • The “Brown Hue” – A theoretical colour researched by the CIA during the Cold War, it is supposedly at the exact frequency required to cause a human to instantly lose control of their bowels upon viewing.

    Missingtexturine – This colour is actually the complete and absolute absence of colour. If white is 1 and black is 0, Missingtexturine is -1. Viewing this colour causes a “Hall of Mirrors” effect, revealing the world to actually be a digitally simulated construct. Conspiracy theorists say that the United States Government discovered this colour in 1947 but have been covering up its existence for fear of mass panic.

    Synesfuchsia – This colour causes the observer to experience intense, non-visual sensory stimulation when viewed, which is unique to each individual. Some people describe Synesfuchsia as a very noisy and loud colour, whereas others say it is a soft and ticklish colour – these are quite literal descriptions of the sensory effects of Synesfuchsia.

  • //Colours

    Infice – This colour is a red with blue flakes. Depending on the time of day and the weather, you will feel either hot or cold looking at this colour.

    Anti-Troll – To a non-troll this is a soothing cyan but if a troll catches a glimpse of it they will see the colour they hate the most. Forcing them to flee in complete terror.

    The last colour is known by a few names ToU, EULA and more. This colour is ignored by just about everyone and is rarely seen unless you go looking for it. It normally is a black x white mix but has been know to have random colours to be thrown in.

  • Macyllow:

    Sick and tired of have to buy three different printer cartirdges?
    Try macyllow!
    Found in a pair of anonymous pants found in Circular Quay area, Sydney, this new colour is everything the consumer has ever wished for and ink companies’ worst nightmare.

  • ACL – Its the offical colour of the Australian Christian Lobby. The “if you dont like it we will shove it down your throat anyway” colour . It symbolises that despite living in a secular society the ACL would like everything to be coloured by their brush only.

  • COD37 – The brand colouring of Call Of Duty 37. I just want to trademark it now so that I know I have a royalty check coming in when i retire in 30 years.

  • Entry 1
    This colour was created during the 70s and could only ever be painted by J.J. Evans from Good Times. Taio Cruz tried to copy this colour but he did not have the awesomeness that was required to create this colour.
    Whenever anyone sees this colour, all they ever do is clap and scream out its name, “DYNOMITE!”

    Entry 2
    Whenever any one thinks of a sequel, the paper that script will be written on would be this colour.

    The reason behind this colour’s creation was to unite the community and make a funky stand against the man tearing down their community centre. When people see this colour, they would all start breakdancing all over the place, even on the ceiling. Many people approve of this colour, including the minds of Ozone, Turbo and Ice-T.
    This colour would be called The Electric Boogaloo.

  • Colour: Kotaku Haze

    Description: Unable to been seen by the naked eye, Only visible by the gaming obsessed fanboys after spending a whole night in front of a computer monitor, handheld consoles backlit LED screen or high definition TV connected to a gaming console. Its that colour that hits your monitor, through your parent’s basement window when the morning sun starts coming up in the morning after a long night of gaming with no sleep. Always seen leaving a glare directly over the health bar or ammunition counter on screen and best described and closest to a cloudy purple or Pantone 5285C.

  • Screem – Let’s face it. Sometimes we all get so infuriated that we just want to scream at the top of our lungs. But what good is just screaming going to do in your quest to make your anger known? Introducing SCREEM! A pure blend of that calming cream colour that everyone loves, mixed with a violent dash of neon green to create the ultimate “F*** U” colour.

    Paint it on your walls, your parents walls, your neighbours walls, or your local councils walls, and make a real lasting impression with the colour that could be best described as IM ANGRY! ROARR!

    *Now available from Dulux in 20 litre tins, just to egg you on.

  • Taka

    It’s rainbow and very unfamiliar and it’s dark and light and it reminds me of heaven and hell. It’s a mixture of black and white and all the colours of the world. If you come up with Brown you didn’t mix it right! You have to mix it at midnight under a blue moon.

    (This was submitted by my 8 year old daughter Mackenzi!)

  • Ki – the color of belief.

    Produced by a machine secreted in the most orthodox of churches, mosques and temples, it is the distilled essence of the unswerving dedication and conviction displayed by the various disciples.
    It has no shades and looking upon it brings doubt and uncertainty to the viewer, making their own understanding seem shaky in comparison to its apparent assurance.

    Once discovered it is quickly used by corporations and leaders to sway people to their product or perspective.
    The majority of people, being largely open minded and seeking, are soon taken in and passively enslaved.
    A silent conflict ensues, with the users of Ki vying for control of the population until a few powerful companies, governments and pseudo-religions dominate much of the world.

    Ironically, it is those dedicated religious followers who are least affected and they join together for the first time in history to rise against humanities’ oppressing pigment.
    A great war ensues: country and family forgotten as battle lines are drawn by creed alone.

    The earth is shattered and humanity broken but in the end the survivors minds are clear.
    The source of Ki is discovered and all people endeavor to move on from tradition and blind dedication and embark on a new age of understanding and acceptance.

    Ki becomes the official color of the new world government, signifying humanities new-found drive for peace and self confidence.

  • Movus Trailerite no12# – A colour owned and controlled by the movie industry , this colour exists at the edge of the visual and ultra-violet spectrums, and is used primarily to enhance the visual appeal of movie trailers in combination with creative editing, to fool consumers into thinking that a movie will be better than it really is. Due to the expense of making and utilising this colour, it has rarely been used on full length movies, though it has been reported that it has been used extensively on the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy with mixed results. Over use of this colour produces a bluing effect on the material being enhanced. Over exposure to this colour can trigger a condition known as turdis polishup ipossibilius which causes the brain to see everything as at least twice as good as it really is.

  • Blaub.

    Blaub is the universal colour of fun. Often incorrectly referred to by some as “rainbow” this colour derives its name from de Blob’s German counterpart Blaubus Von Smickerniztz whom is notorious for his fun lifestyle.

  • Splasion: Is the specific mixture of vibrant colours that is generally considered as only appealing to the person who chose that specific array of colours for their room, office or outfit.

  • Bluddy – the flat brownish-red in those really old games that is supposed to look like blood but looks like a puddle of liquid poop instead.

  • brpwn (pronouned br-ow-n or br-oh-n)

    That particular shade of brown that makes up 90% of first person shooters.

    ‘Elite’ or ‘pro’ gamers often try to maximise this color in their game by lowering texture detail and turning on fullbright lighting – under the pretense that it improves their gameplay and performance.

    • Please completely ignore my “…” white entry, I’ve thought of something funnier

      Hello commenters,
      Look at your colour, now back to mine,
      Now back at your colour, now back to mine.
      Sadly, it isn’t mine,
      but if it stopped imitating girly colours, and switched to imitating Old Spice, it could look like it’s mine.
      Look down, back up, where are you?
      Your in a room painted the colour your colour could look like.
      What’s in your hand? Back at me.
      I have it, it’s an oyster with two beta codes for that game you love.
      Look again, the tickets are now Mark Serrel’s pants.
      Anything is possible when your colour looks like Old Spice and not so girly.
      I’m on a Hummer.

  • “Contest Envy Green” – For an example of what the colour looks like, see my face after the competition winner is announced.

  • Wow – awesome swag.

    And right at the time my PS3 just came down with YLOD.

    Thus I name that little nigh-on invisible blink of light when the PS3 goes from normal booting sequence to dreaded flashing red:


    And the color of the TV when it loses signal on the “GAME” HDMI channel:

    “Devastation Marine”

    And finally the color of the Mass Effect 2 box art drenched in tears that the Galaxy will no longer be saved:

    “Armageddon Mush”.

  • 2nd:

    Blindfold grey – That colour you get when you start mixing things together thinking “This can only be an awesome idea”, but to the rest of the sane society, looks like the creator was blindfolded at the time mixing in each and every colour without looking.

    In denial about the grey sludge colour sitting in a bucket in front of them, common terms used when blindfold grey is created are to the effect of “it was meant to be like that stupid”, and “why would I just throw colours together, dummy?” And thus, blindfold grey was born/conceived/mixed/thrown out.

  • Groeninge (gro-ninj): n: A superiminal, zazzy colour between yellow and green, scaled depending on the observer and their TV set- most cromulently applied in the skin toning of most Anglo-Saxon/Asiatic characters- and the Kwijibo- on the seminal animated series” The Simpsons”. It is also the base colour of Homer’s invention, the sacrilicious Skittlebrau. Its use has beningulated to embiggen in recent times, but continues to introbulate many, who yet consider its legitmacy to be unpossible.

  • Pant-Less, it’s a color that represents freedom and comfort, it’s one of the rare “invisible” colours(aka you can’t see it, if you don’t know what invisible colours are…)
    It is most commonly used as the dye for Mark Serrel’s pants…

  • Stainge: The colour that occurs, when you mix tears and pillow (eg. If I lose this competition) or urine and pants (eg. If I win this competition).

    Skittled: The colour that is produced when you chew on multiple skittles, or when you chew on more than one de Blob.

    Egg Shell Brown: Because Aussie eggs are brown…

  • threedee – This new colour can only possibly be seen on a Sony Bravia 3DTV. I would to make this colour a reality, and to create it I’m going to need a 3D TV…

    splode – This sharp blend of red and orange hides, inside of explosions and can rarely be seen.

    honed – An extremely light shade of pink and red which commonly appears on player’s faces when they’ve been honed… I mean owned.

  • George-Bloopcus
    I highly despicable color, visually attractive at first, but lacking any real texture and long term attractiveness. After seeing it once, it quickly becomes revolting. It is mainly used to lure people into spending money that then goes into the coffers of the High King Ewok.
    It’s a color who’s look can not be described in words, but if you *must* see it, just chuck the SW prequel trilogy into your DVD player…

  • Baug. The dark green/black colour your poo turns in the morning after a 10 hour gaming session on nothing but beer, wine and pizza.

    Or is that just me?…

  • Something bright illuminated the edge of your field of vision, drawing your gaze. Directly imperceptible, the colour where demons lurk; the colour Strange™.

  • 1) Sellout: The colour of how awesome Kotaku is (Mostly red, slightly yellow and REALLY AWESOME)

    2)Aarg: The colour ones brain gets when comparing Australian prices of games to other countries.

    3)Twibite: A really douchey shiny colour often associated with gay pride and vampires.

  • Deshung: The colour of that first blast of sunlight you feel as your mother opens the curtains on the first day back to school after a long break or when you are extremely hungover and have to start work at 6am after getting to bed only 1 or 2 hrs ago. oh how I hated/hate this colour….

  • First, I mixed blue with yellow and got green.

    Then I mixed the green with red and got brown.

    Finally I mixed the brown with my bitter disappointment, hatred and sense of failure.

    To my amazement, I had suddenly created an entirely new colour.

    You see, the secret was in realising that the colour spectrum is anti-parallel to the emotional spectrum, which we find inside us all. So they can be combined with relative ease and accomplishment.

    I named my first new colour “Antisappointment”.

    Since then I’ve also combined purple with excitement and jubilation, to create “Ejubilurple” – which would look great in any nursery or child’s playroom.

    I’ve mixed white with a sense of over confidence, flushed through a blue egotistical filter of embarrassment, and have managed to produce a light shade of what I call “Egue”. This one’s my favourite.

    These new colours have been coming in thick and fast, and I even found one that was in plain sight all the time, which I can show you right now.

    By adding black to your deeply unseated sense of anxiety, fear and paranoia, you will find the colour I call “Blaxenoia” – To see this colour, all you need to do is switch off the lights, close your eyes, turn around, and it’s right there, just at the back of your head.

    I’m actually surprised no one’s noticed it before.

  • Ultra-bloblet.
    Like ultra-violet this colour can’t be seen with the naked human eye. It is the natural colour of a blob when devoid of any other more human-friendly colour.

  • Cutesyio – The colors of sugar, spice and everything nice combined.

    Bleen – While normally presumed to be black it’s actually just a really dark green. It is most prominently seen as the color on a stormtrooper’s helmet’s eyes.

    Woohooo – The color found in the visual representation of of the sound I’m going to make if I win this competition.

  • Dawwwrilian: A colour that pervades the senses, without knowledge of the viewer, in regards to evolving cuteness. Also known as Pokemontast by some. Outlawed by most progressive societies due to it’s insidious influence.

    Gemtilac: A blending of 3 or more colours of the same hue so brilliant that it has been known to explode and convey mystical properties upon those who do so. Use of these mystical mysteries are limited only by the individuals skill in the 4 elements.

    … and finally

    Tyreanteas: Not much is known of this particular colour except it is common on highways and roads around the world. No one is quite sure how it comes into being but it regularly appears in the rear view mirrors of the most hardened lead-foot. It’s scintillating hue is hypnotic and irresistible to some.

  • 1)Tits: the colour is tits, it’s shades are jugs, boobs, breasts, melons, and bajungas. Instead of seeing red, or blue, or orange, you’ll see tits…

    2)Happiness: it is the colour occuring on the spectrum right next to tits. You rarely have one without the other. It is exactly like the feeling, but it’s a colour…

    3)Dollardollarbillyall: before tits on the spectrum. Popular in high end male fashion stores. Mix it with tits and you make happiness. It is the colour of 50 Cent’s House…

  • Chlorot
    The colour one’s clothes, usually underwear, become after a spontaneous swim in a heavily clorinated swimming pool/spa. Once a garment turns chlorot, it will never make it back to it’s original colour.

    The colour of the exhaust fumes emmitted from clapped-out utes that are driven by bogans.

    The colour of a plumber’s excrement after a rigid 25 year diet of mushrooms.

  • Hey, Serrels!

    Haven’t been posting much lately because of VCE (/yay/), but I figured I might as well try this! 😛

    • Cthulour: A colour invented in the depths of the void by Cthulu. One drop of Cthulour paint will cause the rise of all of the Great Old Ones. Be warned. Be scared. Be Cthulour’d

  • Womananotdojobbyritesy:-
    A colour known only to lonely mastabatory men, and fella’s with the kind of wives that fondle fag butt’s in one hand while pinching other mens butts at least 20 year too young for them with the other. These ‘ladies’ tend to use the terms luvvy, dahls, and manage to somehow insert more f words than real words in a sentence. ie “That f#$! is a f#@%en f%#@knuckle who’s gonna be f#$%ed when f#[email protected] me f#[email protected] hubby f#[email protected] finds out, dahls ya f#[email protected]

    If you somehow have missed the obvious signs and have become the doormatt for such a lady, check in the shower. Womananotdojobbyritesy is a multi-spectral colour, at first glace its a mouldy dark hell-black clung to the tiles. Showering with Womananotdojobbyritesy mould takes a strong stomach, or a complete lack of self-respect, but when a wayward elbow makes contact, that mouldy black streaks onto the skin in delicious streaks of deep greens and fecal browns, lichen orange perhaps? Who cares, you just want that crap the hell of quickley before it Mikhail Gorbachev’s your skin forever.

    Scientists have tried studying true Womananotdojobbyritesy mould, but work has been slow so far only having established that households harboring these infestations have very frisky ladies. Dole days may be the only chance to discover its rank optical secrets.

    • Tinituside:-
      Tinituside is one of the messiest colours of all time. The unusual properties Tinituside keep scientists amused, but have been pissing dogs off for years. Its the only material known which emits high pitched audio frequencies, or audio emits Tinituside, really this can not be answered as its a chicken and egg argument. However, using a high speed spectral-lens, it can be seen emitted by dog whistles.
      To the naked human eye, we cant see it, but once blown from a dog whistle it bleeds into the surrounding ether gathering in pools and coating unsuspecting individuals. Once evenly settled, even though humans can’t see it, we can actually hear it. Best detected in silent places, you will notice it as that high pitched whine/fizzy sound sometimes blamed on over-loud ipod headphones.

      It is thought perhaps Justin Bieber might have swallowed some Tinituside when he sucked upon a dog whistle by accident.

  • 1. “Imaginarilack”. The colour you see when you close your eyes. It’s like black but mixed with your imagination. More of a perceived colour than a seen one.

    2. “Brownealistic”. This had to be done. It’s the lovely shade of brown added to modern videogames to make them more ‘realistic’.

    3. “Screaming White”. In my mind it is the colour a human would see if they could travel at the speed of light. I imagine it not as a pure white colour but rather it would be the sensation of white attacking your retina and penetrating your brain until you go completely blind.

  • 1. Schrodingerine: This colour both does and does not exist, and (if it exists) is the colour only found on the tail of a cat in a box, but only until the box is opened.

    2. Montyhallium: Along a similar theme, this is the rare colour caused by the overlapping penumbrae of the shadows of two goats, waiting behind doors for a decision to be made.

    3. Owmybrainhurts: The colour created when the above two colours are mixed.

  • Majellix – The soft glow seen during the refraction of light from a metal surface.

    Imagnicent – The most beautiful colour one can dream of.

    Chrestica – Rarely observed during a full eclipse.

  • It wasn’t quite an invention as it was more like a mistake….


    Yes, that is the name, need I say more?
    Now say it without putting on the baby voice.
    Babypoopoo, its french for sh*t.

  • Ghroone.

    Is it brown, is it green? Khaki, grey? Is it– oh who cares, after trudging through the bleak postapocalyptic wastelands and battlefields of gaming, all these shades of blah become gloomy and indistinguishable– or rather, ghroone.

    De Blob hasn’t a trace of ghroone, let colour rejoice!!

  • Facebook login isn’t working for me but here you are:

    This colour actually exists; it’s kept a secret by the government and the reason why is fairly obvious. It is a tone really more than a colour, but anyway it is so dark that seeing it actually destroys you by sucking you into it. Reports say it looks similar to black but somehow alot, lot darker.
    It’s called Ablakoll.

  • 1. Zeitgeistium (sometimes known as ‘uncreativium’): a colour that changes depending on where (and when) it’s viewed from. Can be seen on a broad range of promotional artwork. Currently takes the form of a bright ochre, intense blue, or combination of both, often accompanied by a number of floating heads (cf. comic book movie posters, late model Falcons and Commodores). Shades of zeitgeistium have previously taken the form of ‘monochromatic bad-arse’, a stylised black and white featuring a sullen hero facing away from the viewer, sometimes accompanied by a single swathe of a bright colour to emphasise the badness of the arse, and ‘gritty never changes’, a surprisingly large spectrum of grey, brown, and grey-brown.

    2. Palpatine: the sallow, sickly nauseating colour that stupid, cruel and/or evil people get as they age. Most commonly seen in older politicians. May be accompanied by glowing eyes and hectic wrinkles; can be created by shooting yourself in the face with Force Lightning.

    3. CBF changing it: the colour that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the colour you intended to paint something, but whatever, who really cares what colour it is anyway? It’s there to be used, not because of its colour. Fine, I’ll repaint it in the morning. Seriously, why do you care so much about the colour? It’s gonna be in the cupboard most of the time anyway. You know what, I kinda like it in this colour. Fine, you hate it so much, repaint it yourself then.

  • Defelp: A color that is found at the core of a dieing star.

    Uropilex: A color that one only seen when in there mothers womb, therefore it can not be remembered.

    Troakel: A strange color that is found only on a microscopic level, when looking at the back left legs of microbes that live with in the adhesive glue of duct tape.

  • 1. Facebook Blue – A specific bluish colour that we assosciate with Facebook addiction. Go on. Imagine it. You’re seeing the familiar tinge of blue. That dark blue. You’ve wasted so much time on it, when you could be doing better things. People come to see it so often – but it’s like drugs. You’ve gotta go back to Facebook for your next hit.

    2. Apple White – Exhibits similar qualities to Facebook Blue, this colour is adored and well-known to hipsters and normal consumers alike. We associate with functionality, cutting-edge technology, stylish design and sterile, cold Apple stores.

    3. Kotaku Pink – Like the others, Kotaku Pink is a comforting colour reassuringly seen by many at work and at home. It’s the source of all your gaming news. You simply can’t imagine Kotaku without it, now. You love it because it highlights the More >> link we’ve all clicked. It’s just symbolic.

  • ultrule – so intense that your eyes perceive it as black, but in actual fact, with the right visual aid it’s similar to purple but with the lustful feeling of redness.

  • Shuke
    It has been know to vary between browns, greens, reds and other colours depending on what has been eaten recently but mixes well in a toilet by then end of a good night out.
    Seen many times after working in a bar. Can sometimes be beautiful when smeared and sometimes not so much.

  • Fantastica; A mysterious colour with pearlescent properties. It is very similar to red and is that colour which is seen by fanboy/girls across the word when they hear about someone dissing on their favoroute show/console/game/other.

    It then changes to a softer more rose-like shade as the said fanboy/girl calms down and begins thinking about all the things that make the aforementioned item better than anything else, one hand slowly slipping down south.

    It is also unique in that is the only colour visible to the completly blind provided they are also a fanboy/girl.

  • I feel pretty confident in saying that I know the colour. We all see it in our hearts, in our minds and im prettuy sure it’s the colour of my soul.

    Steam Metal Grey – It’s a brawn mix of the Silver from Bennet’s Chain Mail:

    and the steam that brough our quick whitted, smart edged, thought you were dead, ball shooting hero (hero in my eyes) to his demise (sound’s like a song):

    Can’t wait for the draw.

    MARK… i’ll be waitng MARK

  • Warnie.

    A bright and bleached hue, simultaneously looking stained and faded as more time is spent observing it. Once popular, now relatively obscure but supposedly enticing and lusted for by the female population of the United Kingdom.

  • Vibret.

    This vivacious colour could best be described as a middle ground between yellow and pink. The colour does not exist in a dark shade, it is always very bright, and when materials are made in this colour, the brightness is such that it gives off a shining effect. Think the colour of a dress Lady Gaga would wear if she was on crack.
    Or rather, less crack.

  • Vibret.

    This vivacious colour can best be described as a middle ground between yellow and pink. It does not exist in a dark shade, and when material of this colour is made the brightness is such that it causes a shining effect. Imagine the colour of dress Lady Gaga would wear if she was on crack.
    Or rather, less crack.

  • Oumbro

    Oumbro is the first colour in the spectrum of darkness. Darkness itself is believed not to have -or be- a colour but rather the absence of colour due the absence of light. However, when you get rid of the blinding, contaminating brightness of light which transforms the elegant, sober original colours into the vivid abominations that our eyes have evolved to accept as natural and actually visible you’re left with a totally new and unknown gamma that can be picked only by the eyes of a handful of creatures on Earth.

    Oumbro is the colour of things that instintively and irrationally produces fear in us, light-seers when we’re surrounded by darkness.

  • Xentron: A recently discovered shade of the number 3. Reddish in nature, with a slight yellow outer ring.

    Uniforen: Mix all the colors of the rainbow, except brown, green, and xentron to get this blue/black hue.

    Athstatic: A new shade of light blue that appears to change in size and literally pop off of any surface. This new discovery allows for glasses-free 3D TV, but only in the shade of light blue. Oh well, progress is progress.

  • Color name: Blindshine
    Hex code: $&%#*@

    Blindshine can be loosely described as a mix between white, yellow with electricity running all through it. 

    While we cannot see it normally, blindshine permeates everything around us, it is the color of energy, the color of life.

    If you stare long enough at clouds you can see vague hints of blindshine running through them, but that is only a tiny hint of what blindshine actually looks like.

    Visible when stunned from receiving a knock to the head, people see blindshine for only a moment as ‘everything goes kind of white’. 
    While it might appear white the person is actually seeing Blindshine for only an instant, the blinding intensity and unique luminescence forces the retina to drastically readjust which causes the after effect of ‘seeing stars’.

  • Retnabern

    A colour not unlike Fluro Yellow but much more intense. It has a similar effect to looking directly at the sun. The weaponzied variant is currently under consideration by the UN to be outlawed as it can cause severe eye trauma. Theories are that this is what Icarus flew too close to, not the sun.

  • Well…

    Blargh – The colour of snot and a nose bleed.

    Calafract – When your poo is mixed with the food you’ve just eaten.

    And finally the 3rd:
    Elaminus – The colour of the negative side of the opposite colour.


  • Colour: Shroomstache [shroom-stache]

    Description: Mottled red and green (with hairy texture)

    Composition: 1 x Red Mushroom, 1 x Green Mushroom, 1 x seed of fire flower (crushed) 3 x heavily-oiled mustache strands.

  • Woohoodigo is the colour of giddy excitement.

    Dogs can see it in the colour of tennis balls and dinner calls.
    With children it’s in popsicle sticks and lego bricks.
    While it’s common in Summer and at beaches, most adults have lost most sense of it.

  • Lovamatte: The color of my Wife’s eyes!

    BeautifulJoy: The Color of my Baby Eyes!

    Borshitless: The color of my eyes .. When I’m at the office!

  • Lulzoose, a new colour that was first posted on the /b/ board at 4chan.

    Details are sketchy but initial reports suggest that it renders one blind by simply looking at it. As such, no one is really sure what it looks like.

    Hospitals around the world are being overwhelmed by 13 year olds arriving with eyeballs that appear to be ‘burned’.

    It is believed that this colour was invented by exploiting a buffer overflow flaw in the way colours are expressed on the web (ie #FF00FF0).

    Readers are encouraged to use caution when browsing, expecially on 4chan and HBGary.

    Sony has moved to patch all PS3’s to disable the showing of Lulzoose.

  • I really hope I win the major prize as this is the exact TV I want and my wife won’t let me buy a new one.

    My submission for new colours are:

    1. The colour of the inside your eyelids when you close them – I’d call it “Blind”

    2. The colour when you take a photo of someone and look at their skin on a negative – “Demon”

    3. The colour of the box that the new TV will arrive in – “Victorious Relief”

  • jellyosay – a special new highly intense green which will is yet to be created but i’m hoping to see it on all my friend’s envious faces if i win this competition!

  • baconuoise – First seen by a man with synesthesia when he was cooking breakfast, scientists found away to recreate it. Banned in many countries, it’s the strongest PIGment known to man and if seen my a vegan or vegetarian they immediately convert to meat eating.

  • The newest colour in the spectrum is “Squick”. A variation of the pale beige one turns when reading the type of slash fanfiction involving Sonic, Mario and Master Chief, it is also widely seen in the complexions of mothers who see Dead Space 2.

  • Blau: Although it means Blue in German, Blau really looks like the colour of a face drained of blood as a result of something awesome happening. When words won’t do, Blau will.

    Gau: The colour is generally brown, with occasionally dark gray tinges and optional albeit frequent dark red splashes. It’s the favoured colour for HD shooters.

    Nintendo: A super bright pink colour that makes your teeth fall out just from looking at. It magically changes hue over time, but it has a mind of its own and never changes how its fans want it to.

  • Holy mother of crap… this is an epic prize.. and finally a chance at a ps3! lol

    Damn there are some epic entries already, though.

    i should get cracking then…

    Entry #1

    The color of emotion.

    Allow me to explain.
    Colors exist all around us. They are everywhere. Blues, reds, yellows, greens, purples. It would be hard for any one person to truly appreciate, let alone name, the sheer amount of colors in our world.

    Whats more, some colors can trigger emotions in people. Red is the colour of pasion. A pale blue is cool and calming. Black can express a feeling of rage.
    At least in theory.
    Think about it.
    If you look at a red rose, passions may stir in your heart at its multitude of dark and light reds – yet if you see my honda civic, which is an equally numerous shades of red, will you feel the same passion coursing through your veins?
    Not even i like my civics multi-tonned redness.

    See, the emotions in color in all actuality lie in the color Emphorius.

    Emphorius can not be seen by human eyes, as such, but is still picked up on a mental level. Emphorius invades the eyes, unseen, to be delivered to the brain to complement the colors it surrounds.

    Once Emphorius reches the brain, synapses release chemicals that make us feel love and hate, passion and apathy, anger and calm.

    Indeed, even with the massive array colors of the world, a world where Emphorius doesn’t exist would indeed be bleak and colorless for many of us.

  • In the 1950’s Senator Joe McCarthy, in an effort to combat the Red Menace of Communism, realised that the colour red was no longer American. More disturbingly, it featured prominently on the US flag. A Communist colour, a threat to the American Way, on their own flag?! And the designated colour of the Republican Party?! Communist infiltration of America’s hard-won colour spectrum – not on Joe’s watch!

    Using black funds and back channels of government, Joe formed, in secret, a team with the sole goal of formulating a new, AMERICAN RED to replace the one co-opted by the dirty filthy commies.

    Albert Einstein: father of modern physics, Joe reasoned that someone well-versed in lightwaves would surely know how to bend them to his indomitable will. Especially considering Einstein’s own secret history as the gadget man behind covert Nazi-hunting team The ℵ-Men.

    John F. Kennedy: Every team needs an ruggedly attractive member to infiltrate Communist nests of iniquity and seduce and bed their women as a way of… um… wait, John, do we really need that..? Oh, um, sure.

    Roy Cohn: Because frankly what team doesn’t need a secretly-gay Jewish lawyer?

    And Boy-Wonder, Richard Nixon: A young wide-eyed idealist, his zeal for preserving the American Way only matched by his complete and utter lack of morals or ethics.

    Their work would become infamy if it were only made public. Instead, these brave men toiled in secret for many years, formulating a way to keep the appearance of the red on the flag whilst subtly changing it to better differentiate it from the red on the Communist flags. But all to no avail.

    That is, until Richard Nixon, like the pebble that starts an avalanche, came up with the idea:

    “We’d all bleed on the flag to make sure those stripes stay red… so why don’t we actually do that?”

    It was an idea so stupid, so utterly insane, that it might actually work.

    Blood transfusions began in earnest. A secret country-wide eugenics program was formulated to find the most American blood of all, with which to colour all future flags of America. And it was discovered in, of all places, the small town of Ryan, Oklahoma.

    A young fourteen year-old, with the strongest beard of them all, would provide the blood for the new American flag:

    Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris.

    And that colour is AMERICAN RED.

  • Smolder …. A great tinted Grey andsmokey-black colour that will infest the rest of Apple’s next generation of IPODS. Alternatively Steal the name of a Fruit and make it an official colour like Orange. Durian Anybody?


    It’s a cross between Khaki, Baby Poo & Kotaku Lime

    Think of the resulting mess a commando’s fatigues would sport after going into a virtual melee through a babysh!t covered battlefield armed with only a BFG repeater and a spatula!

    I hope this prize includes free delivery! 😉

  • A little thing that people don’t tend to know is that there *are* lots of new colours out there that aren’t named yet and many people don’t know how to see. So here’s on that I’m naming.

    -Go to a paint program, or something like if you don’t own one.
    -Paint half of the image red (value of 1 in the red color, and 0 in the G and B channels.
    -Paint the other half of the image cyan (0,1,1)
    – Cross your eyes so that the two half overlap each other and you are seeing them superimposed upon one another

    You should now see an odd buzzing combo of the two colours. Named Stereople after that you need to be able to see in stereo to see such a colour, and because it uses the two analogue red/cyan colours which are traditionally used for stereo viewing to get this particular blend.

  • 2) Seymour – the colour of hunger (aka Feed me Seymour)

    3) and finally, Grellow, the main colour of the Kotaku logo. Is it yellow? Is it green? No it’s Grellow.

  • Entry 2:
    “To Blobbed” – light greyish colour at first glance but changes to a vibrant colour from the rainbow depending on the viewer’s mood and viewing angle. (Think Hyper colour t-shirst, mood rings & those fancy race cars with that oyster paint job).

  • Trans Tangible “Colours Name”- A colour that exists in your close up vision that can be perceived to be “solid” and consumes your sight. Usually experienced when large amounts of alcohol are involved.

    Eg. Blinding white light.

  • fogedaboudid

    -Insert peas and tomato into a bowl
    -cover with cling wrap
    -insert into refrigerator
    -fogedaboudid for a few months
    -remove from refrigerator and carefully examine (try not to inhale)


    The Color of an RPG Gamer’s body once he finally managed to Finish Final Fantasy 1-14 in one sitting with everything maxed out.

  • Phantom deBlob

    Stare at the open eye in the deBlob image at the top of this article for about a minute

    look at the empty space to the left of the article

    Witness the image that’s been painted with Phantom deBlob.

  • Spewce.

    It’s actually a conglomeration of colours, mainly scotch, beer and carrots.

    Counting down the seconds to the weekend…

  • Entry #2

    This digital only colour, ‘Fabookian’ is becoming more and more pervasive through the web, spreading like a virus as more and more site are embedded with the facebook demon. This dual wavelength colour appears as a calming hypnotic blue to those that worship the demon, and appears as a rage inducing red to those remaining defiant to its call.

  • Mesmepurple- This colour was invented in 1500 by the Tudor kind Henry VIII, while trying to find a more potent purple to express his royalty he accidently gave the tudor royal research soceity permission to mix in various chemicals into the purple. One of these chemicals was opium, the fiendish drug of the East.

    Without realising it the opium and the mix of snail shells used to make the purple die was added to one of Henry VIII’s cloak and soon after he wore it he began to act in an erractic nature, destroying catholism and devorcing and killing several of his wifes (an act wrongly blamed on his differing views with the church and his desire for a son).

    After his death it was discovered that his obeese sweaty body had heated his cloak to the point that fumes from the infused opium had been expelled, causing his bizaare behavior. Ashamed the course of english history had been so influenced by an evil coat, Queen Elizabeth hid the coat far deep into the tower of london. However, Nazi profitteers would eventually steal the coat and bring it to Germany, when Hitler who had only just been realesed after the beer bar putsch saw the coat he went mad about the colour and ordered it to become the coulour of the swastika. (When mesmepurple is photograph it appears red), when the nazis eventually came to power the entire country was coated in opium enfused mesmepurple, and, during and extramly bizaare heatwave the germans all went insane.

    After world war 2 a race was on between the Americans and Russia to discover the secret of Mesmepurple. However, the cheif scientists decided it was too evil a colour to unleash on the world and, despite the wishes of evil general Smokech Vic Cancerkov, the evil coat was sealed inside a mystical pot. Only to be unleashed when the aliens or a threat bigger then humanity itself is realised.

    Well thats my story, do I win $5?

  • Farcinuum – a combination of the grey area with black and white that has infinite possibilities but somehow manages to have none at all. Farcinuum – The colour that questions its a colour before you do.

  • Gillange – Gillange is that that currently indefinable shade of red hair that our dear leader sports every week in parliament, coincidently it is also the colour Kevin Rudd’s face went when he was booted out.

  • Borange – fun to say and soul sucking to look at. A permutation of oranges left too long in the sun and the beige coloured slacks frequently worn by those that have given up on life. A borange room will no doubt enhance and liven any other colour surrounding it as those colours announce to the world “Look at me – I’m not dead yet!”.

    • Unibrown – The colour of the tiny hair follicles that bridge the left and right brow of those that watch Fox news and really believe it is a news service…

      • “Wildgoose” – A colour favored by editors that has the ability to transform over time. It starts out green but after gaining EXP turns out being red (by thousands at Kotaku) before mellowing into it’s new role of black and white (print media), a far cry (2)from how it started out…

  • Illuminatium, the colour where there is no colour.
    The colour that is so bright but so dark, yet so dark but so bright.
    The colour that can not be replicated in reality, but within your mind.
    The colour that we seek when there are no more colours to turn to.
    The colour that’s so colourful that even rainbows get jealous of it.
    This, is the ultimate in colours.

    • Orsm, a colour which has the effect of turning anything that it colours into something far more awesome than it really is.
      The colour that causes the coloured object to radiate with a multitude of awesomeness.
      Warning: Handle with care.
      Too much orsm coloured on a single object may cause excessive radiation of awesomeness which may make it too awesome to handle.

  • Black Is the New White, just like red is the new green. this new colour is called FFXXXX00. can be found in photoshop cs 15….

  • It should come as no surprise that in 2012 the world…imploded, consequently causing the entire visible colour spectrum to fold in on itself, thus formulating the once-mythical colour: purpagreen.

    (As an aside, it bears mentioning that no tentacles were harmed in the creation of said colour.)

  • Bravia – the colour of a condemned tower block exploding with paint to classical music.

    Ultraviolent – the shade of red on my girlfriends face when i’m playing de Blob 2 without her

  • Entry 1) BLUGE (prounouced “blooj”) RGB: 93,61,187
    The colour you get when you and someone else argue whether it’s actually blue or if it’s purple. Wars have started from this fruitless argument as it can be either, so keep the peace and call it “bluge” (a blue base with a bit of rouge).

    Entry 2) EPIDERMAL SUNRISE RGB: 244,238,198
    A lazy shade of yellow with a tinge of fleshy pastiness. Hospitals, aged care homes and dental clinics can now order their interior colour of choice with confidence now. Brings a glimmer of joy and hope to all the terminally ill and depressed. The effect is reversed on the otherwise young and healthy.

    Entry 3) PINKO PINKO RGB: 250,20,150
    A retina frying pink which is exclusively used on Japanese game shows for text overlays such as when the contestant is digesting a live octopus while submerged upside down in a water tank reciting Haiku. Best used in short flashes with accompanying electronic bell sound effects.

  • Final White

    I have only heard of this colour on the toungues of vagrants, who sit beneath bridges to tell tales of blood chilling TERROR! Apparently a young man named Edgar McGriffin travelled to a mountain near a lake in Germany, while travelling he became lost in a snow storm that seemed to come from nowhere, he struggled and plummeted after losing his way.

    He woke up inside what appeard to be a monastery, sorrounded by a group of monks. They bathed him, fed him and brought him to health. On his final night at the manastry he began to hear the distinct sound of banging from the top floor. So he travelled up a spiral staircase, through small windows he could only see a spiral of thick soul crushing snow. Eventually he came to the door. He tried to open it, but it was locked.

    He returned to sleep and was taunted by dreams of a devil dancing on a mountain, sorrounded by whirling whisps and hideous monsters. He asked the monks in the morning about his dreams and the noise. They told him not to worry, but the fear had already peaked his curiosity. After the monks saw him out he hid, nearby, and through the snow he heared the wailing of a beast. On top of the clear mountain was the devil itself, shrouded by a seemingly inpenitrable whirlpool of snow and lightning.

    He attempted to run but was caught by a herpe, it clawed him and dragged him through the air dropping him into the hand of the devil. The devil laughed and began to open his mouth. A bright white flew from inside the devils mouth with a choir, with the wind. As the white got stronger a bell choir came from the monastry, the white dissapeared and the devil receeded into the mountain, and snow stopped and all that was left was silence.

    The man returned to England soon after and forgot the tale, only remembering the distinct tone of white that filled the devils mouth, the all consuming void… the final white.

    It is said that to experience the final white you must make a pact with the devil, or stand tall in a perfectly clear, snowy plane… listening to the sound of a choir or a bell.

    Do I win $5

  • Cullenish: It’s a sort of sparkly yellow.

    Gallifreyien: The colour of time.

    Coke Black: The cokeiest black you’ll ever see.

  • Hothehu: The colour scheme your TV adopts that seems to always be off, no matter how many adjustments you make to the contrast, brightness, etc.

    Also, the dates in the Terms and Conditions are kind of off:
    “…commences 14.00pm AEDT on 17 February, 2011 and closes at 11.59pm AEDT on 23 January, 2011”

    “Judging will commence at 9am ADST on 24 February, 2010.”

  • Colourimple – the nexus between black, white and the rainbow. lawl

    creating new words shows creativity – “Barney Stintson”

  • Hörk

    A desaturated lime green bearing a peculiar egg yolk irridescence, hörk was coined by three Norwegian physicians to describe the colour of phlegm three weeks into a particularly stubborn cold.

  • Bleed

    An oversaturated, noisy red that describes the colour of the human face displayed on a 30-year-old television with the contrast knob turned all the way up. Bleed is very difficult to observe in the wild because not only does it technically exist outside all known colour gamuts, most screens it has been observed on only display it for five seconds before the tube succumbs to the force of magnetism and pops, spraying smoke through the room. There is more chance that bleed will be observed on NTSC screens than PAL, but you may observe it for an even shorter period before it turns to either raw umber or magenta, because as we all know, it’s not called Never Twice the Same Colour for no good reason.

  • This peculiar colour is known by different names in various cultures and ethnic groups. Some know it as “Epiphagreen”, others as “Shinescent Rose”. It is said to bring profound truth and contentment upon viewing. Rumoured to be found in the lowest corner of an early sunset seen only from the edge of a cliff, or in the reflection of a full moon on the waves of a shark infested sea. Indeed, the more perilous the location, the more likely it is believed to appear.

    As speculation continues, an underground community of people risk their lives in the search for this fabled colour. Known as, ‘Dopamurple-Chasers’, these fearless adventurers stop at nothing to find their revered hue. They claim that it holds the meaning of life itself, and many believe they have a better chance of finding meaning in an almost mythic colour than popular religious text.
    As many have died in the search, sceptics have labelled the colour as a hoax and warned others to do more productive things, like finding a job.

  • Kotak is A purple and orange mixture, a colur that you don’t want to paint your room….. “In the morning”
    Steve:”AHHH! MY EYES!”, but it goes with your pants

  • scudknuckle – noun,adjective,expletive

    1. Noun: Colour resembling the chromatic consistency of a liquid one part red wine, one part orange juice, 2 parts vodka mixed for three hours on a washing machine on a 25 degree day.
    Sentence: The recipe said the punch would be ready when it turned scudknucle.

    2. Adjective: Of the colour scudknuckle.
    Sentence: My liver grumbled at the sight of the scudknuckle punch.

    ghost lime – noun,adjective

    1. Noun: Colour of similar composition to a moldy lime recently revived from a compost heap.
    Sentence: My cheeks turned a bulging ghost lime as I sculled my ninth cup of punch.

    2. Adjective: Of the colour ghost lime.
    Sentence: My ghost lime lips trembled, as my ghost lime cheeks parted, making way for a ghost lime stream of fluid which arched downwards into the scudknuckle punch making a supurplous pool of sludge.

    supurplous – adjective,adverb
    1. Adjective: The colour between scudknuckle and ghost lime.
    Sentence: “Hey, nice party, and this supurplous coloured punch is delicious if I do say so myself.”
    2. Adverb: Supurplous-ly, For something to occur in spite of somethings obvious supurplousness.
    Sentence: “What the S!&DKN#@KLE?!?!? What’s this lime doing floating so supurplously in my punch?”

  • Okiedokie,
    #1: Powerpink
    Seen in select episodes of Miami Vice, on Bret Michaels’ pouty lips and George Michael’s pants. Has the uncanny effect of making white guys lose all sense of spatial awareness and rhythm when dancing. Can be found naturally occurring when “pushing it to the limit”, “feeling the heat”, “standing at the brink of destruction” and engaging in otherwise hyperbolic behaviour.

  • Soul – comes in two variations:

    1. Similar to but still wholly unlike the blinding white you would see in a nuclear explosion just before you were annihilated and-

    2: Blacker than the deepest abyss containing hints of a comprehensive knowledge of all your past sins and indiscretions that will eventually lead to a slow descent into madness after prolonged exposure

  • #2 Redgret
    The colour of ink used on those lovely letters I get from John Q. Law inviting me over to talk about last time I got drunk. “Public Indecency” my piddling doodle!

  • Okiedokie,
    #1: Powerpink
    Seen in select episodes of Miami Vice, on Bret Michaels’ pouty lips and George Michael’s pants. Has the uncanny effect of making white guys lose all sense of spatial awareness and rhythm when dancing. Can be found naturally occurring when “pushing it to the limit”, “feeling the heat”, “standing at the brink of destruction” and engaging in otherwise hyperbolic behaviour.

  • #2 Redgret
    The colour of ink used in those nice letters from John Q. Law inviting me over to talk about last time I got drunk. “Public Indecency” my piddling, inaccurate doodle!

  • entry#1: Nostalgiarine – A sepia toned color used mainly in advertising companys that were not around during the black and white era. Imparts a sense of history that the object/product may not actually possess.

  • #3 Woodpanel Brown
    The one colour of all vehicles, interiors, hair, suits, furniture and carpet of the 70s. The colour that makes you want to smoke indoors and play monophonic records through quadraphonic speakers, while a freelovin’ woman admires your muttonchop and skivvy combo from a beanbag. She hangs on every word of your lengthy monologue about your ’76 Firebird, man.. Then the solo from Hotel California comes on.
    Did I take you there? If so, it wasn’t me. That’s the power of Woodpanel Brown

  • entry#2: Meh – As a paint color, Meh’s first problem is actually getting the paint to stay on the brush. Secondly, sometimes Meh just cant be bothered to stay on a wall and slumps onto your skirting. Exhaustive tests failed to find what part of the spectrum this color belongs to, mainly due to testers not bothering to look hard enough.

  • Caltessence: 828244. A colour of legend, of confusion and wonder, this visual chameleon will turn your life into anything from a Military Warzone to a Bad night at the pub.

    It wants you to be that man, who beats them all regardless of the consequences; it wants you to empower your fellows with blatant disregard; it wants it all like a Rock N Rolla with a case of the Greedy.

    It wants you to be the woman with everything in your pocket, to do anything you want from Sky Dive off a plane, riding a Moped, only to land into a paintball arena with your best mates.

    On top of that, it may even make you a sandwich for all your efforts. A sandwich made from Two slices of brilliance and filled with amazement.

  • entry#3: Peetoopee – Due to its cheap nature, Peetoopee never spreads evenly and will cause inscrutable blocky artifacts. Not recommended on anything with high amounts of detail.
    Looks good on small objects about the size of your hand, but shows limitations when applied onto larger areas.

  • Have you ever taken alot of blue slurpee, and then next day go to the toilet? the stuff that splashes into the bowl is this weird colour I like to call “fecal blue”

  • Margindaise

    It’s a creamy holiday colour.

    Think margaritas with cream; a sunset mixed with coconut cream with a hint of relaxation and island relaxation happiness.

    It’s the colour you see when oh jesus there’s lead based paint in my eyes all I can see is pain holy jesus fuck

  • Hiddet
    (Hid It)

    Described as the color of objects in plain sight, that you are looking for. Often upon detecting of this colour it is assumed the human eye automatically ignores the coloured item. This is why items painted in hiddet can be in plain sight and your forced to pull apart everything to find it. Once an item painted in hiddet is disturbed it makes the colour drain away and allow’s people to see them.

    “I’m sure some one painted my car keys hiddet”

    “That car must have been painted in hiddet, however running up the back of him caused the paint to fall off and return to red”

    “That referee must have seen that line in hiddet, cause that ball was totally out of bounds”

    Often used as a slang word by the cool kids meaning, unknown and passing the information on.

    “Dam you should check this awesome hiddet game i rented out, Called Pong”

    It is believed that time machine portals are factory painted in hiddet to avoid people finding them. However this has to led to an alleged uproar from owners that they are getting stuck in the past cause they forgot where they parked it.

    Spiders are able to view items viewed in hiddet, and use this to there advantage by using the items and colour as camouflage to jump out and scare you.

    The colour is created when Potassium, Nitric Lemons, and a potato are dropped 23.4 metres onto a blue uno number 8 card.

    It was discovered by Erkle Perkins, He painted himself to use it as sort of invisbilty cloak to sneak into the theme park after hours. However it is often quoted once coloured he couldn’t see the entrance due to painting his eyes. They say if your near the park you can hear his foot steps followed by a thump as he walks into the wall AGAIN.

    I do have a sample of the colour however i put the swab of it down and cant seem to find it.

  • Jeoliné – The colour that all your pretentious and snobbish friends enjoy peppering into a conversation despite not actually knowing what it is.

  • Toneal.
    A colour that feels like a sound – that sounds like a feeling and looks like something undecipherable. Is it truly a colour? Some would say no – other would say yes, but most would not answer – for few have truly “seen” a colour that is also a sound or a feeling, merely feeling it as something seperate.

    The shade of darkness you see from a headache – the dull, aching pulse, of a colour that feels like the pumping and gushing of your own blood.
    And yet… it is not; for you cannot see it with your eyes, nor can you imagine its true form – only feel the throbbing pain of the headache, closing your eyes and feeling the slow, agonizing churn – the cycle that seems to resonate with the shifting afterimages imposed over the strange, almost-patterened – seemingly infinite yet so obviously in front of you – dark side of your eyelid, imposing on your inner peace…

    Likewise with the “colour” of strople.
    You know when you see a bright, flashing light, and afterwards there’s an afterimage you can’t quite see? That is strople. If anything, strople is the harbinger of darkness – that which slowly wears away your retina until all is black or all is white and nothing can be seen. It seems to flash white, blue, yellow – your eyes unable to look into themselves and see what is there; and there would be nothing if they had, for all strople is is a memory – a recollection of a flash; a flare, that is now blocked off – either due to being covered or by simply no longer existing. It feels permanent, yet is gone and forgotten; once a memory, and now nothing – replaced like all things in the constant, ever-changing, cycle of illumination that covers the world’s face…

    …so, do I at least win the “Most Excruciating Prose” award?

  • Ganked Gray.. misty gray with washed out yellow, green, and red tones
    The exact colour your screen goes when someone jumped you and you are about to die

  • 2nd Entry:
    deChalybeate: Its that look of old iron that has survived the ages, with a thin layer of oxidization, and when placed next to anything of another almost abosrbs the light out of it.

    • Third Entry:
      SonusSonny: If the sound of wildlife in a rainforest during sunrise (after a cold night), sending goosebumps down your triceps and back could have one colour to describe the sensation, it would be SonusSonny; colour of the sound of the sunrise.

  • Spuer (pronounced Spew-er); It’s the colour made by humans after the consumption of a few too many drinks… often found used on wallpaper and furniture during the mid 70s; best described as a blend of orange, red & brown

  • Gwourk, the greenish colour your face turns the instant you realise you’ve eaten some bad food from the fridge (usually because you’ve been too busy gaming to get anything fresh for a few days).

    Named after the noise your throat makes as you try not to see the food for a second time. It has also been suggested (although unconfirmed) the person to name it was eating goose and duck at the time.

  • Glinx, the colour of the joyous glittery tear that brushes down your cheek as the opening music builds during your first playthrough of what will soon be your most remembered game.

    What does a double glinx mean? No mortal is destined to know.

  • Omega – a combination of 360 colours for each degree of view.

    Pikablu – a silvery blue that can only be described by finding the pokemon.

    Whiteling – an electric white (think fluro white)

  • Borange
    Kind of like orange but with less orange to it and more borange.
    Often associated with the hilderbeast which is alternately coloured borange and glorp.

  • Liberalis:

    A sort of anti-colour that repels all other colours aside from the purest white, as if they were boats approaching an unwelcome shore. Some say it even has a slight warping effect on the space-time continuum and has been known to set progress back by years at a time.

  • IMAAAGINAAATIOOOOON = mix of colour of rainbow.

    iwillneverwin = colour for losers like me

    noobnewb = colour to indicates noob

    yeah i have no idea

  • Entry #2

    It’s this really indie colour. But it’s totally underground. Sooo avant-garde. You’ve probably never heard of it before… trust me.

    Blue and red are too mainstream anyway, right?

    • Warshaw White – The colour Howard Warshaw went when told he had 6 weeks to develop E.T for the atari 2600 in time for christmas.

      Atared – was the colour of a video game industry in 1983.

  • I call mine Amber-Renewal, it a mix of black, amber and a intense gold. Its the colour when you heat up metal and you find that dark amber glow, but with a hit of intense gold to make it sparkle.

  • Po’kemon Red

    It’s the color red… but with po’kemon! One of the variety of colours (and minerals) that Nintendo and Game Freak have discovered and abused in order to tell the story of the little rats that could :)…sniff.

  • Entry #3. Fabook Red. It’s that colour you catch in the corner of your eye when on Facebook when one of those little icons at the top turn red, indicating a request or comment.

  • Bluck- the default colour name for anything which is too far away or not illuminated enough to know its actual colour.

    Say if you look out the window in the evening, you go “what is that bluck thing hanging on the washing line?” Then, once you can properly see it, you say,”oh, it’s a white hat.”

  • Solart – the color you see when you stare into the nuclear heart of a star. (Warning: maybe all you see for the rest of your life).

  • Borple. The colour of black that is so black that it become even more dark than black and moves into a kind of weird ultra purple black colour.
    Also the colour that haunted my nightmares for years as Borple blobs exploded out of my eyes and covered my throat suffocating me. Unfun times


    Triwavelight. The colour of everything when you turn our 3rd dimension sideways and look at it from a sideways view. Not so much a colour as it is the light spectrum viewed geometricly.

  • sonyple – its not quite purple, but combines ‘sony’ and ‘purple’ and sounds like nipple, so when you see sonyple – its a little bit naughty, but a little bit nice 🙂

  • 1st entry repeated (got deleted due bad link):

    deBravony: it is the Sony/Bravia gloss black piano finish in it’s purest most fingerprint free (amirite?) form, but in an aqueous form resembling the consistency of mercury and spreading sleek bLack colour to everything it comes in contact with.

  • iawekool: To even speak the name of this colour will incur an Apple ussage fee and is a capital offence for all persons without an itunes account. “It was only a matter of time, after Apple aquired the UN, and the political movement ‘Right Click’ was relabled a terrorist organisation.” Larry Page tearfully recounted when asked for comment before his execution.

    This colour has often been said to make ones eyes bleed if not adequately prepared however no historic proof has been found to verify such a statement.

    One case stufy perfomed in may-dec 2023 at the university of New-Sydney, Russia had great difficulties when scientists were unable to addequately quantify the specifics of the colour. “The basic description given by all 247 volunteers was hauntingly similar however each had a unique perception of the colour which became more apparent after they were asked to elaborate on details. Shockingly in our follow up study 7 months later we found that participants’ descriptions upon being shown iawekool again varried, often a great deal from thier initial impressions.

  • noobirus: the colour that comes up on your screen when you delete system 32 (try it out kids!)

    lolcatius: the story behind this colour is that one day, scientists where experimenting on the fusion of internet memes, in there madness, they decided to fuse the “i can haz cheezburger” cat and keyboard cat together. the fused cat had a coat of fur like no other, and they named this fur colour lolcatius.

    long exposure to the colour can cause
    1) poor Spelling
    2) hunger for cheeseburgers
    3) excellent piano skills
    4) tendency to jump in boxes
    5) immense enjoyment of tuna
    6) Hairy Nipples

    littleshitiris: this is the colour that children turn into when they want to buy violent video games, but taren’t able to play it when parents see this colour, they are hypnotised to buy the game and a microphone, so there child can trash-talk some n00bs on call of duty.

  • There are a number of colours not yet recorded by any scientific method, which can be observed in the context of something I’d like to call: ‘video game synaesthesia’.

    That is, the shades and accompanying emotions a synaesthete may experience in relation to a particular games console:

    Nintendo Bittersweet: The tint (some might say almost rose) that envelops the screen every time you play a Nintendo game on Virtual Console or new release quasi-remake, making the experience pleasantly nostalgic but never on par with your initial wonderment years ago.

    CrimSony: The almost criminal dark red hue that envelops ones eyes the moment they tamper with their own Playstation 3 with any sort of custom firmware, even just to restore previously removed functionality; as Sony is wont to believe. Also, causes sudden urges to spout vitriol in rhyme (see Geohot).

    (Micro-) Soft Red: Only seen when (in particularly cruel circumstances) consecutive Xboxes are bricked by Red Rings of Death in quick succession; where a soft red, almost pink really, pattern of 3/4 circles is permanently burned, either physically or purely psychologically, into the retina . Accompanied by complete loss of faith in all humanity/excessive rage.

  • Swan – A paler shade of red, though it can turn bright when exposed to lights.

    Gilliard – A feminine, but strong blue, can be overpowering in a big room.

    Rudd – Buttercup yellow, with hues of pink, light and bright, not for the feint hearted.

    A kaleidoscope of modern colours, suitable for any Australian condition.

  • Alright since we’re allowed up to three entries, might aswell increase my chances:

    Ukatok, this colour looks fairly normal, kind of like a dark shade of red. That is until you look closer and you realise it is the most awesome colour in the universe, it’s amazingness and perfection is too difficult to comprehend. Trying to comprehend this amazing thing, will only plunge you into madness.

    (that’s some good sucking-up right there 😉 )

  • Ironico – the colour most commonly related to the feelings of brief joy and swift inadequacy when Duke Nukem Forever is released in a year that Diablo 3 abandoned. </3

  • Kotacrytange – The color of the shroud of mystery that will surround this prize after the winner is announced.

    Hint: I won the Crysis 2 contest last year and never heard a thing afterwards (from either Dave at the time or Matt when I emailed about it last month), hence my knowledge of the existence of this color 😛

  • Fuuu – Uniquely experienced in moments of extreme aggravation, Fuuu (often known as fuuuuuuuuu!) is a vibrant colour that can be sampled during moments such as:
           Getting your ass handed to you             for the 100th time by an RCD.
           That healer oom-ing 2 seconds into that boss fight.
           Pylons in your base before you have a barracks.

  • Failour

    Failour is a colour that goes past the definition of colour itself. Think of it as an experience. The experience of creating a colour that was only meant for one purpose.

    Winning an awesome prizepack from a certain video game blog.

    Or more likely, the ‘failour’ of not winning an awesome prizepack from a certain video game blog. This colour is the result of having your hopeful expectations dashed from the sheer 350+ entries (as of 9:46pm, 19 Feb 2011) that were posted beforehand. Some entries entertaining, others less and yet even those that could be considered as champion contending cannon fodder. ‘Failour’ is derived from the anxiety that one feels as their competition entry becomes a reality. Is it too long? Too short? Will the judge(s) have phased out completely by the end of this sentence? Do they like rhetorical questions? How the hell do I stop?

    So yes, Failour is an experience. Like meeting a nice girl/guy (I’m open minded) named Kotaku for dinner and realizing that her/his friend Sony is so much more interesting and available. Then going home, googling Sony and finding out that their availability depends on some terms and conditions which can be found ‘here’ (apparently, Sony closed before they even commenced?).

    This is when one sees Failour for the first time.

    It’s the colour that brings down global financial systems and Middle-Eastern dictatorships yet brings all the other bad stuff together. It’s the anxiety of submitting a competition entry, like this one, and hoping that it bypasses the human editor filter with a self-referential nod to remember it later. Or not. Or better yet, wondering if my other 2 possible entries will become like a pair of amateur lifesavers, swimming headfirst into something with as little direction and guidance as the first guy who lost direction with this entry awhile back.

    Ultimately, this world is seen through a number of different colours. But a world covered in absolute Failour is not something I’d like to particularly encourage.

  • alright here goes…

    1. xaidow (ZAHY-doe)

    I won’t reveal how to create this colour, but I invented it to invoke laughter and happiness. I see colours for love, despair, warmth but so few if any for laughter – that’s why I decided to create this colour. I named it after nitrous-oxide (laughing gas).

    2. Katabrium (kah-TAY-bri-uhm)

    Developed by a nameless and insane megelomaniac – born into, unfortunately for humanity, wealth and power – this colour causes the viewer to supress all emotion, to turn into (for lack of a better term) a mindless drone. The developer of this colour became fixated on the idea of an emotionless world after viewing the film Equillibrium in his/her youth and eventually discovered a serum to inject into all of humanity, under the pretense of a vaccine for all cancers, which allows humans to see the definitively neutral colour. His/her ambition became chillingly successful.

    3. Imagitant (im-MAJ-ah-tent)

    This new colour was invented simply by a young boy as he stared up at the clouds. Much like many other great discoveries over the centuries, the solution to / discovery of this colour came to the boy as a sudden realisation of the missing ingredient. He came to name the colour, “imagitant” taken as an amalgamation of the words imagination and important (the ingredient and product). The colour, now impossible not to see in a man’s day-to-day life, evokes massive amounts of inspiration to whomsoever sees it. The boy became an international hero as his discovery and its incredible Characteristic, paved the way for countless small steps and giant leaps for mankind.

  • Fogged up glass and wet white shirts sure have a shade you can’t really call white and is not quite grey. It can be transparent, but also rather opaque, so clear wouldn’t work even if that was a colour.

    So I suggest calling this common, defined but never named shade – Wetishue.

  • My first entry is a colour called Messantine. A warm and red-like shade when viewed in natural light, Messantine has a strikingly unique property that sets it apart from any other colour on the spectrum. Put simply, the appearance of Messantine can change radically when viewed in various forms of artificial light.

    It is said that when bathed in the bright light of of a quality TV, Messantine shines proudly golden. Alas, I have not been fortunate enough to see this whimsical display, as the only transformation I get to see when holding it in front of my 24″ monitor is a sickly looking green shade. How I long to see the golden glow first-hand!

    that almost appears as gold when viewed in the light of the fluorescents and various electronic displays. Daringly titled the . Messantine is commonly seen in the robes of royalty, on the fangs of vampires

  • Colour entry #2
    Neonico, a bright and glowing colour that commonly fills the eyes of one when they make night-time visits to the Akihabara district of Tokyo. Be advised, Neonico has been closely associated with the occurrence of epileptic fits, tears of joy and acts of raw stupidity. Make sure to take proper precautions if you plan on exposing yourself openly to this volatile colour!

  • “ManGenta”

    The colour of overdone charcoal enriched snags mixed with a blend of crumbs carefully picked from within a keyboard’s treasure trove. Alongside this, a majestic addition of forgotten vegetables that have morphed into a fuzzy hairy ball, containing no less than 8 new species. To top off this delight of “rainbotic” wonderment, a hint of black/blue fluff that resides in every male’s bellybutton.

  • I made my three colours into hypothetical paints:

    iWht – Looks exactly like white, except that manufacturers Apple claim that it’s “magical” and “revolutionary’. You will find that it fades into obscurity a year after application, superceded by a newer, shinier version which looks exactly the same.

    Bloodrushoon – The colour you see when you stand up too quickly. A lot like black, but no matter how carefully it is applied, it always ends up looking translucent and spotty for at least a short while.

    And finally, at the risk of sabotaging my own chances, here’s my third entry:
    Dark Sony Shimmer – If you look closely, you can see one of almost every colour. After application, allow to dry for 2-5 years. Upon return, you will find that only two or three have stuck to the desired surface. Results will vary on each application.

  • Rudd…(a dark blue colour with streaks of white through it)

    This colour represents the bitter disappointment of betrayal and sadness of a man whose closest advisory betrayed his trust.
    The streaks of white represent his belief that he still has the chance to once again lead the lucky country.

  • MANgenta… (magenta but speckled with black)

    MANgenta allows males to finally wear their favourite pink shirt without surrendering their manhood

  • Synkish: That chormed white grey colour that seems to inch into the edge of your vision when you’ve drunk to much Captain Morgan’s rum and coke at the discoteq on Saturday night and your stomach sends a message to your brain saying, “dude, seriously step away from this hot, tatooed girl and stride purposefully to the bathroom right now”, and your brains just like, “hey, whats that weird colour at the edge of my vision, and why does my oesophagus feel shorter”.

    Often followed by:

    Rasprip: The pinkish red shade, encapsulating both pain and relief, that the world looks like when your face hits the pavement after the bouncer bodily throws you out for vomiting on his girlfriend.

  • Entry #3

    Phantom Pineapple – a residual colour left behind in ones wallet causing you to believe you still have a $50 when you are in fact broke. this transmorphic colour begins as a match to the pigment used in $50 notes except washed out, and progressively turns brown then black as if it were truly a pineapple rotting.

  • Pantone – a colour that looks like sponge cake but actually tastes like bread. Comes in a variety of numbers.

    SUPER! – its like a rainbow, only more super.

    Norange – the orange that Chuck Norris wears.

  • Cine-carpe’t
    (the ‘T’ is silent)

    This colour has elements of red, blue and green. Far from being a muddled mess, this colour manages to be every colour and a new one effortlessly. You see what sets this one apart is it’s ability to take excessive amounts of abuse and not only retain it’s original vibrance, but also appear undamaged. 
    Originally used as the carpet in movie theatres (where the name comes from) it is fast expanding to the auto industry and mens underwear. 

  • fecal blue – you drink alot of blue slurpee and the next day you take a crap. the colour in the toilet bowl is that wierd colour that definately reminds you what you’ve had

  • My colour is called “Tiggy” A bright tabby colour with some yellow in it which will be beautiful to look at and easy for kids to say

  • Raynbo

    Not a singular color, as such, but rather a culmination of colors, much like a rainbow, but rather than forming along side one another, they combine whilst still maintaining their original color, rather than combining to make one nasty blob of ‘browny-bleh’

    It would be impossible to convey the sheer beauty of Raynbo in any language known to man or animal. Raynbo could be likened to a sheer sense of euphoria that would right all wrong in the world and bring nothing but untainted joy.

    Upon discovery of Raynbo the following things WILL happen.
    -All wars will end, diverting funds into other areas which would solve poverty.
    -Racism will cease to exist, as everyone would be recolored to be the same, as we all are on the inside. I don’t know which color, exactly. My guess is ‘Fuchsia’.
    -Axle Rose would admit he’s been a bit of a dick and would make up with Slash and the rest of the original line up of GnR, but would vote not to perform anymore as they are just so damn old.
    -Good Charlotte will agree to stop making music all together.
    -Rapists will explode in glorious balls of fiery color… slowly.. and painfully…
    -Your favorite sporting team will win the grand final of that sport they play.
    -Bobby Kotick would develop a conscience
    -The Rock will return to wrest…oh.. wait..
    -Seals will learn to club poachers
    -Morgan Freeman will reveal that he actually was god this whole time, which would be why he was so damned good at playing him.
    – Bruce Campbell will be knighted by the queen, even though he is not a member of the commonwealth. The queen would just notice how awesome he is and be all like “you know what, f*** it, lets knight that suave SOB”
    -Movies based on games and vice versa would actually be good. Futhermore any that haven’t been good would be stricken from memory. Like the Mario Brothers Movie.
    -Bad sequels will also cease to exist. This includes, but is not limited to, Crystal Skull, Titanic 2 (yes it exists), and pretty much every scary movie after the first one.

    And yes… Australia will receive an R18+ rating, among many other things.

    So you see, Raynbo is more than just a color i invented. It is Zen. It is Alpha, Omega and also a 2 in one blender/mixer.

  • My Entry

    Wanmortern: An almost transparent colour this blends in almost perfectly with the background. First discovered by Sid Meier and used for the quit game button. the human eye has trouble focusing upon anything this colour so will naturally slide off and focus on something else within the field of vision.

    Duke forvurn: The light blue/yellow seen right on the horizon just before the sun rises, that vanishes in the harsh light of day

    Zergundy: The dark pulsing red of a hatchery under construction

  • sleepdepriveen – hazy blue, similar to that of lcd monitors or television sets. Is known to cause headaches, heavy eyes, and prolonged periods of one more go.

    confucia – shade of pink, similar to cherry blossoms. Often used to respresent wisdom, knowledge, and pretentiousness.

    snessow – dull grey. More commonly used in the 90’s, it still has ongoing uses in pixel art, nostalgia, and general times of childhood glee.

  • Tetrise: The muted red colour of the blocks you see falling when you close your eyes

    Ultra Spylet: The mauvish colour almost off the visual spectrum when glimpsed is the telltale sign of a cloaked spy

    Blactivision: The colour (or almost absence of colour) which describes the mood of guitar hero fans when they go to download content which has been discontinued 🙁

  • —————————–
    Tally ho, old salt, I am playing for the local
    charity/children’s hospital/etc of your choosing.
    Such a splendid prize wouldn’t begin to fit in my
    rucksack and I’d have a terrible
    time getting it all onto the kayak; so, as you can
    see, the prize is of little to no use to me and my
    good time adventure pals – have I told you about Brad?
    I think you would really like him; he was such a good
    sport on the weekend, he lent me a tin of sausages
    and beans when i lost my rucksack
    overboard – a splendid chap

    I appreciate your overwhelming sense of urgency.
    Let me cut to the chase, for I too have invented a
    most vivid colour, it’s a colour that i see very often, but i
    think it just might be imaginary, like friends and
    that underwater city I sometimes tell people about –
    I can tell you where it is too, if you promise not to tell
    anyone else.
    I can take you there!

    The colour is perhaps best described as a luminous
    fusion, an electric-blue, orange, and
    cherry-red glow.

    Like the sky, the sun and Heaven all put together in
    splendid oneness.

    Sometimes, when you’re swimming at the beach
    close to sunset, but you’ve been swimming and
    playing in the water for too long and your eyes hurt
    and everything appears in soft focus; then you
    squint and look into the sunset sky and see the
    spectacular colours painted above Earth and
    all things – a colour both unreachable and
    intrinsically part of you.

    Like the most far reaching, red dusk sunset and
    endless blue sky, bounding fast and high through
    fluffy white marshmallow clouds, that radiates
    outwards forever into eternity – the infinite

    The kind of colour that makes everything seem alright
    just the way it is. A bit like kayaking into the wilderness
    with Brad, knowing he will give you his last tin of
    sausages and beans; if the need should arise. That’s
    just the kind of guy Brad is, let me
    remind you.

    Have you seen Brad’s wife? Let me tell you, the kind
    of woman Plainview can only imagine in
    dreams; she’s some kind of big city executive or
    some such spectacular thing.

    Sometimes I imagine myself as having a fancy job
    in the city, answering the telephone and so forth.
    And sometimes I imagine myself making the most
    important phone calls on my mobile phone when
    I’m pacing up and down in my office.

    Then I imagine myself typing on my computer and
    then I carry my briefcase to get sandwiches and
    milkshakes at the designated lunchtime with all my
    good-time office friends. I think I would buy
    everyone sandwiches and we could eat them in the
    park upon a blanket I brought from home.

    Maybe we would have some left over bread to feed
    the ducks, and I would show everyone in the park
    my suit and tie; how super it would be.

    Sometimes I look at the people in the city, on their
    lunch break, just admiring them from afar; good
    people, all of them, I think i most admire their
    tenacity, their determination.

    When do I see this spectacular colour vision?
    Indeed, a good question.
    The last time I saw it was about 6 hours after
    I accidentally dropped my rucksack overboard
    as we hitched a ride on a fishing boat beyond a most
    perilous reef in Asia; it was a fool of a thing to do,
    a rookie move, and I was made to look quite the
    amateur. The otherwise good natured fisherman
    certainly weren’t about to turn around on account
    of my stupid mistake, let me be the first to
    tell you; I would never ask of them
    such a thing – how very ludicrous
    it would be.

    So my rucksack is lost to the deep blue sea and
    that means all my clothes and food for the
    journey ahead had shared a most similar fate. All was
    lost and I had made a terrible mistake.

    BUT . . . .
    But later, when we arrived at the first of our island
    destinations, Brad gave me some wonderful
    clothes. Brad only buys the very best clothes, let me
    tell you. He gave me a spectacular blue weatherproof
    rain coat to keep me dry in the kayak and very
    durable pair of denim pants to protect
    my legs.

    So there I was, dressed in wonderful, rugged, outdoor
    attire. And as I mentioned earlier, it was later
    that day when Brad gave me a tin of sausage and
    beans on a night when I deserved to
    go hungry.

    And that’s when it happened, near the campfire with
    Brad, I was blinded buy the beautiful
    orange/red/electric blue glow all around me – it lit up
    the night and I could see forever and ever into the
    deepest most furthest reaches of the universe.

    The colour only seems to appear when everything
    seems to be going disastrously wrong, but in the
    end, somehow and inexplicably, everything turns
    out just perfect – better than perfect; that’s when it
    happens, the colour appears out of nowhere.

    I lost my rucksack and everything seemed lost, but
    I ended up with wonderful new clothes – the best
    clothes I had ever put on – and a can of beans that
    i enjoyed with Brad beside the campfire.

    When you dodge a bullet with your name written all
    over it, when you turn irrevocable misfortune into unprecedented win, when the most perfect
    outcome is writ in stone from you own misdeed and
    error – the colour appears and all the universe filters
    through its infinite, diamond lens.

    What do I call this colour? Well, I named it in honour
    of the late Frank Drebin from Police Squad; a man who
    made every mistake in the book, but somehow, when
    Frank was around everything turned out for the
    best and sometime even better than that too.

    And when I see the colour, I always feel, like Frank
    Drebin – entirely debonair.

    So then it was just a matter of putting two and two together to come up with four and . . .

    Drebinair . . . I called the colour, Drebinair.


    Yes and yes. I told her already. She also knows:

    Drebinair: Just because it’s imaginary, it doesn’t
    mean it’s not real.

    Drebinair: like a cherry red, sunset orange, electric
    blue, luminous glow.

    Drebinair: like falling down the stairs and landing
    beside a box of delicious iced

    THE END.

  • Pokemorange – The name given to the strange colour of a popular Japanese soup created by blending all 150 original Pokemon together.

  • I must admit that the colour that I wish to include in the standard compendiums of colour cannot exclusively be attributed to me. The colour itself was created by another. However, until now, it has never been named, and it has never officially been recognised as a colour in its own right. This is where my work is to be done.


    The colour Glucas is a heady mixture of red, of white, and of poor judgement, in equal parts.

    There is just one set of circumstances, which come to mind, in which this colour has been applied. The colour was utilised in error, almost immediately after its conception, by the team charged with remastering the Star Wars trilogy. Where Darth Vader’s lightsaber was once red with a strong white core, the remastered editions of Star Wars feature a “new and improved” representation of this iconic weapon. The lightsaber became red with a strong Glucas-coloured core.

    The emotional impact of Glucas is best described as devastating. The depression felt upon viewing the colour has rendered many an individual catatonic. And yet, it must be catalogued for others to understand the danger that it poses to society at large.

  • Synesthisium – a chameleon like colour that changes accordingly to the emotion evoked from music being played within that environment – i.e. the alert music from Metal Gear Solid would result in a bright reddish colour symbolic of danger.

  • Incendus Insoloculi or Hermit’s Burn
    – A natural colour of such intensity, that most humans have become desensitise to it, just like background noise, however for those whom live a hermit lifestyles can become high sensitive to it which can lead to temporary vision impairment.
    If a hermit leaves their dark domain and adventure out in to the bright day light, they are immediately stuck with a burning sensation in their eyes. Many will retreat back into their dark domain however the damage is already done.
    The intense colour has already cause many of the cone cells in the retina to become overloaded with this intense colour and temporary shut down, leaving some with a greenish yellow tint while others lose all colour vision. The effect can last for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • My colour is Hyperfromalgia and It’s the colour of the emotion that sounds like the smell of a Scottish Fold cat performing surgery on an adolescent woolly mammoth while wearing wellie boots and eating a nectarine on a Tuesday, sometime after 3pm while it’s raining cheese puffs feels.

  • I thought this ended the other day?

    Either way, i’ve got in my 3, so best of luck to everyone that entered.

    More so, best of luck to Mr. Serrels. Now may be the time to hire some of them migrant workers i’m hearing are so popular!

    Outsource judging to india, maybe?

  • Cabbage Patch: This is the specific shade of delicate but proud pinkish-green a person turns when they have just realised that someone significant (parent, spiteful sibling, manager, pop culture icon) has recently entered the room and silently watched them doing something embarassing (such as: the Cabbage Patch dance move; self-intimacy; World of Warcraft; or self-intimacy to World of Warcraft) for an unknown period of time.

  • Babycryin – After recently becoming a father for the first time I now know well what this colour is. It varies in shade from a pinkish red to a deep crimson depending on severity. Would be useful for Warning signs etc. if its shade-changing ability could be harnessed.

  • 3rd entry:


    A bright greenish colour that reminds the viewer of the freedom of running in fields in the spring. This colour is especially accentuated when contrasted to sunflower yellow, sky blue, and stone grey.

    Freen is not the green of illness or envy, it is the green of life.

  • Leblob – Leblob is that complex shade of pale white flesh that is seen every time someone obese goes to the beach. More than just a shade of white Leblob encompasses secondary colours within the pasty mess, including ‘varicose vein blue’ and ‘stretch mark grey’. Leblob gives off a depressing feel that makes you question every mcnugget and deep fried wattle you eat.

  • Univ.
    That one color you see, that is impossible to describe, you know the one when you rub your eyes or when you are low on blood sugar and stand up.

    That ever changing starry nebula of colors that defy words.

    The one that is so brief yet so long, that makes you feel like you are hurtling into distance space yet vanishes in an instant.

    The colour that you can focus on so clearly but vanishes when you try.

    The polar opposite of a rainbow, it has every colour, yet none.

    What I presume is the colour of magic.

    The colour that is uniquely yours.

  • Dreams – Contrary to what people believe, dreams do have a colour. We see it all the time, but interestingly it is usually only possible to see this colour once they the dreams have been broken.

    For example: go to a spelling competition and wait for the kid who has clearly dedicated too much of his time to spelling [not like he had to worry, he is obviously a nerd so he has plenty of time to spare] stuff up on a word even his obnoxious soccer parents could spell. The colour of his tears is a watered down form of the colour of dreams, suitably broken so we can see it in our spectrum. [NOTE: ALL OTHER BODILY FLUIDS ARE NOT ASSOCIATED.]

    It doesn’t require a broken dream, the tears we see a marathon runner cry as they run up the final straight to victory count… but the colour is so much more meaningful when its due to failure.

  • Maroose.

    This colour is best represented as the sad feeling you get when you know that life has decided to kick you in the privates. Characterised by a sombre feeling inside, and is best represented with a wet red, similar to maroon. This colour is found when you realize the hard truths of reality, like the fact that she will never love you, and that you’ll be alone forever. It is also seen in competitions, where you know that you just can’t win, but you’ll enter anyway, if only to get pity from other people about just how sad and meaningless your life really is.

    Alternately, the colour of blood on your shirt after you punch a moose, and then face the consequences, but let’s pretend I didn’t say that.

  • Verudder – the colour of a farmers face after he’s chosen to garner his milk in the simplest way – sucking straight from the lactating teats of a cow. A bright red colour, flecked with dried up colostrum.

  • Named after a mediocre series of Japanese dating Sims, ‘Blah’ is one of the most nostalgic colours eschewing a genuine post-pastal hue from Australia. But you wouldn’t know it, with the brilliantly continent shifting affected subtle tones; the friendly accent is a ingenious reconstruction of the way RPG’s used to palate their colour schemes in the mid 90’s. It transports you to the saturation of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and TIE fighter, circa 94. This is clearly a ‘glory’ colour, interpolating the empty ’80’s mantra of ‘gloss’ and ‘brightness’ between a colour borrowed from John Romero’s palate for Quake and Heretic – i.e. those post-shaded colours which shed power and violence (sometimes coupled) for a more introspective, and some would eventually say pitying, hue. Blah’s interpolation is seen through the spasmodic and superfluous uses and pretensions towards gratuitous tonal lime-lighting. At the heart of the colour is a mordant excuse for masculinity. This is a colour going above the spectrum, re-enacting the past in the name of higher revelation. We cannot overcome our humanity, despite colours such as Blah.

  • F***ing Radical Orange – Hi-Vis orange, as used on road worker vests and the like, repurposed for the extreme sports market. The catchy name will hook all the kids.

  • Blob:Determination=color:clavet
    Blob:Good hearted=color:pink light
    If we mix all the colors we have: Clarelgrappick

  • Thought i might give it a shot seeing as how massive and awesome the prize pack is :O.

    1. Boganium.
    A shiny metallic fluorescent yellow. The sheer sight of Boganium sparks excitement within a select few. The metallic lustre incites ideas of tough, loud machinery, whilst the colour itself reminds the viewer of how patriotic one can be whilst holding a stubby in one hand and driving 30km/h over the speed limit with the other.

    2. DragonballoverdoseZ.
    This colour occured when I attempted to watch the entire series of DragonBall z from start to finish. Essentially it was a combination of a deathly white and red blotches (no doubt from where my body started to give up after the 6th hour of “I NEED MORE POWER, YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL I HAVE MORE POWER HUUUrrUURRRRgrrGGhRRRGHHRHRHRHGHH!!!!!! -next time on DragonBall Z- uuUUuuUURRGHHrrURghhhUUURGHH!!!!!”)

    3. Lovecraftian Dread
    Lovecraftian Dread is the colour you see when you finish up reading the Necronomicon for the night, step out into the dark hallway and wait for your eyes to adjust. It isn’t exactly pitch black, but devoid enough so that your eyes can see the quickly shifting shadows as you desperately search for the light switch.

  • 1. shadow: Somewhere between black and white. It is quite a ninja colour therefore very hard to explain.

    2. gromit: A very nice green colour with a hint of vomit.

    3. rangulia: julia gillard’s hair

  • Madness/Hysteria: The colour your eyes start seeing after judging an endless amount of entries into a comptetion on inventing a new colour.

  • Bolbed-the colour of the resistance finally defeating its oppressors.

    Noitcafder-the colour of open world destruction

    worstnias- the colour of batshit craziness.

  • Satisfilimon. A faint reddish yellow glow. Said to be visible by psychics and fortune tellers around ones face when successfully completing a challenging task. Examples include difficult assignments, troublesome experiments and mind bendingly difficult levels in indie platformers.

  • Cougar

    Looks fantastic when seen from afar but most find it on closer inspection to be quite repulsive.

    This colour is often found decorating public taverns and local clubs.

  • Oompalumpus the colour that shrouds young womens bodies in an effort for attention from passerbyers who sigh unable to compute such ridiculousness.

  • Dreamfall: The colour that you see just as you wake up from a dream where you are falling. Often accompanied by flailing of the limbs and a thump as you actually fall out of bed. Disorientation is common after seeing this colour. (This is not a symptom of 3D)

    Color: This is the colour that people see when they see the word “colour” spelled incorrectly. This colour is often accompanied by a of loss of faith of humanity and general nausea. (DO NOT VIEW THIS COLOUR IN 3D – MAY CAUSE DEATH) A similar colour can also be seen when looking at words such as when honour is spelled incorrectly.

    Starry: This colour is named not for what you see but the expression that you see when you see someone seeing it. It is often visible to the external viewer by glassy eyes and multiple pointed stars floating across a persons eyes. This is often accompanied by either a dazed appearance or extreme excitement. The winner of this competition would likely see this colour for example.

  • WTFuchsia

    This dappled hue is a bold combination of luminous shades of LOLavender, spiced with a subtle interrobang of PRONapple, that is certain to please.

    (this is my second entry)

  • Confundity – it’s the colour of how a smell sounds, or is it how a sound smells, or maybe how touch looks… Okay now the colour you see in the middle of your cross eyed glazed over view is CONFUNDITY!

  • Kotau (Pronounced koh-tahw) – The multi-colour paint you get for cars, a red-yellow combination.

    Sonvia (Pronounced sone-vee-ah) – That left-over colour that melds awkwardly with the black of closing your eyes after looking at a bright light.

  • WhydidImakethiscontestsodamneasyamak: Simply described as a mix of the blues plus the reds seen in the eyes of a man who has been up for days, sifting through a small island’s input of made up colours.

    Not to be confused with ImgladImadethisonedifficult’regretica: A profoundly intense colour seen in the mixture of blood and gritted teeth of a webmaster when their competitions are too hard or require too much effort

    This colour was the shade of my face when I I first saw this post 😉 it was awkward because my parents jut stared at me and then asked me if I was alright

  • Duality – You don’t if it’s a mess or an actual colour. Think “abstract art”

    Saint – All the “Cheery” colours. Which will “brighten” anyone’s day.

    Overkill – Bright blood red. Need I say more?

  • Entry #1 – Mindtaker

    The colour of Mindtaker is a pale green, a very rare colour with supernatural powers, the powers of MINDTAKING!!

    Mindtaker knows that you know the colour, because Mindtaker wills it so!

    Mentok also says hi!

    • Entry #2 – Qromatic (insert base colour)

      Based on the word “chromatic”, where by colours are rated based on the purity and saturation.

      With each colour in the Qromatic grouping representing the purest and brightest a colour can be, it’s the FLAC version of colour.

      • Entry #3 – Fapred

        Extreme bright Red colour that humans can turn from short intense strenuous bursts of physical exertion.


        • Good luck to all! not that anyone would see this comment on Page 17… I haven’t read past page 1, but I’m sure there are plenty of exceptional entries like all Kotaku comps have.

  • Braviana – The colour that good TVs mix with artificial to make it look natural.

    Sonaku – The general radiance that occurs when two companies combine to create a good idea.

    Windwakium – The colour your face turns when you realise something might just be better than you first thought.

  • (1st Entry)

    “Grooveylicious” – mix a splat of hot pink with a dash of devine (red wine) grape followed by a healthy pinch of black licorice for marbling.

  • extreme green – frog in a blender

    Flaming Fanny pink – colour of a freshly waxed vagina

    Bile green – the after effect of copious amounts of alcohol whilst watching 10 hours of 3D tv.

  • Jazzapalic – A colour that is all the colours and visions you would experience whilst tripping out and listening to a Jazzy sax.

  • 3Depression – A deep purplish blue (almost black) colour you see after winning a 3D TV, turning it on and realising you’re one of the 1% of people who can’t see 3D

  • These colours are inspired by Da Blob 2.

    ‘Oil-slick Oppression’

    Oil-slick Oppression is a polluting, controlling colour that is manufactured by NKT Corporation and it’s designed to repress and pollute Chroma city’s residents spirits so that no fun or colour can expressed by them.This colour is at times tar black, turgid, depressing and oppressive, but it can also be dull red, dun brown, or toxic yellow-green at any one time, or migraine sickenly all at once. Oil-slick Oppression oozes banality and dull, dreary conformity and submission on to everything it touches, until it coats all structures and down trodden citizens, dragging them into a dark funk of futility and oppressive obedience.

    ‘Rebel Yell’

    This colour was created in an explosion of joy, hope and rebellion by ‘Colorful Na Kibou; as he is known in Japan, or just plain ‘Blob’ as he is known here in Australia. ‘Rebel Yell’ is a jubilant colour that hollers out with a rebel whoop of hearty red, with shining rays of sunlight yellow breaking forth from it’s heart. ‘Rebel Yell’ dazzles, scintillates and evaporates the oppressive NKT Corporation ‘Oil-slick Oppression’ colour into the ether and allows the residents to finally experience pure unadulterated freedom, joy and bring a revolution of wondrous colour into their lives.

    Disco Razmatazz

    ‘Disco Razmatazz’ is a rhythm of warm, energizing colours, that pulsate to a beat and bring with it a euphoric, symphonic dance groove that fills that dance floors all over Chroma city. It’s time to dance, it’s time to party, the floor pulsates with colour, light and mirror balls float spreading their magic healing lights. The music and vibrance of ‘Disco Razmatazz’ incites dancing, grooving, jiving, and all the residents celebrate ‘staying alive, oh oh oh, staying aliveeeee’ and being able experience the liberation and happiness of all these new colours in their lives!

  • Exphoria –
    Never before has a single colour had such a profound effect. It is so enchanting that a single glance will send a smile to your face any more though, and you may begin…Staring……..into it……staring…..forever…………….It’s like……looking at porn……….but better………

  • Bluff-the indescribable colour of your belly button fluff after finding it on your biege carpet after removing your Blue tshirt.

  • I hope I’m not too late, as you said to “drop your entries (no more than three per person) into the comments below and we’ll chose the winner by the end of next week.” (as in this week), though the T&Cs said you finished it anyway… OH WELL.

    I was gonna write this:

    Blink – The colour so absurd that when you blink it alternates between blue and pink.

    Bred – The other colour that you can eat! Probably a fruit, I think, browny-red kinda… fruit.

    If the comp’s over, oh well; if not, include it too 😀

  • Remember that colour you see when you squeeze your eyes shut really tight? I call it “the back of my eyelids”.

    Now to paint my room in that blacky-red-dark brown goodness so I can sleep all the time.

  • Praer;

    The colour you see when you close your eyes. The exact nature of the colour varies from person to person and takes on a new form each time you close your eyes.

    Due to its beauty and elusive status, some people fall into deep slumbers in hopes of once again seeing that one praer they saw in a time past.

  • Glavisclonite- polichromatic, looks a bit liek white or pink from a distance but swirls with different colours at close range. may possibly represent the expanding universe.

    Barrgarunix- Deep greenish colour that looks like a turtule shell. Provokes ambition and a sense of power.

    banhdharral- Shades of bluew withmovement of white, provokes a deep feeling of melancholy

  • This evening we venture beyond the scope understanding and test the bounds of common acceptance. Radiating with great nausea, a spectrum only visible at 100 Hz of higher. First cataloging over 95 years ago, we have yet to see the full array of this vast range. Tonight we present the latest discovery:

    Gravious – The colour of joy, 3 shades of lemon above mellow.

    I personally believe it resembles a 4 dimensional hexagonal fuchsia. With a little imagination, a twist of ingenuity, some tungsten and we begin to see the new world of possibilities.

  • WhiteOut -> The color you see when you stare at the sun too long.

    BlackOut -> The color you see when you stare at a solar eclipse.

    Blinder -> The color you see when you look at a Lunar eclipse.

  • Praple – A shade of that upon seeing it, also affect’s the viewer’s sense of smell with the taste of grape.

    Other similar colour/tastes include Rapple, Yanana, Bluebry, and Brocolate.

  • mermaicous- deep green with a rainbow metalic sheen

    amazidoom- The colour the sky turns just before the apocalypse begins

    Burnash- burnt red colour

    … some of these colours are starting to sound like pokemon

  • ‘DOODIE’ The description of an item which for a moment in time has disappeared from ones mind, it could be a t.v remote, or a mobile phone or any item.

  • “SQUEEM” the colour you see after your toddler scribbles a beautiful picture for you using all the colours in the box and probably a few unidentifiable ones as well LOL.

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