EB's Midnight Launches For The 3DS

We've gotten word from Nintendo that EB Games in Swanston Street, Melbourne is playing host to Nintendo's main midnight launch in Victoria, but for those outside Victoria, EB are holding a number of launches that you can check out if you can't wait until the morning.

So far these are the stores with confirmed midnight launches.

NSW MacArthur - Shop U23 MacArthur Square, Gilchrist Drive, NSW, 2560

VIC Swanson Street - 67 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

QLD Indooroopilly - Shop 3107 Level 3 Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, 318 Moggill Road, QLD, 4068

WA Midland - Shop 95 Midland Gate Shopping Centre, Brockman Road, WA, 6056

ACT Canberra Civic - Shop FF11 Canberra Centre, Level 1 125 Bunda Street, ACT, 2601

The EB Games Midnight Launch in Swanston St appears to be the main focus with Nintendo promising food, soft drinks, music and Mii Souvenirs.

At time of writing we couldn't get in touch with other retailers such as GAME and JB Hifi, but if we get any more info on other midnight launches we'll let you know.


    Nice to see SA being kept involved...

      I mean, c'mon even CANBERRA gets one!

        Adelaide's midnight launch is actually at 6pm because we're all tucked into bed and asleep by 10pm :P

          Us primitive South Australians fear the night time monsters and must hide in our caves until sunrise.

          I should point out seeing as Kotaku couldn't, that there will be a midnight launch at EB WESTFIELD MARION SHOPPING CENTRE. So yeah if you have a pre-order there make sure your getting down, if you don't have a pre-order there go and get one...

    if i get my 3DS by wednesday i might consider going and standing around during the event :P

    Jb in ACT are not doing a midnight launch. :(

    Pretty much a given that the main launch would be at the Swanston Street store.. i mean they have an entire level and a half dedicated to Nintendo alone... "The Nintendo experience"

    I mean, can you imagine how much they would be paying EB to have that? Especially right smack bang in the middle of the CBD on the busiest part of Swanston Street...

    There has to be one at the Nintendo Connection. There just *has* to.

    Surprised that there's on in WA. Not that it matters, I can wait til morning. Or more specifically I can wait until there's games out for it that I want. :)

    Ive been told the EB here in Launceston Tas will be having a "breakfast launch" which will be around 6-6:30am

    Be careful in Midland walking home from EB with your new $350 toy.. some locals might want to have a go.

    @boomtish, you deserve to get robbed if you got robbed by EBGames for $350.

      hahahaha :D ouch but kind of true

    I love living in Tasmania, where you get left off the map for all events that matter. Sigh. Maybe we and NT should form some sort of republic

      EB only do midnight launches when they get enough preorders

    Midland... Random bloody location for a midnight launch. That's quite close to me but I already pre-ordered across town near work, and it's far too much hassle to switch location so I'll be waiting until 8.

    MacArthur? Really? Hahahaha!

      I know right. It's the new cultural hub of Sydney. Does that make me cool??

      Should get shirts made:

      London Tokyo New York Macarthur

    Awesome. The MacArthur one is 3km from my house. It is Also 60km from Sydney so WTF???

    Also I don't want one so won't be there!

    I'm going to come out to Swanston Street for kicks (and probably pick up so games) but will be be getting my 3DS from The Good Guys.

    Cause its coming out on Thursday the 31st, when would I be able to pick my preordered one up?? I cant get it at midnight but I would like to get it in the morning, would they be selling it at regular EB games stores in the morning at like 10am??

    Screw the launch parties, at midnight head to your local kmart that's open 24hrs. Nearly no waiting time at all.

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