New Portal 2 Trailer Is Only In German... For Now

Are you desperate enough for new footage of Portal 2 that'll you'll sit through a trailer in German? Valve has released a new trailer for the game, but there isn't an English version just yet, so we'll have to settle for this... for now.

Here's a rough translation in English, for those of you who don't sprechen sie Deutsch. We will, of course, update with the English version when we get it!

Cave Johnson here. Fact is, the key to succesful team-work is reliance. Our studies show, you can't trust humans. The solution: Robots! Then, the developers get fired and better robots are being built. Following, the robots go through some reliance-tests to get a basis of respect to each other. Strenghtened through the simulated bonds of artificial friendship. Inspiring... At the end, we test this reliability... BINGO! The robots worked together for 6 more seconds. Good work robots!

Thanks to EatChildren at Neogaf for the heads up.


    Ich bin ein Portal 2 preorderer.

      That means you're a dough-videogame!

    I like ze deutch!

    Forget ze english svine!

    Ich liebe meine eire!


    Verstehst du nicht?

    Ich bin Waldorf. Nein! Das is meine hamburger!

      ROFL. You had to go through that scheiβe too?

      I had that textbook too!

      OMG HAHAHAA. Does EVERYONE use that book to learn German???!

      I'm Commander Blaghman, and this is my favourite post on the kotakudel.

    Ach ja, dieses Portal Spiel Brennstoffe mein Durst nach Wurst

    mehr Deutsch steoreotypes hier

    kann nicht wirklich von nicht mehr zu denken

    und ich weiß wirklich nicht, dass ein Hitler Bezug nehmen

    oh schaut euch das, ich habe

    Ich bin eine schreckliche Person

    sowieso, yay Portal! for english version


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