Tell Us Dammit

Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – like do you have 3DS yet? What are your first impressions? Anyone hit up a midnight launch? Are you planning to buy one?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

The 3DS is finally released in Australia today. We've been giving you our impressions all week, so now it's our turn to hear yours. What do you think of the 3D effect? Is the launch line-up a bit lacklustre? Where did you buy it? Are stores sold out yet? Anything you have to say about your new 3DS or lack thereof we want to hear about.

Oh, and drop your friend codes as well. Mine is 5284-1396-7112.


    Waiting for my lotto victory to come in.

    I just got mine.

    I gave the AR card shooty game thing a quick go on my lunch break and made a Mii from my photo but then I had to start work again :(

    Yep. Picked my Black 3DS pre order up from JB this morning.

    Also got Shadow Wars and Rayman.

    I've never played Rayman 2. I find all the bad reviews rather puzzling. The 3D is great in the game. The game play is pretty damn fun. The graphics also look nice and colourful. Some textures are flat, but hey, graphics aren't everything.

    Can't say anything about Shadow Wars, haven't tried it yet.

    I really wish the DSi Store was open, and even more wish that it contained a DSi Ware version of Cave Story.

    Over all the only negative is battery life. Its freaking abysmal. Worse than the PSP Go, which I thought had horrible battery life. Luckily, the charger cradle is rather convenient. You can just slap it on the charger and slip into your pocket when you leave. Easy Peasy.

    Just got mine set up. The face merger seemed a bit rubbish but I haven't fully tested everything. Will test this out on the commute tomorrow. My friend code is: 0473-7792-7156. I really liked the way it warped the desk when the dragon was about to appear in the AR game.

    Took about 20 seconds to get the 3d, but it is actually amazing.

    This coming from someone who cannot watch 3d films due to headaches.

    The 3d makes meh graphics look unreal!

    Only picked up Street Fighter but after playing it I'm gonna go grab Samurai Warriors :)

    No interest at all. All my mobile gaming is on my iPhone now so...

    I picked mine up this morning and have played around with it for about an hour. I purchased SSFIV and ghost recon. I played around with the mii creator and AR games and during that time console froze once on the home screen, thankfully no black screen of death and it didn't freeze again. The AR games are a nice gimmick to show friends but not much more. Street fighter is fantastic! Not much different from the console versions which is good but if you are sick of street fighter you won't find too much new in the 3DS version. The simplified control option is great for the handheld and doesn't feel like cheating too much. The collectibles are insane and you could play for ever getting them all. The 3D effects are really cool in the menus/AR games and personally I turn the 3D slider to 50-75% and I have had no issues. Playing with 100% 3D depth all the time could be quite straining on the eyes. I haven't played ghost recon yet but I'll be booting that up as soon as I get home from work.

    Mine's 4468-0988-2152

    Added you Mark.

    Bought it. Like it, don't love it. Haven't played my DS in a year.
    iPhone gaming is too good (convenient, online-portable-multiplayer).

    Nice to have. But if I were strapped for cash I'd pass for a price drop and better games.

    AR Games are kinda fun. SSFIV is pretty good but I hate the controls (prefer iPhone or better yet my stick on Xbox).

    About a month ago, I was so hyped for the 3DS. I even came close to pre ordering one once (I'm a unibum, so I backed out). But now that's it's here and I've been reading impressions since the J launch, I'm glad I've held off.

    It comes down to 3 problems for me:
    1. Games: The only one that interest me atm is SF4, which I already have on PS3
    2. 3D: I want the 3DS for the 3D. Call me a sucker for a gimmick if you must, but that's what I want from the system. So to hear most critics say they eventually turned the 3D feature completely off is pretty dissappointing.
    3. Battery: Not that I would play it out in public for more than 3 hours, but even at home, it would be a hassle to always have it plugged in.

    Now all 3 of these problems can be solved by 1 thing: waiting for a newer model (3DS lite, if you will). So that's my plan, thanks for asking.

    @Mark and other with 3DS's:

    Do you people have a little bit of wobble to the top screen once you open it and it clicks into place?

    Is it something I should be worried about...It's less but the wobble is annoying when playing face raiders because I can feel the top screen wobble just a bit.

    Also about the SF4 but have it on console and Ipod...didnt pick it up. Went with Ghost Recon which looks like a meatier experience...will probably pick up Pro evo or wait for zelda.

    And people talk about headaches...I dont have a problem while playing the 3DS...did so for more than an hour without any problem...however as soon as I switched to my laptop screen, it was a weird feeling...not a headache but feeling that something ain't right.

    Is Nintendo finally going ahead with its "blind them all, then enslave them all" strategy?

      Yeah, mine does that. Feels a bit crap. Just the way it's built I guess.

        Hope it stays put. And if this is widespread, hope Nintendo does free repairs.

        Whats your friend code Mark?
        Add me: 4468-0988-4009

        Mine also has a bit of movement. doesn't feel great. doesn't matter there will be a 3ds lite soon to fix these small problems just like the original ds.

      Totally agree with the laptop screen thing. I was half expecting it to be in 3D :P

    got mine at 9am totaly amazing :D

    Picked mine up at 9 am this morning when Knox shopping centre opened. first impressions are good and for some reason even though the top screen is technically only slightly bigger then dsi it feels really big. i don't know why but yeah(in 3d and 2d). I would like to comment on build quality, while i'm sure it will last a few years everything about it just seems kinda cheap. the screen hinge seems loose and the plastics seem less solid, maybe its just me but yeah. Overall though, great new device. But i would wait until zelda comes out though, if you can get one.

      Also just like to quickly add. the box it comes in seems a completely different shape to those that other countries are getting, its more squary and seems kinda like a dsi xl box? also has space in it at the top.

    omg i missed out... went to kmart after school and there were none left :(

    Guys who have bought the Ubisoft games...can you register your game with the CLub Nintendo code?

    Mine says invalid..and many others are having the same problem with Ghost Recon, Rayman and Rabbids...

    Just got home with it then, playing around on the built-in software.
    3D doesn't seem to affect me too much and my eyes adjusted straight away.
    Picked up Star Wars, I'll give that a go after I shower and pick up some more beer!
    Also, friend code: 1934-0682-3127

    Went in when EB opened at 8. I was pleasantly surprised when they invited me to price match with K-Mart for $288 dollars (down from 350), which I was going to do anyway. Also got SF4. Unfortunately, I had to go straight to work and I'm still here for another 2 hours or so :S, but brief impressions are excellent.

    Speaking of which, anyone know of anywhere I can get Ghost Recon on the cheap without buying a console at the same time? EB's deal is incompatible with price matching .

      Picked up my copy from Dick Smith for $59. JB and EB were sold out.

      Also, friend code: 5327 - 0924 - 5029

    Over rated, wait for the price drop and a bigger game line up.

    I'll get one eventually but the list of games right now isn't very impressive. I may even wait till the inevitable next iteration and hope they address the horrendous battery life.

    Got one delivered to me today from online Dick Smith preorder.

    Friend Code is 2878-9610-4118.

    It seems pretty awesome so far, the 3d is different, but I like it.

    I have one but i'm stumped on a particular problem. I need to enter a 63 char WPA2 AES key and yet, the virtual keyboard doesn't have a \ key and the symbols key is greyed out? Have I missed something incredibly obvious? I really don't want to break all the wireless in my house...

    Mark, added you. Feel free to add me: 4253-3505-9507

    Anyone can add me, reply if you do and provide your code so I can add you.

    My USA 3DS arrived today. But the games are nowhere to be found. grr. Hopefully they show up tomorrow. The pack in software is a hoot. Couldn't stop laughing at the evil laughing head of myself in face raiders. The 3D adds a nice layer of depth and once your in the sweet spot it feels natural. Managed to play some SSFIV3D at JB and was pretty impressed with the visuals.
    Once again Nintendo has given us something fresh in a market that is increasingly growing stagnant.

    So - regardless of the Sony NGP I was a skeptical of the 3DS. I collect consoles for the sake of it and wanted one for my collection, but wastn sure how soon I would part with my money over this one. Im a Sony enthusiast anyhow, but, upon getting the 3DS home and having a play I freaking loved it. I didnt buy any games, ill get some this morning, but the AR stuff was very cool. I noticed that with poor lighting it doesnt work and as soon as you get in a postion where your face reflects off the screen - you dont experience 3D. Overall though, the machine is aweosme, good clean menus, easy to navigate, even the graphics are pretty cool. All that i need now is Mario 3d and Pilotwings and ill be cruising! And PS, I think tha NGP is going to be incredible!

    got one as soon as the store opened on launch day

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