Megacities Of The Future Are Where Giant Mechs Shoot Each Other

The mech combat genre is one that's died off in recent years. Indie shooter Hawken is hoping to change that, and for a game being developed by a "a small independent game studio" looks absolutely amazing.

Set in what looks like an Asian megacity of the future, Hawken is a first-person, multiplayer mech combat game that will hopefully be released on 360, PS3 and PC (though it could be any combination of them!). It's planned as a downloadable game, and has been built using Epic's Unreal Engine.

There's no word on a release date. Which is a shame, because boy, this looks great. You can see some screenshots at the game's site below.



    It looks damn impressive. I am so hoping this isnt some sort of MMO.

    the city looks amazing - the filthy-future, blade-runner aesthetic. those stacked buildings are great.

    i wonder are we basically talking death-match with rocket-packs? i hope it's something a bit less hackneyed. if anyone can break the mold, it's the indy ventures. i'll be watching and waiting

    That last scene inside the cockpit was all I needed to see.

    Bring on a release date.

    This is remarkable.
    My jaw was open for the entire time watching this.

    You mean decent western ones :3
    Armored Core, Chromehound,Gundam games, Macross games would all like a word with you.

    This looks fantastic. Now, let's see if it actually gets released!

    OOH!! It takes me back to Phantom Crash on the Xbox.
    Also makes me wonder what happened to Steel Battalions and the AWESOME Steel Battalions controller.

    I played a Gundam arcade game while in Japan, where you actually sit inside a cockpit. It was fun, but a little aged. This looks completely epic.

    How is this amazing???

    It just looks like a stolen IP

    Am i that old that nobody has played MECHWARRIOR?

    Great looking game from the indie devs, shame we have to wait till the end of the year!

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