This Is The Useful, Little Bed Packed With Every 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is the first dedicated portable video game system to come with a charging station. Nintendo calls it a cradle.

With its inclusion, Nintendo is nudging 3DS owners to dock their system all the time, probably to keep them from being without a charge, given that the 3DS battery could pack as little as three hours of power on some settings.

The cradle is easy to use. I got my 3DS today - it goes on sale in North America on March 27 - and will see if this thing is a convenience or an encumbrance. Hopefully the former.


    This is kind of ridiculous, wouldn't it make sense to have but a semi-decent battery in it to start with? How the heck did this get past the initial design stage?? That being said, i still want one baaaad.

    A cradle charger is great for me t home as I play my DS whenever the missus is on facebook and I can't be bothered watching a movie or TV show. My nephew is a different story.

    He plays during the long trips up and down the cast and 3 hours just won't cut it. Not to mention he'd then have to pack and ship the cradle with him. This really is a deal breaker for travellers wanting mobile gaming.

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