What Are You Playing This Weekend

You know what - I have to be honest with you. My 'game' plan this weekend involves trying to crack 200,000 on Tiny Wings on my iPhone. That's how bad my addiction has become in the last couple of days. I'll probably dive into the career mode on Fight Night Champion as well - but what are you guys up to this weekend?

I'm also planning another getaway into the the Kotaku Minecraft server. I've just recently started playing the game, and I'm really starting to get a sense for the possibilities. I was one of those poor souls that didn't really 'get' Minecraft to begin with, but it's all starting to click.

Also, it's quite depressing, but my pile of shame is starting to pile up dramatically and something needs to be done. I have too many games still in their cellophane, and that is not cool. Not cool at all. Fight Night Champion, Dragon Age II - I haven't even started these games yet. And I still have to finish Dead Space and Ghost Trick - games I've really, really been enjoying. I need to get my mojo back.


But anyway, what of you chaps? Any major plans? What games are you playing this weekend?


    NBA Jam and thanks to a parcel arriving yesterday... MvC3!!! SWEEEEEET!!! Probably some Words with Friends against my sister on my Galaxy Tab too!

      Haha Words FTW! Keeps me going through the working day.

    Mark, you need to play Dragon Age II and let me know what you think.

    Also, Fight Night Champion is fantastic. Just be prepared to have a really technical boxing game. Jab, go for the body, fakes, weaving... all that good stuff.

    Replaying DA:O Witch Hunt DLC before moving on to Dragon Age II.

    Also, my cousin os coming over from Scotland so probably cracking out so classic NES and a round or two of Tekken 2 for old time's sake.

    As for what I'm playing....

    Dragon Age 2, most likely. Maybe wash it down with some Witcher. Gonna binge on RPG's.

    Tiny Wings for me too. Just got to the 26x nest - now I have to get 175,000?!

    I don't forsee much gaming this weekend. Shopping with the missus, drinking on the Sunday, eBoy jigsaw on the Monday. Definitely looking forward to spacing out.

    DA 2.. I'll be out of solitary in about 80 hours or so... :)

    New maps on Blops & Pokemon White :D

    Every time I post a game here I never end up playing. So this week I will try some reverse psychology and see how it goes.

    I definetly WILL NOT be playing Pokemon White because it is still in the mail.

    Wish me luck.

      Hey... Dragon Quest IX is *my* lover!!



    Bought Sam and Max Devil's Playhouse for the ps3 this morning. So happy that it's a long weekend!

    Sat = Girlfriends Birthday
    Sun = A-League Grand Final (Go Mariners!)

    So nothing!

    I'm gonna alternate between splashing about colour in De Blob 2 and splattering my avatar with blood in Dragon Age II.

    Good times ahoy.

      Thinking about creating my Dragon Age II dwarf: Hambread Baconpubes.

        Didn't you hear Marky? Can't create dwarves in DAII (as far as I know). You can only create your human 'Hawke' character. Baconpubes will have to be made in DA:O.

          Yay! Marks gonna play DA:O

          Aye, Jamie speaks truth. No little person avatars.

          Which is why I busted out the grey hair, set my wrinkles to 'ancient' and called myself Bob Hawke.

            I made mine look like Bruce Willis... I'm calling him Hudson.

          I'm not on my home computer, but I took a screengrab of my Dwarven character in DA:O saying his name: Stink Foodbeard. A Dwarven Noble.


        Can't create dwarves in DA2, only DA1.

        Also, Flatulus Maximus.

    I'm not really a minecraft player, but my friend gave me his 2nd account so apparantly we'll be playing that on his server this weekend, along with some rift that he conned me into buying!

    I've got a couple of games I'll be playing.

    First is Trauma Center, so that I can write that entry about comparing playing the game now to how awesome I remembered it being. Already I can tell you guys that my memory was a little rose-tinted, but the game is still definitely awesome.

    Then there's Demon's Souls, because Buttercup is an attention whore that demands I devote some time to her.

    I'm also going to sit down and play me some MvC3. I need to get better at that game because it's a lot of fun, and it's even more fun when you're winning.

    Finally, Tiny Wings. I saw people talking about it here so I bought it two days ago. So far I've only managed to get a score of ~110,000 with the 24x nest. Trying to get the 26x nest, but that requires getting to Island 4 without any perfect dives. How the hell do you pull that off?

      That's exactly what I want to know. I can't even get off the first island with out accidentally doing a perfect slide. I'm having trouble getting 34 seconds of frenzy, too. Always seem to crash out at 32 or 33.something. Frustration!

      That said, I do love how the game lulls you into a routine and gives you a wake-up call by making you flip the screen, or deliberately play badly. Definitely keeps it interesting.

      Oh, and the islands remind me of boiled lollies. Fun!

        Been absolutely addicted to Tiny Wings.
        Top score of 206888. Maxed out nests at 28x!
        Great little game!

        Want to get back to Mass Effect 2 this weekend!

      Try to land right on the top of each hill and then bounce and slide down. It takes a bit of practice, I only just got it a few days ago. I've got my 28x next now and there's no going higher which is a shame as I was enjoying the challenges :D

    Curse you all for introducing me to Tiny Wings! It's like crack. Tasty, tasty crack!

    Apart from more Tiny Wings, I think I'll be Rock Band 3ing it this weekend. Still having a lot of fun with it. Then maybe some 3D Dot Game Heroes to wind down. Picked it up at JB for $40, and it's pretty rad.

    Continuing my Minecraft project (urgh cleaving mountains in two with tools is LONG work :P). Also gonna be doing some more Star Battle custom map fights on Starcraft 2 (Thinking of joining the league actually), and continuing on my Engineer through Mass Effect 2. Fun fun!

    I was going to play Dragon Age 2 but I forgot I had Awakening and some DLC. Gotta finish that before the sequel or I'll never get back to it.

    loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment = Dragon Age 2

    Dragon Age 2 is Anti-Life.

    (with apologies to Mr Morrison)

    Wait. Weren't you playing Ghost Trick something like 2 months ago, Mark?

    As for me, POKEMONS
    *foams at mouth*

    Blinds down, lights off, sound up high and dead space 2! Then intermittent injections of pokemon white to get the heart rate down.

    Dragon Age II for me. Yakuza 4 and Ar Tonelico 3 (US) are both out next week as well so I need to get DA2 done this weekend. :\

    Try to finish off some games in my pile o' shame I think.

    black-op new maps and gonna buy minecraft and gonna see what all the fuss is about!

    I'm off to Sydney for the weekend with Mrs Braaains, so no gaming for me. Unless I can squeeze in some Fallout 3, BC2 or KZ3 after we return on Sunday night.

    I going to hire Fight Night Champion and play MvsC3 if my brain can handle all the colors and lights....

    Community Playdate with Perfect Dark tonight.
    Pipe band on Saturday and Sunday...

    Monday is a public holiday so I shall be smiting fools in Dragon Age 2, and I'll probably cave and buy Minecraft too.
    Does anyone know if it will run on a 2 year old laptop?

      Depends how good it was initially. I would say yes. My 3 year old Macbook Pro with 4GB of RAM usually has no problems... though it did die for a while there when running with super long draw distances.

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