Aussie Nintendo Store - Best Update Ever

Earthbound, Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Sunshine and Duke Nukem Forever all hit the Nintendo DSi this week. Meanwhile the Wii get's nothing. All this and more in this weeks update.

No I wasn't even trying to fool! Here's the real update.

Virtual Console

Brawl Brothers (JALECO, Super NES, 800 points) - The sequal to Rival Turf is finally upon us, you know you've been waiting for it.

And that's it, just the one games. No that's not a joke either. Although it kind of is.


    You had me there for a while.

    Was about to explode into full scale rant!!!

    Would have been believable if it was solely Mario Sunshine for 3DS or something

      I would personally love to play Sunshine on the 3DS. Sunshine was so underrated.

      Won't happen though.

        Yeah I loved Sunshine too. Was the first Gamecube I owned. It just oozed character.

    You do know that if you april fool someone after midday then you become the april fool don't you?

      This is the internet. It is before midday somewhere around the world.

      Also, rules vary depending on who you ask. Most internet pranks last 24 hours.

    Grr, this day... I've been fooled about eight times. >:-(

    Son of a.... I would LOVE to get Super Mario Sunshine on my 3DS.
    Our Nintendo Store won't be up for a while, but even when it does it'll be sh*t. We don't even have Cave Story DSi Ware yet.

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