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Hey guys, everyone is reading this over my shoulder. I was the last person to get ready for the IT Journo Awards tonight because it took me ages to get my contacts in! Argh! I have to leave in 10 minutes, so I'll make this quick...

This week I'm giving James Mac the Community Kudos award. Why? Well because he is always here. He is always awesome, and he never expects any recognition for it. I've been off for most of this week, so haven't been completely up on everything that was going on in TAY and such like, but I've always wanted to reward James Mac for being a great member, I just haven't had an overwhelming reason to yet.

This week seems as good as any. So congrats James Mac. It's great having you around, you make an awesome contribution to this site and it's about time I saluted you for said contribution!

And sorry for rushing off on you guys like this. Wish us luck, and hopefully we'll bring back the gold for Kotaku!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats James Mac, as Mark says you're always 'ere and contributing so it's well deserved!

    Also, best of luck Mark/Kotaku/Allure - do us proud! :D

    Congrats James Mac! Hopefully the congrats can be passed onto others after tonight as well...

    Nice. Congrats to my black shadow :)

    Best. Tags. Ever.

    Grats James!

    Good luck Mark! Reckon you'll do great.

    "it's all about these babies"
    They don't bite.. it's ok...

    Elly looks hot in her dress, hey? Can we get a signed picture of that?

    Best of luck for tonight.. you have been absolutely AMAZING since you took over at this old shack... you deserve it, fly guy!
    Have fun

    And to James Mac.. much much deserved, as always.

    Congrats mate :)

    Got my fingers crossed for you guys! Life just wouldn't be the same without Kotaku!! Love you guys!!

    And yay James Mac! A WINNER IS YOU!

    Does Seamus look hot in his dress too?
    Grats Mac, and good luck Allure crew!

    Go Mac daddy ;)

    Gratz to James Mac!

    Does that mean Jimu will be next?
    And then, possibly me? *nudge nudge wink wink*

    Nice one, James Mac!
    I've been loving your stealth commenting style recently. Popping in and piping up with the most awesome and drink-spray inducing remarks only to sneak away again leaving me wondering if I'd only imagined you were here at all.

    And I still can't believe Sir. Serrels didn't think me nominating you for being a good kisser all those months ago was an overwhelming enough reason....

      In order to ensure the validity of nominations he had stringent... testing... requirements.

      I wasn't prepared to go through them.

      I've just logged on this morning and seen all the comments.
      Thank you to everyone and well done to the gang for winning last night. I haven't seen pictures, but I trust Elly made Seamus get a haircut before hand.

    Yeah good choice. Even if he did steal someones handle. Nice one.

    I'm too late to add congrats to James! So, if he was to read this, I'd say congrats mate, but since he will never see this, I'm gonna play with a pop-ball I just found in a box of old junk of mine. :-D

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