LunchTimeWaster: DN8 IS GR8

DN8 may initially feel like a textbook example of style over substance. But bloody hell it has a lot of style - and in its own way, it actually has a lot of substance.

It's a shooter, but one that manages to integrate its slick user interface into the gameplay itself. It's accessible - a shooter that automates the shooting whilst you manage the manoeuvring side of things; a clever move since most shooters have you holding down the trigger finger constantly.

But what I really love about DN8 is that it feels tailor made for a track pad. I often wonder why more games - especially flash games - aren't optimised for laptops. Plenty of people are gaming on laptops, and I'd love to see more games, like DN8, that function well on a trackpad as well as mouse and keyboard.

Stylish, innovative and clever, I reckon you should give DN8 a whirl.

DN8 [Newgrounds]


    I haven't tried this game yet, but I will say that after starting playing both mInecraft and portal 2 with a mouse, I actually found it easier to continue playing both with my MacBook pro's trackpad! In the case of portal 2 I actually finished it that way! So even though these games were probably not designed with trackpads in mind, it is a perfectly useable input method for some "real" games.

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