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Feel like pointin' and clickin' through an old school adventure game like a Medieval Jack Bauer? Of course you do. I Have 1 Day features a unique time mechanic and gives you, much like the mighty Bauer, a single day to complete the game. It's not in real time, of course, but the gimmick is interesting nonetheless.

Post-Monkey Island, most adventure games are mega-forgiving and refuse to kill players at any time. I Have 1 Day does have fail states, but counters this with a time mechanic that allows you to go back in time to points before you made poor choices.

I've enjoyed what I've played so far - with intuitive point and click controls and mostly logical puzzles, I Have 1 Day is a top throwback to a bygone age. Give it a bash.

I Have 1 Day [maxgames]


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