What Are You Playing This Weekend

This weekend, alas, will most likely be utterly game free. My brother in-law, and Kotaku's web designer, Ben White has just had a baby - making him a Dad for the first time, and me an Uncle. But anyway - that's enough from me. What are you guys playing this weekend?

If I'm lucky I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze in some more 3DS time. I've started to really, really enjoy Super Street Fighter IV - after initially being wary - so I'll probably work on my mad Ken-spam skills when I get a chance.

I've also started playing Crysis 2 - ignoring my mass backlog of games I haven't gotten round to finishing yet - and I think it may just be one of my favourite games of this year so far. I enjoyed the first on PC, but the sequel just seems a bit more streamlined and approachable - that, combined with the strategic ways you can combine abilities and approach situations, has really engaged me.

It's wishful thinking, but I'd also like to get the chance to play some more WWE All Stars. It's been years since a decent wrestling game has hit consoles and WWE All Stars is truly a top wrestling game.

What about you guys? What's the plan for the weekend?


    So glad you started playing Crysis 2. Too many reviews say it sucks, but I found it to be immense fun!

    You begin adoring the game at around the 3-5 hour point, when you finally pin down that damned scientist!

      It's so weird that, despite being bored shitless with shooters, I'm enjoying Crysis.

      Think it's just a relief to play something that doesn't feel like Call of Duty. Crysis 2 has it's own feel and its own mechanics. Loving it so far.

        Really? The Crysis 2 multiplayer demo felt like an ugly mashup of COD and Halo. I can see where the appeal lies but frankly I'd rather just play COD or Halo. Plus I'm not really looking for another multipalyer game right now.

        I was tempted to rent it for the single player campaign, but I've only been hearing negative things about it - maybe that's just PC elitists trolling us console fanboys.

          Just finished Crysis 2 SP last night and it was a good weird ending. Not really impressed with MP but that was the same with Crysis 1. SP Crysis 2 is well worth it on it's own in my book and there are some real nice set pieces. Playing Crysis 1 isn't required but does help a bit with the narrative towards the end of the game.

          As for this weekend, more AC:Brotherhood on PC. I've relented and will try EVE Online once it's dloaded. Curse Kotaku and the story of pretty nebula. :P If I'm never heard from again send out a search party. A part of me hopes I hate it from the start but I'm a Sci-Fi junkie...

          The multiplayer demo was kind of disappoint but I don't see this as a multiplayer game. I think multiplayer was probably tacked on and just copied the ideas from the COD series, a series I'm already sick of.

          The single player is where it is at. Big open areas to fight in, lots of tactical options, I could use a few more weapon types but the ability to put any attachment you want on a gun at any time is great fun. You can even upgrade the suit, what more could you want?

          I've heard people say it took them 10 hours to complete, on normal, which was actually easy for an FPS player, I did it in about 8. As soon as I finished it I was happy to start again. There's the odd AI glitch here and there but other than that I have no complaints.

          Finally a game that stands up on its single player alone.

    Yeah, man. I'm on the hunt, too! I've played the crap outta most of my games and I'm waiting for my son's friend to finish Crysis 2...

    So I'm going retro! If i can find Medal of Honor Airborne and Tier 1 for decent prices on PC, then I'm IN!

    If not... Then grinding away on Infinity Blade while my son impatiently waits for his Ipod Touch, back... ;)

    I'm either going to finish the playthrough of Quake 4 I started 2 weeks ago, or Half Life 2 Episode 2.

    Not that it matters, I'm meeting William Shatner on Sunday :D

    Picked up the Tomb Raider Trilogy and will probably play the first two games. Never got round to playing Legend before. Doesn't seem too bad.

    I will also finish off Parasite Eve II so I'm all set for 3rd Birthday.

      I quite enjoyed the new Tomb Raiders, and especially Legend. You will probably enjoy it too!

        I played Anniversary on Wii and already had Underworld on the PS3. Can't say I enjoyed the last one but I enjoyed the first level of Legend. I've heard a lot of good things about it.

    WWE All Stars, Street Fighter 3D and probably some miscellaneous Shift 2 or some other... stuff.

    Hopefully I can have a respectable bout of fisticuffs with you over the weekend sometime, Sir Mark. Your Ken spamming skills will be no match for Dudley's ducks, weaves and fireball dodging feints.


    Also, WWE All stars *is* incredible. Especially the dream matches where you get those really kick-ass FMV's about wrestler's legacies. That, and juggling some sap before throwing them out of the ring is always funny.

    Hit detection? in MY wrestling game? It's more likely than you think!

    This may come as a complete shock to everyone, but I shall be playing Demon's Souls.

    Also, I might spend a few hours mucking about in MvC3. Need to level up my Doom.

      I actually just restarted Demon's Souls last week (not New Game +, sadly - lost my completed save when my PS3 died last year, so it's right back to the beginning for me).

      So I'll be splitting my gaming between Demon's Souls, Fallout 3, GT5 and BC2. A little bit of everything - I am a true renaissance man.

    Well, I recently got my copy of Mass Effect 2 back from a friend and downloaded all the DLC for it. My wife has suddenly decided Mass Effect interests her, and this week has played through ME1 and imported a character into ME2. At the rate she is going, I expect she will have finished ME2 by tomorrow evening, and then I get to play "watch my wife replay ME1 doing all the side missions instead of rushing through the story".

    I'll be playing on my 3DS, probably at the same time I'm playing through an epic Shogun 2 campaign and maybe mix it up with a little Dragon Age 2. Might log in to Rift for a few quests if I have time.

    I'll be playing Star Ocean: The last hope.

      Kay ;)

      You will be sick of that word very quickly.

      Let me know if it's worth investing time into. I played for a very short time but found it boring.

        Funny story, I got the urge to play some JRPG games a while ago. And I ordered this game on ebay on the 4th of Jan. It arrived this Monday. So my initial enthusiasm for the genre has waned somewhat.

        But, for a JRPG it's pretty good. I'm not too far into it though. I've just finished the first boss. The game is somewhat hit and miss. So far (and I'll probably be totally wrong about this later) the battle system seems a little simplified. I was a megafan of the ultra complicated system in Tri-Ace's other game Resonance of Fate. So being able to defeat enemies by mashing the X button seems a little too simplified.

        The trade off is that the characters are infinitely more likeable than they are in Resonance of Fate. The whole game is kinda handled with this sense of camp, I think it kinda knows it's totally stupid and encourages you to laugh with it.

        So far I've found that the game does expect you to be a little grind-happy. But I don't really mind levelling up my character.

          Heads up Andrew you're in for a loooong ride. I think I plugged around 40 hours into that game and only just finished getting the last party member (Who is totally awesome)

    If my Oz Game Shop order rocks up today, Crysis 2. If not, I'm going to try and finish Haze. I bought it last week when I saw it was cheap and because I felt guilty that it was the only game I'd ever cancelled a pre-order on. Thing is, it's actually not that bad.

    The Mantel Trooper sections suck balls, but I've just started as a Promise Hand rebel and I'm really enjoying it.

    Also got a screening on Saturday night of some of our films, so if you're on the Gold Coast come check them out. Deets at

    Hacking away at Tiger Woods 12, from the brief look at the game last night, think I am going to enjoy a golf game again, the small teaks to the Career Mode are nice.

    Darksiders. MvC3. Deadly Premonition.

    And Chinatown Wars on the TWO DIMENSIONAL DS.

    Rolling some 3ds, minecraft and deus ex for the billionth time.

    Congrats Ben! Everyone doing well? Boy or girl?!

    (although, you make it sound like he physically gave birth... true/false?)

    And you know what this means Mark - because of all the emotion 'n' stuff, the chances of a lil' Mark running around have exponentially increased... :P

    [Also, can you run a competition to name the baby...? ;D ]

    I'm going to play "Cleaning My Room With Little Enthusiasm"
    Plus some Darksiders (Man, I'm getting seriously bored this time around)

      Ya, I'll be playing Darksiders too. I picked a copy up cheap about a week ago and have been playing bits here and there since then. Hoping to finish it this weekend.

        I really enjoyed it. Plus I'm a fan of Joe Madureira art style.
        I'm working on 100%ing it this time, so it's a bit tiresome.

    Rainbow Six Vegas and Oblivion Lost mod for STALKER SOC.

    Gonna play Mass Effect on Hardcore difficulty starting as an Adept w/ Assault Rifle specialty, will be interesting. Also will continue my fortress in minecraft (Dunno whether I should try making one on the online server, but I will come online to check how well my lag is this time round)

    And on the ps3/ps2 will be going on either Kingdom Hearts or continue on the journey in Castlevania: LoS

    I'll be eating cookies and playing with my wolf in minecraft.

    I guess that is my oply option because i cant connect to XBL at the moment!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone should be playing Shogun 2. I say this with the vigour of a born again christian that has just found Jesus and wants to share it with the world.

      If only I could get the damned thing to play. 20mins in it crashes, every time. I've gone through all the various crash things, and no avail.. One of the most crashiest games I've played out of the box.

    3DS for me this weekend. Got SSF4, but mite pick up another game for it this weekend to mix it up a bit. Luvin it so far though. My eyes were a bit strained yesterday on launch day, but completely fine today:)

    Pokémon White, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Minecraft with wolves, and maybe pwning some more n00bs on Magic The Gathering. By which I mean losing miserably 90% of the time. If you have MTG on XBLA, come have a game with me!

    Wind Waker. And maybe the AC:B Da Vinci chapters.

    Jade Empire. I found a LE copy for $6.50. Win.


      That game really is a flawed gem. Bioware took a risk with a unique IP, and it's a pretty awesome game even if some bits aren't very polished.

    I'll be playing Pokemon White. Maybe some Killzone 3 multiplayer and some WoW. I'm thinking of renting a game for the weekend. Maybe Demons Souls just to see what all the fuss is about.

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