'Anonymous' Respond To PSN Allegations

Plenty have suggested that the internet group 'Anonymous' were behind the PSN breach, whilst many security experts have claimed otherwise. Now a release from someone claiming to represent the group has responded to recent allegations published in the Financial Times claiming that the information was "incorrect".

First, let us consider a different article by Menn published on the Financial Times website and entitled "Hackers Warned of Arrest" [2] . This poor piece of journalism has already been extensively referenced in the Sony matter and is being used by many people who oppose Anonymous as proof of guilt. The only quoted source used by Menn was the now infamous Aaron Barr, former CEO of the humiliated HBGary. Barr made the claim that a chat room called #anonymous, founded by the identity "Q", was irrefutable proof that this "Q" began the movement known as Anonymous. Confident in his assertion, he attempted to sell this and other pieces of so-called "intelligence" about the nature of Anonymous to the U.S. FBI.

His information, however, was incorrect. It would be considered common knowledge that Anonymous began as a "meme", or shared belief, at the turn of the century and later developed to become a "global collective conscience" in 2006. But it was not until 2008 that Anonymous became a true display of "power in numbers". Organised protests against the "Church" of Scientology were staged in over 140 cities around the world, forever associating the Guy Fawkes mask and the right to protest with the movement.

Second, just like Anonymous, John Doe and Joe Bloggs are placeholders, rather than proper names, and are available for free use without repercussions. However because of this, there is no membership to Anonymous and anyone can claim to be a "member". It could be said that "Anonymous is anonymous to Anonymous".

Barr and Menn did not pause to protect the integrity of their professions, but instead made clearly misinformed assumptions, and accordingly published a factually incorrect article. The article was highly scrutinized as being blatantly biased against Anonymous and its participants, and many readers pointed out obvious inconsistencies in the technicalities, and the physical time line.

Third, in the primary article, Menn claims that a "member" of Anonymous, Kayla, made comments as an apparent admission of guilt from the "leaders". Kayla reportedly said, "If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it". This statement is inherently weak; an equivalent statement would be that "I confess to being human. Humans performed the attack". Andy Greenburg at Forbes [3]got it right.

Finally, Menn's reference to "technical details" [1]regarding a vulnerability in Sony's network without revealing actual content isn't useful. Until the forensics reports are released we don't know which exploit was used. The forensic investigators need to conclude their work, and speculation in articles, blogs and comments brings the factual results no closer.

The statement then goes on to criticise Sony for attempting to deflect attention from their own security issues by blaming anonymous, before concluding with a thinly veiled threat.

Outraged about the blatant coverup and shameful misdeeds, other internet hacker groups will apparently proceed with attacks [9]over Sony's mishandling of the matter. These reactions prove that requesting legislation to cover up corporate crimes and the abuse of law is frowned upon by all online communities, not just the Legion of Anonymous. Apparently Sony will have to learn the hard way that corporate malfeasance will not go unpunished. When the dust settles Sony may have more to fear from a massive class action lawsuit by their user base than the brief actions of the Global Hacker Nerd Brigade, Anonymous... Let THE GAMEs begin. :>

Most security experts we've spoken to believe that Anonymous were not behind the attacks.

Thanks to Ultros from Neogaf for the heads up.


    Holy hell.

    So there's to be MORE attacks on Sony?
    These idiot children really need to step out of their parent's basements and interact with the real world. Clearly their sense of reality is warped from all this crusader rhetoric tripe that they've allowed themselves to believe in.

    This is getting silly.

      Yeah Cody - because all these people learn the intricacies of an immensely-complex networking system by looking at mom's washing machine. Grow up.

        You are a lil bitch kthxbye

        Its called a computer and the Internet...

        no they just learn it because they cant get laid and they are worthless little kids

          If their system is so "immensely complex" how is it that everyone is hacking it? I just want PSN back so I can game ffs. -_-'

      "AHHHH!!! THE SUN!!!"

    Still giving these shit heads air time and holding them up as some bastion of truth and justice?

    These idiots lie more than Sony.

      Please I would love to see evidence of these lies. It seems they are actually doing something about truth and justice. They have exposed HBGary's unethical business practices and also exposed a law firms unethical lawsuits against people who they knew were not filesharing and forcing them into settlements.

      As for Sony, they have lied saying that anonymous did it. Even though the EXPERTS THEY HIRED says it isn't so. Also the whole thing with GeoHotz was horrible and underhanded.

      I think you are lashing out because you can't play your games.

        There's nothing to say that Sony are lying. I'm more inclined to believe it is indeed true, but the Anon tagline was left by an independent hacker looking to mislead investigations.

        Truth and justice? Oh that's alright then. They can have my details to flog so long as it helps truth and justice.

        Technically if that file was actually their they haven't lied about shite.

        As their post says Anonymous is anonymous to anonymous. and anyone can claim to be anonymous.

        It doesn't matter that these attacks are considered to be higher in skill-level than the average anonymous attack.

        The fact is anonymous doesn't know who have been, are or will be performing either an act sanctioned by it's community/conciousness what have you. So going of this information they can not with a 100% guarantee deny that this attack did not come from someone who has at one point or another performed a hack as part of anonymous.

        Absolutely every organisation has their own corrupt department that act in their own interest. and i bet anonymous is no different. And these people generally exercise different means than the rest of the company

        Until the actual hackers are caught we will never know if they were part of anonymous or not. And as such we can't know who is lying.

          You have to be organised to be an organisation. Anonymous is literally anyone who throws up the hood of anonymity, it is not a specific group.

          Suggestions that there is a specific scale by which the skill of all members of Anonymous can be judged is inappropriate, as well. Knowledge and expertise can not only be increased, it can be replaced.

          As anyone could be an anonymous member of Anonymous, it's entirely relevant to note that there is the distinct possibility that the participants could change at any given time.

        For your HBGary amusement: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6156166/HBGary_leaked_email

        You guys should read the whole news release, not just this excerpt. A lot of people in comments are claiming things opposing clearly explained points not in the excerpt. Also, Anonymous didn't take down PSN, VISA did.

      agreed. these anonigs need to take the blindfold off, put down the scales, and stop effecting innocents more than sony itself has. we get it, you anonny's like linux on your game system, and apparently dont like change. leave the rest of us out of it. i think anybody in a guy fawk mask should watch for paint balls and bb's from now on... at least in the jax,fl. area.

    We didn't attack sony so we'll attack sony to prove it!

      Yeah, and we don't know how to hack so we'll criticise a hacker's actions. Wait, what is a hacker again?

        LOL, wut?! "Hack". Playing little guessing games and using stealing Nigerian botNets is not hacking.

        What world do you live in? The world that is the movie Hackers? I bet you have a "28.8 BBS modem" too.

          somebody warn the gibson!

      We did not attack Sony`s costumers we did attack sony.

      We attacked Sony during Sony ops however we are being framed for this attack to cover someones traces

        It's good to know Sony's costume department is in tact. Thanks for your time.

        Then why do any of it. All it is doing is depriving my right to play the network I prefer to play on. No one has the right to play God over something so trivial as one guy jailbreaking the PS3. I wouldn't say your group did it either, but your previous attack doesn't look good on you either. As far as identity theft goes. Who would want my identity anyway? I'm just a poor white boy who lives in a podunk town. Nothing too special here. But anyone that wants to hate now has my address and I'll be more than happy to accept a few "unwanted" guest.

        you's are cool Anonymous i love how you's attacked sony

          But i really get bored cause of sony's hack cause i cant play black ops LOL

        annonomous by definition: a bunch of angry wussies who hide behind keyboards and do childish acts to be disruptive for attention and to ruin everyones fun. Thanks you fucktards for ruining a good thing. If it wasnt you...youre still pos hackers.

    I trust Anonymous more than I trust big mouth kotaku commentators.

      Then you're an idiot.

      "I'll trust a massive collective of skript kiddies who mainly do things for shits and giggles over a corporation that has to abide by laws and all that"

        Show me a corporation that abides by laws, and I'll show you a company that shits on it's customers. Swings and roundabouts. Accountability will come from within or without.

        Look who's talking.

        SuperFred, I don't think you're a "corporation that has to follow laws and all that."

    Rules of the internet
    #19 The more you hate it the stronger it gets.

      And as if to prove my previous point, some one comes up with this nugget of wisdom for the topic at hand.

      Well said. What are the other Rules? I'd love to read 'em.

        You may find the rules here


          looks like something that the preschool came up with for extra credit. You have my address now? Im waiting for just one of these keyboard hiding cowards to show..


        Believe me you don’t want to read the other Rules...... but here is a Link anyway! http://rulesoftheinternet.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

      Rules of the internet
      #26 Be the Internet
      #27 To be the Internet you must reject the Sun

      Just read those "rules". Half of them don't make any sense which somewhat discloses a sense of your age. How come a few of them are mentioned twice? In case you forget? Or did someone "forget" to actually proof read it before pulishing it?

        Do not talk about /b/ references do not talk about the Figth club

        Copy n paste showing twice shows how the next rule was copy and pasted.

        I would have thougth someone with your "AGE" would have had the intelligence to figure that out

          Ha Ha very funny.

            I thougth so yes.

              Don't talk to me like you all bad or something. Face to face, the story would be a whole lot different. I too fight for the things I believe in.

      everyone knows you have a beef with sony but why make the rest of the world who have ps3 suffer cause of your crappy life if you want to hack someone hack the damn iraq war computers to stop the war not a country that is having problems cause of a massive earthquake you jack ass

    I want to play PSN games... Is that too much to ask...


    Jeez, "anonymous" are yearning to be relevant. I don't care tuppence.

    A bunch of kids who learned to use linux think they are the stalwarts of the internet huh?

    Grow up and get a job.

      Oh Puh-lease! Spoken like a true suckler of the teat of Gates

      I am not a statistician, but I'm willing to bet that since there are significantly more desktop PCs running a variant of Windows (87%) than Linux (<2% even including Android)[1], there's a similar skew in the OS of choice of hackers, if not more so since the "kids" are probably borrowing Mummies or Daddies PC in the first place

      [1] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems

    gah... i just want to use PSN... FFS leave it alone... stop the fn he said she said bullshit and give me magoddamnpsnback!!!!!!

    "Release from "someone" claiming to represent the group".

    So, doesn't that mean that "someone" else could have done the attacks, and a third "someone" did something else - all representing the group?

    It's not like there's a press core with "approved" releases.

    Everybody reading this article just lost THE GAME.

    Prepare to have your mind blown peeps...

    I reckon the reason for the PSN downtime is because it was an inside job, stick with me on this one... Sony has discovered that there is a major security flaw in their software, knowing that to fix the hole will mean rebuilding the entire network from scratch, knowing that gamers wont stomach the excuse of "there is a fatal flaw with our security software, we need to rebuild" so they just pinned the blame on hackers and anonymous because of the recent Geohot lawsuit.

    Think about it, how can hackers steal potentially hundreds upon hundreds of terabytes of data without Sony noticing someones intruding into their network and not immediately pull the network, again there little to no proof that it was even hacked other then Sonys word, its just that i find it a little bit dubious.

      Wow! That's so crazy... it must be true!

        I know it sounds crazy, but didnt Anonymous say a while ago that they didnt have resources to attack the PSN, unless that there is another, more sophisticated group then Anonymous that no one knows about*

        As i see it, Anonymous is more about causing mischief, but what has happened here is something malicious and if they found out can lead then to prison terms on the account of illegal trespassing and theft of sensitive data and most likely illegal hacking.

        Sorry, ill take my tinfoil hat off so the government can again steal my thoughts.

        * probably...

          I'm with ya on this one. Surely Sony, like most companies, have their share of disgruntled (ex)employees. How hard would it be, for someone with inside knowledge, to get into the network and gain access to MILLIONS of credit card details? Makes sense to blame hackers too, would you trust your credit card with a company if you knew their employees were dodgy?

      Sounds a shit tonne more credible than "HURR ANOYM0Z3 DID IT WE FOUND A TXT FIEL PROOFING IT DERP DERP DERP".

      Although this could just be me trying to cling to the idea that my Personal Data wasn't stolen. Still, I dont believe for a second that Anonymous did it, or one could say the same make of Anonymous who attacked those Scientologist crackpots.

        you rebel scum

      Yeah well if it were, then there wouldn't have been that article about somebody losing $2k


      Unless you're leaning towards it just being coincidence

        Credit card fraud happens every day in the world, yes it is a mighty big conicidence but it could have happened hundreds of ways, he could have used an unsecure, unencrypted transaction, he could have lost his credit card, used the card on a machine fitted with a skimming device... there are numerous ways it can happen.

          It's more 50-50, it's not enough to dismiss it as a coincidence, the timing is too good, but since it's only one incident, your argument can also be valid.

          Conspiracy nuts, your time is now! DISCUSS! :P

        Sony also made point in their OWN blog that no-one to date has lost any money. I read over this article again and personally, believe it was a stunt pulled by another TV station in order to fill time on the evening news.

      I don't think that they would intentionally open themselves up to litigation by saying that all that data was stolen if they only really needed down time to perform a rebuild. Even if that rebuild was to take weeks, they could have just blamed the down time on hackers without conceding data theft...

      It is possible it is a group of kids who were constantly hacking Call of Duty to the point of ridiculous until about a month ago got patch for Modern Warfare 2. Hear me out on this one.....
      About 2 months prior to the huge security breach, there were a lot of kids hosting hacked lobbies in ranked games. Alot of us called Sony about it and they would direct us to Activision. Activision would then direct us back to Sony. Then we contacted Infinity Ward (what's left of it). A week later I get an update for MW2 fixing the whole problem. Even the infamous rock glitch was fixed. It was like Christmas day. Then now all of this. Most likely those same "kids" got pissed off cause they got their ability to play God on CoD away and they are acting for vengeance. If anyone here plays CoD knows exactly what I'm talking about.
      During this PSN downtime, I was playing MW2 on XBL (XBox LIVE). About halfway through the 1st week I was finding hacked lobbies XBox. I sent an e-mail to XBL about it and within a day I never found another hacked lobby. But with that said, wouldn't that be a coincidence? Or a possible "lead" or "pattern"?

      No no no, You have the conspiracy theory all wrong.

      The PSN was taken down in order to help america use the processing power to find and capture Osama Bin Laden.

      The Problem is that in the meantime the PSN became sentient and decided to move on to the next thing america tried to find. then WMD's. Now it's stuck in a paradox, because there must be WMD's in Iraq but their isn't, But it can't accept this because no country would be stupid enough to invade another without the slightest scrap of evidence.

      The Reason credit card details have been lost is because the PSN needed to accumulate funds to perform it's searches.

      For anyone ready to shoot me down in flames, i dont believe that this is the case and what i have just said could be a remote possibility but should not be taken seriously.

      It was just a thought that occured while having lunch, thats all.

      "how can hackers steal potentially hundreds upon hundreds of terabytes of data without Sony noticing someones intruding into their network"

      Unfortunately, through the simpliest of attacks. There is an attack called a salami attack where instead of taking whole data items, only small pieces over an extended period of time are collected. Hence the name - you get it piece by piece like the real world meat product.

      Also, it has come to light that Sony keep the card details in an encrypted table while all other details in an unencrypted table behind a network instead. Assuming it is text based, the table could have easily been reduced to a insignificant size even with simple compression methods like gzip.

      So the sad truth it, it can be easily done - even more so since Sony has not exactly kept to best practices.

    Anonymous rather they did or didnt attack sony i could care less but if they do attack they will hurt all the millions to billion of people who work hard for their ps3 and games and cant relax and use psn plus the more attacks they do the longer their prison time will be if they will caught if they dont back down they will be so all im sayin to anonymous is let it go and back down or get arrested over something stupid your choice

    I think Spiderman did it.


        Speaking of conspiracy theories...

        Look at the font on this poster of Spiderman


        Now look at the font on the PS3


        It's the same font! Coincidence? I don't think so

        Clearly Spiderman is responsible for the PSN outage

        Explain that one skeptics!

      So if Spiderman does whatever a spider can, is it common for spiders to be hacking into Sony stuff?

    I believe this. Someone far more skillful did this. Anonymous are just a bunch of script kiddies. We've seen in the past that their attacks are nothing more than loading up programs like Winnuke and clicking on the little mushroom cloud. The HBGary attack was nothing more than good detective work and simple exploits.

    I still believe is was corporate theft and was an inside job. Any evidence to the contrary is nothing but smoke and mirrors.


    Anonymous threatens sony again!

      u mad bro ?

        coward you are....pure 100% coward. Lets have lunch you and I - Ill buy..bring your associates with you.

          You arent even affiliated- youre attention starved. Anon was caught flooding Sony at the same time everything was stolen so they, at the very least, where responsible for the distraction to the theft, which also makes them strong suspects in the theft. You personally are responsible for nothing....Ex anon's are about the release the identitys publicly for all of us to know..Lets see how they, not you, like that.. No honor amoung theives....

            WELL SAID JOE , these little cockroaches are running scared now , just a sad bunch of geeks , who grew up with no friends and turned to this cyber world to feel somewhat significant , sad , very sad , poor little wankers

    Anonymous is organised hate.
    Although anon are not directly responsible for the hacking, they are responsible for the hate. Anonymous painted the crosshairs over Sony and now so many innocent people have been affected.
    They should accept _some_ responsibility, their retaliation and aggression will only incite more anger and cause more problems.

    Imagine an anon without the malicious overtones. Less DDOS, more charitable activity (disaster relief, volunteering).

    The reason I don't believe Anonymous did it?
    They take pride in their work, they throw it around everywhere and let everyone know it was one of them who did stuff.

    If they're not gloating about it it wasn't them.

      That's exactly my reasoning.

        Except for the fact that this time, there's millions of people's personal details involved.

        I think they realise the bit off more than they can chew - if they were to own up to this, and then someone got backtraced, consequences would never be the same. Also: the FBI and other major groups are involved in this, it's not at all like the HBGary attack - this is major criminal stuff.

      We WOULD be taking pride in it if we DID do it.

        How retarded would you be to take pride in this?
        If you do get caught you're going to be screwed over by various governmental organizations alongside Sony itself, you'd have angry and potentially hostile PSN customers that could in all possibility harm you if your identity is released, and you essentially decrease credibility of Anon as being "Legion" granted it's not organized to begin with.

        but hey, sure, take all the pride you want

          Not to mention when you are on the inside, there will be a big brother named Tyrone or Bubba (depending on the region) awaiting your company in your new future home to be. Those guys don't throw house warming parties if you catch my drift.

        The "we" translates into about the same as when I refer to may favorite baseball team as "we". YOU are nothing, had nothing to do with it, or deserve any attention other than more from your mom because you are starved for it.

      Just like Al Qaeda took pride in their work but initially denied the 9/11 attacks? Poor reasoning here.

      I don't believe Anonymous did this, but for other reasons.

    EVERYBODY! switch to PC!

      Which also has Web capabilities? And the same possibility as Sony?

    It was the Weetos Clan!


    I'm only pointing the finger at them because they give Weetos a bad name...

    To teh Anon,

    You childish behavior and overall disdain toward society can only lead you one place. Its not these people that work for the FBI for a living chasing people like you have not seen someone do the same exact things you did to Sony. Sony was a pawn nothing more, even tho a super-sized pawn, and what you did to them is impressive.

    I would beg to differ that you are out to make things better in this world. You are out out to stay in the headlines and your "lulz" are nothing more than a speedbump along the way for companies like SONY. Even if not all the members sanctioned this attack you are directly tied to it now as a conspirator. You IRC channel and PM are now not safe once they turn that big, bright spotlight on you its going get really bad.

    I also want to say the mask is stupid you should have found something decent of your own. And when all this realy got started and i heard one of your guys say the all your base thing i almost died laughing. IM not a big computer guy but your Lerot Kenkins moment is about to cost you.

    A bunch of randoms thinking they're doing a service for the people by going after 'the bad guys', as if they'd become some sort of folk hero...it's sad really.

    I thank whoever did this. I have a life so i can go outside whenever i want because well.... its an option im presented.

    I dont have my credit card on PSN for a very fearful me worrying that the info may be stolen.... lol kinda helped me this case

    However i thank them because i will be receiving PSN+ free for 30 days for what 3 weeks of no service? oh well i have work to do anyways

    Who cares if it is Anonymous or not? They still are a bunch of hackers breaking through securities and laws. Either way you put it, Anonymous hackers will be tracked down soon enough and thrown into jail.

    They think they're smart by they are doing stuff that isn't against the law and stuff. It is illegal no matter how you put it, even if they did or did not hack Sony, they have done this before. They all deserve to be thrown in jail, and if anyone replies saying this is false, you're an imbecile, Anonymous do ILLEGAL stuff, they need to be in jail, regardless is they hacked or didn't hack sony.

      you smell of butthurt

        Expect a Seal team to busting down your door soon bro. The government knows where you live, expect them.

          The government would require information linking my IP to any of the attacks that they will not find as it doesnt exist

            Hmm... funny how back on the 21st there was another wanker on here pretending to be from Anonymous saying 'SORRY TO ALL GAMERS AFFECTED BUT SONY MUST BE DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY…'. Check the link in my name.

            Now your on here CLAIMING to be from Anonymous, saying you never did it.

            Make up your minds.

              You should actualy be learning from this seeing how easy it is to take up the name Anonymous and say i did or didnt do something.

              4chan is full of people named anonymous did they all take part?

            You cannot mask your IP by putting masking tape over your network port on your clamshell iBook.

            Anon, why would people even care about these dungeon tanned turbo nerds. They dont have your IP linking to the attack but they have your IP from when you visited and commented on this website you down syndrome retard. Actually Im 90% sure it wasn't you because whoever it was is smart enough to keep there mouth shut about it and NOT get caught, but if im wrong. If you really want to rebel get some guns and ammo and rebel, see what happens otherwise stick to call of duty nergins

              It actualy wasnt me. I have had no part in this ordeal other than posting and commenting on this website. Im am here mearly to show how people hate a name they have heard in the media yet dont understand.

                I understand it, I go on 4chan all the time, its full of a bunch of trolls that do this shit all the time. But the truth is that, its gotten so big, that probably half the people who are Anonymous just think its a cool idea and like any other "criminal" group like to feel like there apart of something. I know from experience I supported Anon at a rally. But when something like this effects working class people who also agree with freedom of speech. It does more negative than positive.

                  You sir are my favorite poster

                  it is not a anonymous attack however a rogue member could have done the attack

                  this does not mean Anon supports it. It means that someone attacked sony anonymous or not.

                But I do. I understand the nature of this hacker entity. Am I scared? No. When you all start hacking government databases, then I may get worried.

                  In that case id look into the Venus Project Chris

        The same smell anon is gonna have in prison. To qoute "u mad bro?"

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