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Hey everyone, Mark here - sniffing up mega boogers and writing my final Friday post. This week has been the week where our humble community seemed to explode into a mega posting frenzy - somehow without even being aware of it!

It's been awesome, and almost impossible to keep up with. Which is why I want to give the MegaTadMod and my brother in-law Ben White a shout out for hooking a numbers system to our TAY veins.

It's been awesome having TadMod in the office - despite the fact I pulled two awesome sickies this week and worked from home. My only regret was missing out on Elly taking Tad on an epic journey through her list of site suggestions. Would have loved to be there to watch TadMod's head explode.

I also want to give a shout out to the new guys! There seems to be a lot of newcomers to Talk Amongst Yourselves and that's awesome. I'd like to single out AnonymousPessimist who has been posting up a storm.

This week has also been about the triumphant return of Tha Loops. You've been missed my handsome, handsome friend. Just know that each and every time I write 'lol' in reply to one of your posts, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

However this week's Community Kudos goes to Welbot. Thanks so much for your contributions to the site, and thanks for being an awesome dude. Your name is on the massive list of Community Kudos prizes I have to send out, so I'll try and add something extra for your efforts.

Thanks again everyone for making my job the best job in the world.

Have a good weekend.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    /me strips naked, rubs awkwardly against Marks leg in happiness and takes a whiz on the psn.
    Awesome to see a kudos going out to welbot! Good on ya buddy! :D

    Nice work Belwot, does this mean the secret is to pester Mark about things? Challenge Accepted!
    Welcome to the new peeps, JM2, you can lick those girls as much as you want, good work to Taddy and Mr. White, I hope your cold clears Marky-Mark, your drawings are as amazing as ever Sughly (my favourite from this week was Hugo in the rain... that was this week, right? :/), I'm not sure whether that's necessarily the appearance Strange desires, and this is a hideous unformatted mess.

    Oh, oh, and welcome back Chuloop-de-loop, can't believe I almost forgot that *phew*.

      Naw, thanks blagh! I thought the rain one slipped into obscurity acutally, so thats cool!

    My coffee is much more hipster than dawdles!

    Well done bot of wellness. Somehow I think you're going to get another one soon enough for that Brisbane meetup.

    Also, yay for TadMod and his greatest numbers!



    god what a rad week! :D


    weldun welbot

    Happy Mother's Day to all your mothers, TAYbies!

    (Now I just need an excuse to leave work...)

      Oh, and for those of you who ARE mothers... AN EXTRA HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU!

      "They say this cat Strange is a baaad mother..."
      "Shut your mouth!"
      "But I'm talkin' 'bout Strange!"
      "Then we can dig it."

    Congrats welbot!!!!

    Nice to see so many new people around. TAY* is booming.

    *now with page numbers! :D

    Yay, Brisbane RESPRESENT! *throws up some kind of obscure B with his hands*

    And yay for TWO of my pics in Kotakudos! So happy ^_^

    Congrats Welbot dude. Couldn't have happened to a person. That's right you heard me!

    Good work team.

    thanks for featuring me & my coffee musings in a tag!
    Congrats Sughly! If one day I could be drawn by you I would erupt happiness from the top of my head! :P

      I see what you're doing there. You tempt me! I'm onto you!

    :) Super huge thanks guys! This has turned my crapper of a week in to a real gem! I really dunno what my life would be like without all you wonderful peeps! And all this awesome art from Sughly is really getting me in the mood to start doing some more stuff myself! Perhaps in the coming weeks I should start pumping out some more Kotaku characetures!(sp?) I think once I've finished working my way through a little more of MK, I might even post a review! Haven't done that in a while!
    As for the Bris peeps who wanna attend the meet, don't forget to email me at dondalinger at hotmail. Once the details are finalized, I'll send my addy in reply etc. I think that will be a day to be documented! I anticipate much hilarity and competition, and good times had by all!Seriously though.. big group hug for Kotaku! YAY!

      Group huuuuuuug! Its nice to hear I'm inspiring! :D

    You had not one but TWO sickies, Mark, and you STILL didn't finish Portal 2? *shakes head in disappointment*

      I still had to work even though I was at home. :(

      When I first called in sick Seamus' reply was, "enjoy Portal 2".

      I curse the day I wrote that article...

        Still, I'm impressed you're on here watching the comments on a Friday night. Instead of playing Portal 2...:P


    Beatboxing at 1:23am. Think my mind is a little fuzzed. Probably time for bed.

    Had so much dessert tonight. I heart dessert. Truly the best food type ever.

    These are the musings of a man up late.

    Lil late...
    Congrats Welbot. Awesome tags Mark ;)

    Congratulations to the illustrious Welbot! You've done well, good sir. ^^

    Oh, and winning Community Kudos gets you another prize on top of the love and respect of your peers (which I now happen to bathe in each and every night)? Was I supposed to have contacted you with some form of details at the time, Mark?

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