Deus Ex: Human Revolution Collector's Edition Now Available For Pre-Order

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked whether or the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Special Edition was being released in Australia... well, I wouldn't exactly be rich, but I'd probably have some extra spare change in my hip pocket. But - finally - we've been given word. Namco Bandai are bringing the Special Edition, featuring the highly collectable Adam Jensen action figurine, into Australia.

According to Namco Bandai, stock is extremely limited - and fans have been advised to pre-order at JB, Game, EB or Mighty Ape to 'avoid disappointment'.

Of course, there's no telling how much of that is marketing hyperbole, and how much is the truth, but if you're highly keen on the Special Edition (and I know some of you are) it's probably best to play it safe.

I mean, c'mon. This is a Special edition so special, it actually has its own trailer.


    Jb's website still doesn't show the action figure!!

      My bad it does!

    So this version contains everything the Augmented Edition has plus the following...

    Numbered Box
    10,000 extra in game credits (GAME claim this)

    So overall it's basically $50 for the figurine.

    *sigh* I'll probably end up getting it.

      I think I'll stick with the Augmented Edition. Frankly, my room is full of crap and I just don't need or want a figurine on my shelf.

      Yeah, that's why I'm only getting the Augmented version. 44 pounds vs 99 pounds from zavvi...

        i got it for 28au

    Hmm, Game seem to be the best value with $139.95 and free postage...but how big is the figure? If it's only a small 6" figure then the bundle isn't worth more than $120 at best.

    Pre-ordered! Love me that there Jensen figurine. Oh..yeah.

    Wait Wait Wait.

    Namco bandai are distributing Deus Ex in australia.

    Better buy my steam copy sooner rather than later then as they'll likely demand a price increase in the not to distant future. Being the filth that they are

      guess like the same shit they pulled with the witcher 2.

    It sure is tempting. But I'll probably stick with the regular edition.

    Besides, Bethesda have confirmed there will be a Collector's Edition of Skyrim SO IMMA GET ME SOMMA THAT.

      Imma get me somma that too. BOOM! ;-)

      Somma dat shall indeed be mine. I just hope if they put a map with it is't better than the paper one that was put in my oblivion collectors edition.

        Already pre-ordered it a couple of months ago - hey hey hey

    I love Mighty Ape, definitely preordering from them :D

      But they are the most expensive option out of all of them, you will be paying $40 extra (comparing pc version) to buy from them.

        That's because they're an NZ site, with NZD$ pricing ;-)

          ok so I admit I didn't notice that the url was and now it is likely the cheaper option by a few dollars :S

    Pre-ordered already. Can't say no to Deus Ex. Skyrim collectors... does it include a battle axe?

    You're better off buying the Augmented version and just buying the figure separately (which should be $35).

    That is unless you want the special box.

      Where have you seen the figure for $35? The cheapest I've seen the figure separately is about $42 AUD (excluding postage).

    why is it a $50 difference between the augmented and collectors on consoles, but only a $40 difference between the two on pc? (also a $30 difference between console and pc) looks like i will be getting it on pc then (^_^)

    Going to wait for reviews on this one. Bonuses are nice, but so is knowing you're getting a decent game in the deal...

    Ahhh way to make me spend more money..

    The explosive is called UR-DED!! lolololol

      Square Enix have a habit of naming their mines with stupid puns. After fans complained that there weren't any mines in the first two Hitman games, when they finally introduced them into the third they called them RU-AP mines.

    Anyone care to run a geiger counter over that thing?

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