Now Deus Ex: Human Revolution WON’T Be Region Locked On The PC

Now Deus Ex: Human Revolution WON’T Be Region Locked On The PC
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Yesterday we broke the news that Eidos was planning to region lock PC box versions of Deus Ex Human Revolution, but now – presumably in response to the huge negative reaction – the team has announced that they no longer plan to implement the lock.

Forum admin jaycw2309 announced this via the official Eidos forums.

“We’re aware of some discussion regarding the planned region-locking of boxed PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution,” he wrote, “and after careful review we have decided not to implement this in the UK/Europe. Please note, this plan only related to PC boxed games, and not digital or console editions.”

This leaves online stores such as OzGameShop in a strange position, having already announced that they would provide refunds to Australian consumers who pre-ordered UK versions of the game through the site. They reacted to the news claiming that refunds would still be provided, but the option was there to still receive the game as ordered.

We have just been informed that Deus Ex Human Revolution will NOT be region-locked and WILL indeed work in Australia. This announcement was made on Eidos’ offical forums:

After the mixed messages we’ve had this week, we understand that some of you may have ordered the game at local retailers and so it is still our intention to refund all orders made at

If you would like us to send the game to you, please reply to this email as soon as possible stating your order number which can be found on your order confirmation email or by logging-in to the website and clicking on My Orders. Please let us know by Monday August 22nd.

If you do not reply to this email, we will assume that you do not want the game and will process your refund.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.

Thanks to Leigh and Bish for sending this in!


  • I was very happy to see the email in my inbox this morning. Order reinstated. Good will towards Squeenix … returning (but I’m sleeping with one eye open for a while).

  • This is why I absolutely love Ozgameshop: Nice, courteous and don’t overcharge you for games. They’ve pretty much got me as a loyal customer for life.

  • What I don’t understand is why the game developers thought this was a good idea in the first place. I respect that when they get negative feedback they’re quick to reverse the decision, but didn’t anyone stop and think “this is going to piss people off and doesn’t benefit us is any way, so let’s not do it”?

  • Oz Game Shop must be pissed, they had to basically state that it was unavailable and give refunds out. And now its not region blocked, way to slam retailers.

    • Yeah, I imagine it would be frustrating for them, but I think they’ve handled the whole thing really well.

      Although it is a little odd being treated so well by business on the other side of the world, yet a lot of local retailer treat you pretty poorly.

      (That is totally my experience and may not be the experience of others)

      • I completely agree, Ozgameshop were well within their right to just throw their arms in the air and said “We’ve refunded you it’s not our problem now” (Which is what any other retailer would have done).

        This has won Ozgameshop a lot of points in my books (and I’m sure many others).

        • Yeah, they’re being very classy. I actually feel sorry that they have to basically lose money because the distributor did something really stupid then backflipped when it was clear people hated it.

    • Yeah, I went ahead and ordered a Steam code from GMG after the chatter (and coupon) in the comments on the last article.

      Poor Ozgameshop – but this way I get to play my copy as soon as Steam unlocks it, and OGS will still be getting plenty of my money in the future.
      Kudos to them for the clear and forthright manner in which they deal their customers, just sucks that the publisher’s BS screwed them over.

  • No issue with Ozgameshop. They have done all the right things in terms of being stuck in the middle (and haven’t completely processed the refunds so just have to uncheck the “refund” box).

    Massive lol @ Square-Enix though. Talk about back peddling because of the huge consumer backlash. They obviously read and realised how many people were just going to cancel their orders and not bother with the game until it was in the bargain bin. That would have hurt them a lot in sales.

    At least they reversed their decision, but I still have a bitter taste in my mouth of the whole thing. Hopefully other publishers learn from this.

  • While alls well that ends well, and high marks to Ozgameshop for the hard work in navigating this mess while amazingly not pissing off their consumer base.

    However I can’t help but think this is still a sign of things to come, its proven now despite the backflip that its possible to lock PC games into regions through steam, all that needs to happen now is a company that doesn’t care as much for consumer backlash (like Ubisoft) to start implementing it. . .

      • Not so much about censorship, (while it does play a role) more so as it was noted in the previous article the decision basically forced people to buy the game locally, which of course mean’t having no choice but to pay the generally overinflated Australian prices.

  • This is why OzGameShop always get my business.

    They are literally half the price of the Australian “recommended ripoff price” and their customer service is solid.

    As for Eidos …. it’s good to see they’ve listened to forum feedback. I can think of more than one game developer that wouldn’t give a toss.

    Win Win.

  • But the game was never /region-locked/ in the first place – the so-called “region-locking” was simply what languages would be on the disc when you bought it.

    • That’s not true. This was the rationale they provided – they were intending to region lock the UK version. People called BS because they were also allowing people to download the foreign language packs.

  • I personally blame you , Mark. As I am in the habit of shooting the messenger.

    What do you mean “I don’t even have a gaming PC”?

  • Putting the reasons for region locking was relying on the rest of the country not speaking UK English or what ever they were trying to sell us. Imagine the Internet rage emails they must have got??? In this day and age of Hacktivism and the others do they really want to piss off the Internet??

  • Finally some common sense. Region locking on the PC would have been absolutely ridiculous, and what a surprise suddenly they found a way to not have to lock it for reasons of fitting languages onto the disk.

  • Actually its not somuch the huge backlash, but the fact that what square was about to do was apprently illegal as it went agaisnt one of the conventions of the European Union.

    • Nah they’re not based in the EU, people have tried that line with steam and a few other companies before to no effect since they’re outside the regulatory authority of the EU

  • I’m still of the mind that this whole region locking scheme wasn’t the Eidos or Squares idea but one perpetrated by the distributor Namco Bandai. Remember what they did with the Witcher 2?

  • Ozgameshop gave me a refund, so I pre-ordered the Augmented Edition @ GAME to get all the pre-order stuff. Now I can’t pre-order the PC version from Ozgameshop anymore. Oh well, think I will live with paying $50. This and RAGE might be the last boxed games I get anyway. I think after this I’ll just stick with Steam sale purchases.

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