PSN Outage Leaves One In Five PS3 Customers Considering Xbox Live

Lots of people vow all kinds of extreme things when they're pissed off, especially at giant corporations. Many come back for reasons of convenience or simply calming down. But a survey taken this week, reacting to the PlayStation Network outage, suggests that 21 percent of PS3 owners are considering selling their consoles and fleeing for Xbox Live.

That's a big threat to make. This isn't like, say, TV, where you get pissed off at a station and you permanently tune in to some other evening news. That costs no money because you still have the TV. Similarly, switching brands of fabric softener because they advertise with someone you dislike is just shifting your purchase. You get rid of a PS3 and go to Xbox Live, you're paying extra, both to acquire the console and then to access features that are free to millions of PSN subscribers.

The survey was conducted of 2,132 in the United States by the site CouponCodes4U, so this isn't Gallup, CBS News or the Zogby poll. It's not a stunt but it is promotional in nature. And respondents are "considering" selling the machine, not saying "I have sold it" or "I will." But if one-fifth of the PS3 owners they talked to are having these thoughts, it's indicative of the mainstream anger and disappointment Sony faces, attitudes which may be different from those of hardcore gamers.

One-Fifth of PS3 Owners Are Eyeing the Exit [The Escapist]



      What are you? 13 years old?

      That makes you our master! All bow to the first!

      It really is time to xbox ,, they get download game content weeks before ps3 , thank god i got kid a xbox for xmas ,now im playing cod and again new maps may 3 only for xbox , dont think psn will be up in time for next update

        Wow, that's a great reason to get an XBox. You can give Activision more money for the same crap at an earlier date!

      imma going to nintendo wii.

    ive had trouble getting online with ps3 and now i cant get on period for going on 2 weeks when is it gonna be fixed as big as playstation is it should have already been fixed please fix my ps3 im ready to get back online i love playstation and guess id never leave but atleast let me know how much LONGERRRRR!!!!!!thanks very loyal customer bigman4571


    Sure it's an inconvenience that PSN is down, and that the data that was stolen is a worry, but to Sonys credit they are going about the right way in fixing the problem and providing info on that matter as it comes to hand.
    But there is no garentee that Xbox live is any less prone to a cyber attack than any other online database is.
    It's very unfortunate that this has occurred but if you have provided your information online (Facebook, amazon, Internet banking) there is always a risk that it can be accessed by a third party if they are wanting to access it by whatever means possible.

      I think you should change your name to "Sony Playstation Rep"

      If you're gonna try and plant comments of praise about a company you work for be a little more subtle. Especially if you're gonna try and make statements that are bold faced lies.

      I will NEVER leave Playstation 3. No WAY!!!! Xbox sucks.

      Way to be an obvious Sony plant.

      Try harder to conceal your motives in the future by using a few less blatant lies.

        Aplogies moderators for this comment and my previous one. When I came back my comment was missing completely. If you could remove them both and leave the first one that would be great!


    I bought a PS3 1 hour after my Xbox red ringed, so... stuff like this, matters.

    oh shut up! if it were the Xbox live service that this happened too you have the exact same articals but it would be 1 in 5 would jump to a PS3.

      Um, the big difference is that it DIDN'T happen to Xbox Live.

        Note he daid "If" it was hypothetical. Oh and xbox live was down for 18 days in 09'

    I wouldnt say they should SELL thier PS3 but just go out and buy a ps3.. but this l8 itll be a waste of money because its coming on very soon.

    ^i mean XBox 360

      i agree with what was said befor we there sould have been regular updates on what was happening that being said ps3 has features xbox didnt even think of ps3 came out with 3d years befor the first 3d tv came to consumers ps3 was the first to have blueray what we dont relise 4 years later is that sony saved us alot of money alot of time and to do what we are pissed about (play online) is for free we dont hafto worry about paying a bill every month or nore do we hafto worry about not playing because we are a day or two late. I have owned both ps3 and 360 i always go back to playstation i meen after all they were the firs to bring out a console that palyed cdz they always have been more advanced and i think allways will be. BUT FUCK I AM PISSED ALMOST 2 WEEKS NOW WITHOUT PSN WTF IS GOING ON! SONY YOU HAVE ALL THIS MONEY AND ALL THESE SCIENTIST, TECHNOLOGY WHIZZES AND ITS TAKING YOU THIS LONG TO GET IT BACK UP AND RUNNING. I THINK I OVER ESTIMATED YOU GUYS.

        The only thing I took away from all that was that you can't spell at all

          hahaha yeh dont you think i already know that i cant spell im only 9 so lay off

        Actually you guys, for a 5 year old, I think he did pretty well. Hey, GG Terry!

        *gold star sticker*

      Been on playstation since it began loyalty they will fix it so I'm ridin till the wheels fall off!

    This is bs I will sell my ps3 for xbox if this happens again! you need this fix like yesterday.

    yeah and it's not possible that they had a bunch of 360 trolls to skew the stats

    Ha, i've had an Xbox, still prefer the PS3 even though i can't play online, Xbox 360s are shit fullstop


    No one can blame the PS3 owners thinking about switching to the XBox, its just a matter of something that is not available right now in one place but is in another. Also some of the accumulated frustration that ppl have collected over these years towards the PS3 like No Cross Game chat, etc. has now reached its point. And the fact that ppl prefer COD and since COD favors the XBox ppl think its the most logical decision. Well I don't, I'm a PS3 gammer through n through

    sorry, I guess i'm one of the 4/5 that don't want to pay high prices for mostly P2P servers.


    I will gladly swap my xbox360 for another ps3. Give sony some slack and wait it out. Play some world of warcraft if u love online gaming so much.

    Even with the 2000 odd trophy count i had with the PSN, On the 9th Day i sold up for an XBOX, The response from SONY was unexceptable.
    SONY have only themselves to blame for even after they started informing us,
    This weekend rolls along and SUNDAY 1st, we're in the dark again with NO WORD since FRIDAY 29th.
    SONY DONT CARE, We're just a number.

      I applaud your conviction. However with 60+ games I can't be fingered, have fun on Xbox champ.

      How impatient, im glad you sold your ps3 because with that attitude you don't derserve one.

    My ps3 died a month ago brought a new one now this :(

      The 21 percent are people with no lives to life

    I'd like to see those numbers in a month, those that actually did make the swap. All this proves is that Sony need to get this back up and running soon, recompense well enough that people stay. One or two free games from a selection would be a good start.

    But there is no better way to show how pissed you are than with your wallet. I hope people DO switch, that way Sony learn their lesson and are forced to improve. But the fact remains it's VERY expensive to just throw away all that time and money then invest new time and money in a platform not far from it's end.

    Only 1 in 5?? One of my mates who is a die hard fanatic about his PS3 still agrees Live is a far better solution than what is found on the PS3.. That being said, since the whole hack and credit card fiasco, he has already packed up his PS3 and is looking at the new 360's.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see that figure increase..

    The biggest issue is how we all have been kept in the dark. There is no ETA there are now regular updates on what is happening. So WTF is going on? NFI!

    Hence why people are considering the move to the devil you know rather than the devil you don't.

    I think it's mostly people who just can't handle not having online play comprising that 21 percent, as opposed to people with an actual issue about what happened to Sony (and their personal details, of course). Wait until PSN is back up, and the figure will drop sharply.

    Once they get back on Blops, all will be forgiven. That being said, I'm sure there will be a genuine few who do jump ship.

    As for Live being the superior service? I look at it as the old Ford vs. Holden argument - at the end of the day, they're both quality products, doing the same thing. It just depends on which one does it the way YOU want it to.

    I have all the consoles so there's nowhere for me to really jump ship to.

    I did start focussing on PS3 once I was on my 3rd 360 because of hardware problems so where do I go now, the Wii? haha

    I might get back into PC gaming now.

    So.. out of those 1/5 who were "thinking" of swapping. How many were exactly originally dissatisfied w/ PSN anyway? Already liked 360 to begin with? or for that matter were already looking at 360/Live in the first place and just given an excuse?

    Standard skewed survey results IMHO. Proves nothing concrete but provides plenty of fanboi fodder flames. =/

    It's like asking would you prefer Pizza Hut over Dominos after that whole idiots putting crap on the pizza on yYoutube incident a while back...

      Never been dissatisfied with PSN ever. had mine since PS2. Never any problems, except maybe the nat type 3 stuff, but otherwise great.

      Does this make me want to throw my shole console out the door just to get Xbox Live? .. Um no.
      There is plenty of other stuff to do, and imaging the money I have to part with, again.

    What a ridiculous survey, I hope nobody takes this seriously.
    This issue will not affect anything, it has no statistical significance and this survey is a bias piece of drivel. And you call yourselves journalists...

    in the long run, swapping consoles is more efficient, as paying $50 dollars a year to have a more secure network is the small thing. While PSN has been hijacked and have private confidential information stolen like credit card numbers will be more severe and regretful as for paying a petty 50 bucks.

      Only it's not more secure. Live has been hacked many times. In 2007 accounts were compromised and cards were stolen. Only difference is, no one cried chicken little because there is a general bias towards MS this gen. This survey is crap and you know it.

        No, the difference is that microsoft didn't shut down their network for two weeks and actually had the resources to respond quickly to attacks. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

          Uh, in December of 2007 Microsoft shut down Live for 14 days. MS has had this happen before too.

          I would never go with 360. Paid subscription, MS' stupid Code Of Conduct, Pre-pubesent fan boys everywhere. This survey sucks just as much as this article and so called journalist who wrote it.

          anyone who downgrades from the PS3 deserves to get the RROD or video drive error on their 360

        Also, this

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