Rift Launches Free Trial And Ascend-A-Friend Program

You've had two months to look at videos and screenshots and complain about how much of a World of Warcraft clone it is. Now you can try Trion Worlds' Rift for free and potentially score your Rifting friends a virtual puppy in the process.

Today Trion Worlds launches two new initiatives to get more players into the world of Telara in time for the massive 1.2 game update. First up is a seven-day free trial, which gives any new player a full week to try and figure out the game's complicated (yet strangely satisfying) soul system. Once in game, free trial players can purchase the full game at any time.

But why simply participate in the free trial when you can help a friend score virtual loot instead?

With the Ascend-a-Friend program, existing players can earn special in-game items for luring their unsuspecting friends into the game. One trial to full game conversion earns the player an in-game puppy named Courage. Two conversions earns the player the sexy Trailblazer Hat. And three? With three you get the Swift Ember Steed, which is much sweeter than the stupid two-headed turtle my characters are currently rocking.

Interested in trying out Rift but don't have a friend to refer you? Perhaps we can work something out.


    I guess the question is: any rift players want a puppy?

    Do people get anything for using someones link to join, rather then just taking the 7 day free trial without the link?

    Here is my link if anyone is interested.

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