What The Hell Is Going On With EB's Website?

Electronic Boutique is Australia's largest specialist video games retailer, and currently their website is beholden to some bizarre takeover. We have very little idea what it means - but it seems like they have some sort of announcement incoming.

When you first head on the website, this appears:

And when you click on that image, it's followed up with this:

Which is some sort of keyboard. If you click on any letter on the keyboard, the site comes up with this image:

The music playing in the background is taken from the opening of the Fourtet song, 'My Angel Rocks Back and Forth'.

To be honest we have no idea what this whole thing is about - at first we wondered if it may be related to the release of Escalation, the Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack, but that announcement has come and gone.

If we were to speculate it's more likely related to some sort of reboot of EB's online store. When compared to other online stores, and even the online store of other major retailers like Game, EB is lagging behind. It could be that this is part of some viral marketing campaign to help raise awareness of their online store in anticipation of some sort of relaunch.

The campaign appears to be called 'What Where When' - 'www'. So we think it definitely has to do with EB's online presence in some way.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


    you're missing the most important part:


    The countdown clock.

    Also, it seems as thought it has something to do with sydney, or around that area, and october, from futher prying in the site and putting pieces together.

    Also, i think it's more than just the website, as even gameinformer has hinted to a "massive announcement"

    That corrupt website thing reminds me of the Nine Inch Nails Year Zero ARG.

    Going through all the different keys on the keyboard and seeing the things that come up, it looks like some type of event. Especially click on "V" and it shows some type of venue map.

    I saw WCG images when I clicked on the "w" on the keyboard...

    It also look like whatever it is that it's happening in Brisbane area in October.

      The EB Vendor show is usually in October. And usually in Brisbane!

      I think we might be getting somewhere here folks!

        The more I think about this... the more I think you already know and you've done a very nice bit of viral marketing for them and whatever it is.

      I agree with this, and I've known a few people at EB in my time and generally they have their trade shows around that time.

      With the wristband images, I'm guessing they are going to open the doors to some of the public this year.

    Reminds me of those wristbands that would stay straight and then wrap around your arm.

    Was a fad back when I was in second grade...

      Slap Bands, my boy.
      And you know what?
      They were mucking rad-as!!

      Mine was all fluro yellow and orange and green n stuff... God bless the 90's

        I still have a scar on my knee from one of these. The material was torn at one end exposing the metal. I was seeing if a mate could slap one on my wrist from about 1m to 2m away... blood was lost!

      I have a space invaders slap band for daily use.

      I am 23.

      I loved those things, can you still get them?


        yes.. yes you can

    It also came up with the world cyber games logo when I clicked on the keyboard..

    Yeah, guessing its some sort of rebranding coupled with some sort of VIP night as a competition maybe?


    Countdown timer to something

    Cool flash game though, reminds me of Assassin Creed, click on X on the keyboard the rest are easy

    You know what, guys?

    I'm willing to bet any amount of money, with all the clues left behind, that EB are actually going to be kicking off a gaming convention for Australia

    Like a propper full-blown convention... not the piddly crap we get now..

      This would be pretty cool. I did go to one years back in Melbourne at the exhibition centre. It was pretty small and wasn't too impressive, but I did get to play with a Wii before it was released, so that was alright. Can't remember the name of it, but I've never heard anything about it since.

      I imagine a games expo in Aus would start off pretty small but if it got enough attendees I could see it taking off.

      god knows with there raping of australian customer's wallets they should be able to afford it

    Some kind of trade show - an Australian GamesCom/E3 type deal.

    Possibly EBE: Electronics Boutique Expo.

    Called it!

    If you click on the X, it flashes up EB GAMES X. Then you go to 'where' and I clicked Sydney. Then When, and click August.

    Looks like some kind of games expo, in Sydney, in August, to me. And as Brendan said, Brisbane in october.

    I'm with f4ction. I saw the WCG logo too. I reckon it's going to be a large WCG event.

    Sorry, make that October, not August. Coffee!!

    It's more like the wristbands you see at big events like Big Day Out or pyramid rock

    i'm hoping its one of two things...

    E3 Australia or some awesome expo of the likes

    or Diablo 3....
    though i would imagine Blizzard would do there own thing for that so i'm highly doubtfull...
    a man can always dream though

    A local version of PAX would be all kinds of amazing.

    I dont know - to me it looks like something more to maybe do with the world cyber games.
    On the keyboard hitting V brings up what looks like a venue map and hitting W it comes up with what looks like a bit of the WCG logo.

    The whole thing looks like a promo for the WCG

    The wristband reminds of a pass you need to get into a convention,

    I have a feeling that it might be some type of Gaming Convention, like an Aussie E3, sponsored by EB Australia, gives game developers a chance to show of new and upcoming games down-under...

    What..... I can dream :P

    If that was true... think of all the Street pass hits you could get lol

    I think 'loops & Ricardo (wanted to glam up your name a bit) have nailed it.
    Sounds like a trade show or something comparable...

    The EB Vendor show is on Friday this week, on the gold coast. Maybe this is for that.

    "M" key comes up with some engine looking thing?

    ok, so its an event in capital city's then. Each letter being something about the event. W for WCG so some sort of competitive gaming. T not to sure about that but some sort of Wrist Strap for entry maybe? L for light show? D for DJ. V for a large venue? M for some crazy machine?! WTF?

    Either way, looks like a big gaming expo or something. eXhibition even :)

    W shows you the logo for the World Cyber Games (W for WCG?)
    T shows you a wrist strap like you need for access to a convention or booze (T for tickets?)
    D shows you a turntable (D for DJ?)
    L shows you lasers (like at a rave)
    V shows you the map of a venue
    M showed you the frame of a motorcycle
    X takes you from "What" to "Where" and it seems the correct answer is Brisbane
    Then on to "When" and the correct month is October.

    Clicking W showed the World Cyber Games logo. Clicking M on the keyboard image displays a weird schematic of something. Clicking T is what shows the 3 hands. V shows the layout of a stadium it looks like. D shows an image of a turntable. L shows some funky bluish lights. Clicking X took me to an EBGames logo then WHERE popped up on the screen and I had to select a region of NSW and then WHEN popped up and the names of the months is shown and then you select October and it takes you to a countdown clock.

    The wristband only happens when you hit "t" try hitting "w", "d", "l", "v" and "m".

    It does seem like it's in Sydney, which is sad. I thought it looked like Brisbane in the beginning, but I put a map of Australia over the top of it in photoshop and it is definitely in NSW.

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