Remember This?

Can you remember this classic game from one single screenshot? I'm guessing yes, but I'm trying to crank this thing up a notch! Still, if you get this correct before I check back in, feel free to reminisce on this classic game.


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time on the snes

      ...and beaten to it :P

      Definitly ninja turtles! There's no mistaking that shell! ;)

      Never played it, but my first thought was definitely "Shell + Elbow and Knee wraps = TURTLES!"


    Yay! I actually did know that one. Definitely the Turtles :)

    100% Ninja turtles: turtles in time.

    Yep - DEFINATELY the turts'

    What an awesome game :D hehe

    Hell of a giveaway in that picture! :P

    I think a leg and knee roll would have been enough for everyone to get that one... :p

    How sad is it that I recognised it from the Vanilla Ice cameo in the Turtles movie?

    The old 'nude except for elbow and knee pad' look gives it away immediately, even thought this was the mutant 'bad' turtle, made from a snapping turtle I recall from the movie with Vanilla Ice.

    Go ninja, go ninja go.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten the IV.

    Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles IV: Turtles In Time on the SNES.

    (It was Hero where I came from. Not sure about Australia)

    Bennett Ring. The Live Action Role Playing Experience.

    Dang... that's the only one I've ever recognised :(

    the name of the spiked turtle was tokka. he was also on the ninja turtles 2 live action movie with rahzar (a wolf)

    +1! TMNT:TIT

    Teenage Mutant Ninj... oh wait, is it one of the new starter Pokemons on 3ds?

    Mario 64

    OMG TURTLES IN TIME!! haha i actually know the game yay!

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