Team Fortress 2's Next Update Unsheathes Its Swords

The "biggest, most ambitious update" for Team Fortress 2 is detailed further today with a not so big, not so ambitious update for the multiplayer game's Sniper and Demoman, both of which will be rattling all-new sabers soon.

Following on yesterday's Heayy and Spy update, the Team Fortress 2 blog did not release "Meet the Medic" today. Instead, new weapons, new booties and what appear to be unconfirmed new hats—we're checking with Valve—are detailed. If you like your Demo to absolutely never fire a grenade, this is an update you'll want to read.

See you tomorrow, when we're just sure Valve is going to upload that "Meet the Medic" video.

Timbuk Tuesday [Team Fortress]


    I remember when new weapons had a good side and a drawback. The new demo stuff lately does nothing but work in his favour. The latest has no setbacks whatsoever, it's somewhat ridiculous.

      The setback is a COMPLETE lack of ranged weapons. No ability to deal with sentries or snipers or even pesky flying soldiers. And good luck against a Pyro with a compression blast~

      That Sniper Rifle, though, looks absolutely nuts O_o

        Yeah but what about when i play Degroot Keep?
        I guess it's already just Sniper/Demo battles anyway.

          You're implying that the Half-Zatochi Demoknights didn't break Degroot already?

        Nah, demo's still OP.

        Even with all that new stuff equipped he'll still have pipe bombs, plus 25% health, plus fire and explosive damage resistance.

        There'll be nothing but demo's in Degroot now, too.

          Demo doesn't have pipe bombs with the new set - boots and shield take up primary and secondary.

            Not to mention that the new sword completely blocks any ammo refills unless they come from (presumably) a supply cabinet. Even if they kept the Grenade Launcher and Sticky Bomber the consistency of their damage output would be severely gimped simply because once they're out, they have to return to spawn to refill. It's a weapon that fully supports a melee over ranged playstyle.

        The demo is great at taking out sentries. There's payload maps where I can grenade jump to certain areas and lay down a crap load of stickies and take everyone out sitting behind corners

        I've got over 500hrs as Demo, more than any other class by far.

        Personally, I'm still waiting for a single weapon that is of any use to me other than the stock ones. Melee is not suited to my playing style, you wont catch me Demoknighting ever. I'm more of a Rambo spam artist who loves a good engi nest.

        I'm a Demoman FFS.. let me demolish something, give me a weapon that goes kabooom!

    I'd be more concerned that the demo and the sniper are on the same team in that screen shot. The sniper is wearing middle eastern garb, and the demo man looks like he's been strapped with C4 and is praising an unspecified god.

    Are they saying all ME people are terrorists now?

      Well the sniper is Australian, and the Demoman Scottish, so ummm yeah all middle east people are terroists...

      Are you deliberately going out of your way to find issue with what they are doing? The regularly have them on the same team during their updates?
      How you get terrorist from Lawrence of Australia I don't know and please tell me you are not seriously complaining that the DEMOman has explosives???

      And I can't say I have ever heard of a god that you pray to by standing on top of a sand dune and waving a sword about.

      A good thing you didn't see yesterdays update, they were claiming that all Italians are criminals and murderers.

        Actually break it down for a second.

        There's two characters getting Arabic-themed updated.

        1. Sniper. Lawrence of Australia, sure. Punny. Australia has deserts, good fit.

        2. Demoman, ie: the guy who explodes stuff with bombs all the time. Even Valve's OWN BLURB can't find a justification for WHY the desert theme fits. Read it, it's at the top of the link. So the only thing they've done is take a guy who blows shit up with bombs and go "lulz, he's Middle Eastern themed now"

        Ergo: "This guy blows shit up with bombs, he'd be a good fit for a Middle Eastern theme, right guys?"

      Yes they are. What of it?
      Give me a break. Take your pathetic political sensitivities elsewhere. It's a freaking cartoon game.

        Actually, it's another release from an American company that attempts to enforce negative racial stereotypes on other cultures.

        Let's have an update tomorrow with an American theme:

        1. Soldier. Item upgrades make him fat and lazy, with a new special ability: American themed soldiers on your team? You can't win any battle after 19:45 each night.

        2. Engineer. Can't build any items as there's no work, and if they do manage to build something it falls apart within one or two uses.

      Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

    I'm surprised they can get away with an arabic themed update.

      Who would stop them? Who would complain? It's not only cartoony and exaggerated, but doesn't look remotely offensive in any way. No more than casting the Europeans (Spy, Heavy) as Mafioso...

        Well arabic/islamic content in games has always been a sketchy subject, often resulting in anything cartoony or exaggerated to be removed to avoid being offensive or because of complaints.

      I think an Arab theme is awesome, and that has nothing to do with terrorism. Its a great theme for a game like this, and it would be a shame not to use it just cos Valve was scared of being non-PC.

    They started on Monday, think they're gonna go throughout the whole week..considering its Free to play all week. Probably all week. weeeeeeekk.

    More accesible Demoknights and a Sniper set with no drawbacks?

    Eh, better than the mafia monday sets imo. Still, don't think I'll give up the stickies anytime soon.

    Ooo, I liked how they made a sniper rifle specifically for headshotters. Granted, although I love smacking a person in the head with a bullet, I also miss fairly often. It might be a slightly OP weapon for quick scopers but I'm guessing you'll have to charge the sniper rifle to get the full charge bonus. I like it. Nice trade off with the sword too.

    Dunno what to say about the demo set, looks interesting though. Not going to be very useful if there are mostly bullets flying around but I'm guessing that's the point.

      Makes sense! The Sleeperis based on body shots, now one thats focused on headshots!

      The Demo gets HP from metal, so that should help out while running around. It's weird how they made a set which forces a class to only be melee. It would be cool if they could do it for all classes.

      'The Melee Only Update'

    On the bottom of the Demoman's shields the Scout's update is there as well.

      That looks great! i knew they would make a triple jump item eventually! but now i have nothing to look forward to tomorrow :(

        Combine the triple jump with the FAN...think there'll be some interesting tactics on certain maps.

      Oh...oh wow.

      I think I'm playing scout again.

        triple jump with force-of-nature..they're going to just be flying everywhere!

    In my opinion; Team Fortress 2 has changed too much for it's own good. It began with such fantastic balance and fun, and it's updates are all amazing (bonus points for being free, Valve deserves praise).

    BUT I feel all these updates is Valve's progress to a Team Fortress 3 released as its done. It's lost what the game was. The hats, the weapon forging, the item trading. All of this is brilliant in any other game, but Team Fortress was simple, and that's what it should have stayed.

    I'm aware a lot of you will disagree, and I'm sure this all appeals to the main audience, but I do wish they felt less pressure to change the game and more to simply make it funner, something I don't think the updates achieve. Not for me, anyway. Yes, I'd pay for these updates, mind you, and I stand by Valve gets infinite praise for the constant updates. Hence; it's not a major problem I guess.

      Come on over to the 360 we're still playing the original build! Actually I do have it on the PC too cuz its so good I'm to give them my money twice but if the 360 version was just updated with new maps and the payload game (no need for all the extra weapons) it would be perfect.

      I see people here mentioning De Groot Keep - whose insane idea was that map - bloody hell!

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