Ubisoft Is Giving Away A Dodge Challenger!

Ubisoft, to help promotion of the game Driver, actually bought a Dodge Challenger - presumably to look all fancy at events and such like - but now that the game is close to release, they've actually decided to give the car away!

It's part competition, part pre-order incentive - you don't have to pre-order the game to enter the competition (you can enter the comp via text message) but apparently pre-ordering does 'double' your chances of winning. We're not really sure how that works precisely, but we're guessing pre-ordering allows you to enter twice.

Still, it's a Dodge Challenger - a pretty awesome prize.

Ubisoft also released a developer diary focused on the game itself, which is worth a look.


    How do you enter without a pre-order?

    The entry form requires receipt date and number as does the SMS entry.


      "Bonus Entry: Entrants who pre- order the standard or collector’s edition of the game “Drivers in San Francisco” before 23:59 (AEST) on Thursday 1 September 2011 will receive a 1 x bonus entry into the draw."

    Seems you do have to purchase the game to enter though. Damn :P

    How do you enter without buying? Totally want this...

      It seems that you have to buy it either way, so you can enter after release, but if you pre-order early it doubles your chances.

    The way I read it, you have to buy the game and then SMS to enter the competition - but pre-ordering doubles your chances.

    I need a car, maybe I will think about thinking about buying the new driver. I was going to give it a miss because I found the others fun yet not as fun as GTA but i do need a car.

    ENTRY: To enter, participants must purchase the game “Drivers San Francisco” from participating EB Games then enter in one of the following ways :
    SMS entry: To enter, participants must send a SMS message to 19922334 with their full name, receipt number, date of birth, and email address to receive 1 x entry into the draw. SMS entrants will receive a reply message.
    Online entry: To enter, participants must log-on to www.Winthedrivercar.com.au to register their details. Entrants must complete all required fields including but not limited to full name, receipt number, mobile number, date of birth, and email address.

    oh my god I want this car sooo bad. R/T Challenger is my dream muscle car eeeeeeeeeeeeep!

    I may be pre-ordering multple copies of this game.

    Is it one of the new ones?

    Cause they're the ducks nuts.

    Do I get 50 bonus entries because I have pre-order from back in 2010 sometime?

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