Why Is Tales Of Vesperia An Xbox 360 Exclusive?

Why Is Tales Of Vesperia An Xbox 360 Exclusive?
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In the West, Tales of Vesperia was released on the Xbox 360. Only. In Japan, it was released on the Xbox 360, forcing Japanese people to buy Microsoft’s console. Then, a year later, it was released on the PS3.

But why?

“Microsoft paid for the exclusivity the same way Sony paid for having Heavy Rain only on PS3,” Namco Bandai community manager Charlotte Toci wrote on Facebook.

“It’s just one way the business works, sadly,” she added. “Those decisions are made really high up y’know, we do try and give them the max of fan feedback, but sometimes it’s just out of our hands.”

If you’ve ever wondered why games developed by third party studios end up as exclusives, now you know – if you didn’t already.

Namco: Microsoft Paid for Western Tales [RPG Site via Eurogamer]


  • Srsly, installs are possible on most xboxes and changing disc’s doesn’t break immersion any more than loading screens.

  • I’d love to be outraged by this save for the fact that this practice has always existed in the gaming industry and others for that matter.

  • What the hell does that mean? The PS3 version is 10 times better than the beata version the 360 got. Not only does it have a cut character, more voice acting, more quests, actual DLC that you can’t unlock in the game and Flynn as a playable character. It makes either Namco look like they didn’t give a rats about their western 360 fans or about the western PS3 fan’s because they didn’t have the decency to do the additional work to release it over here. But that’s typical of them when it comes to Tales games, we get half them arsed or not at all. We should be grateful for the meagre scraps they toss us.

  • Sony published (and presumably paid for development of) Heavy Rain which is why it was exclusive. Which isn’t exactly the same as just paying for exclusivity. A better comparison would be Final Fantasy XIII which Sony paid for exclusivity in a particular region (Japan)

  • I have no problem with this, except that the PS3 version needs to make it here. I don’t want to have to plug in my 360!

    • Derp – I interpreted this article as explaining the one-year exclusivity in Japan, not the ongoing exclusivity here. Disregard!

  • Pfft…

    I call BS on that thank you very much! Namco-Bandai has had this very nasty habit of releasing games recently and then porting a “better” version of the game soon after to another console w/ whats perceived to have better buyers/markets (Tales of Graces anyone? was supposed to have beeen made ‘exclusively’ for Wii only to crop up w/ bugs a plenty and then coming on PS3 w/ *gasp* bugs fixed and new chars, etc.).

    As for MS buying exclusvity? I seem to recall they also did that for Jp.. and that “only on XboX” mystically disappeared followed by the “Complete” PS3 version… more like we can’t be assed translating and since you bought the game anyway we has munies! =D

  • I would be mad that English-speakers got the half-arsed version or that 360 in general got the half-arsed version…

    … But then I remembered the story was absolutely mediocre so, really, ANY version would be the half-arsed version.

    I’ll just be over here playing Tales of the Abyss, k.

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