Winners! Dungeon Siege III!

Winners! Dungeon Siege III!

The Dungeon Siege competition. Man – 200 entries to sift through! That was pretty intense. The rules were simple – create the most hilarious ‘Medieval’ name possible. Our three winners are inside.

So, congratulations to…

Sir Cumference the Rotund

Neon Jackal
Krn’thglrn’tnth Ptrr’mnbhh the unpronouncable.

Asmodeus, Smippy McSmippington, esq. Graf von Biteyface, Grand Duke of Loafumburg, and Marquis of Lower Flopden.
(That is the full name of my cat. 😉 )

This was tough one to call, mainly because the components of what made specific entries was so subjective. I urge you to take the time to head to the original post and take a look at some of the entries.

Here are some of my other favourites.

Vincent Manera
Grandmaster Flash

Sir Reginald Fils-Aimeth of Ready Body!

Earl Von McNugget of the McValuemeal clan

Sir Gymnasium Willylace of the Acrophycal Curmudgeon League in his never ending quest to us his most might ignorance to protect the young urchins of this fair land from the imagined horrors that twould be unleashed if swarthy men and their fine ladies were able, nay, allowed to partake in grown endeavours.

Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian
His Most Exalted Lord High Bartholomew Horatio Leonidas Sextimus Optimus Primus, Mighty Regent and Grand Poobah of Cryptosporidium.
Aka, Sir Bob.

Congrats to all the winners. Kindly send me an email here with your address!


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