Winners! Dungeon Siege III!

The Dungeon Siege competition. Man - 200 entries to sift through! That was pretty intense. The rules were simple - create the most hilarious 'Medieval' name possible. Our three winners are inside.

So, congratulations to...

Sam Sir Cumference the Rotund

Neon Jackal Krn’thglrn’tnth Ptrr’mnbhh the unpronouncable.

Lexa Asmodeus, Smippy McSmippington, esq. Graf von Biteyface, Grand Duke of Loafumburg, and Marquis of Lower Flopden. (That is the full name of my cat. ;) )

This was tough one to call, mainly because the components of what made specific entries was so subjective. I urge you to take the time to head to the original post and take a look at some of the entries.

Here are some of my other favourites.

Vincent Manera Grandmaster Flash

Ben Sir Reginald Fils-Aimeth of Ready Body!

Bladewing Earl Von McNugget of the McValuemeal clan

RufusLives Sir Gymnasium Willylace of the Acrophycal Curmudgeon League in his never ending quest to us his most might ignorance to protect the young urchins of this fair land from the imagined horrors that twould be unleashed if swarthy men and their fine ladies were able, nay, allowed to partake in grown endeavours.

Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian His Most Exalted Lord High Bartholomew Horatio Leonidas Sextimus Optimus Primus, Mighty Regent and Grand Poobah of Cryptosporidium. Aka, Sir Bob.

Congrats to all the winners. Kindly send me an email here with your address!


    The winning entries have a rather distinct lack of Poobah in their names :P
    Congrats anyway :D

    WOW, thanks, Kotaku! This is the coolest thing I have won, so I'm shocked. :) The quality of the entries was pretty high, too. So many made me laugh!

    My cat will be getting a tuna treat tonight.

      That would be terrible looking for the cat outside with the box of cat biscuits calling his/her name...

        lol woops, I knew that would happen if I didnt change my name straight away >_<

        ROFL. Fortunately, he's an indoor cat. And he never fails to come at the sound of food. :)

        Unrelated: *facepalm* I can't believe I typed Dragon Siege 3 in the email to Mark rather than Dungeon Siege 3. Derp.

          Haha, Dragon Siege! :)

          BTW, I hope the versions they have to give away are for Xbox...they never mentioned what format they were.

      Also, He Of The Long Name is a very, very sweet kitty, and very fierce when it comes to dragons.

        Yeah, he really misses Sindragosa. Deathwing isn't the same.


    "Sir Cumference the Rotund"

    that is definitely deserving of a win.. congrats all

    Congrats all. Good winners also. Well done guys (and cats)

    Damn, forgot to throw my glove into the ring on this one.
    Congratulations to the winners, dare you to change your Kotaku name to those.

    haha congrats guys.

    I would of entered but the bar was set so high already I couldn't think of anything clever

    That was a really fun comp. Would be good to have some similar ones for even less prestigious prizes.

    Daaaang, so close! =P

    Congrats to the witty winners! =)

    Woohoo! I can't believe I won! I was really wanting this game too! Thanks kotaku! :D

    Sam AKA Sir Cumference the Rotund

    Rofl, the winners definetly deserved it, awesome entries.
    Neon Jackal, I am stealing your entry for my next rpg session.

    Yay! This is great!
    Also, I though Sir Cumference the Rotund was pretty clever.

    An honourable mention... that's some consolation I guess (and a personal best!).

    Congrats to the winners.

    Doh! I never win, prolly cos my half-arsed attempt at an entry sucked...

    Also no congratulations to the winners, I am a bitter, bitter, sore loser!

    :-) i got an mention!

    So do you guys ever actually give out the prizes to these competitions? This is the second time! You won't even respond to my e-mails!

      Yay! It arrived! Sorry if I was starting to sound like a baby!

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