Meet The Man Who Owns Every PS2 Game Ever Made!

I'm not much of a collector of games, but I've seen a fair few collections in my time. Absolutely nothing - nothing - compares to this. PlayStation enthusiast Ahans76 is apparently the only gamer in the world with a complete collection of every single NTSC PlayStation 2 game ever made.

PlayStationCollecting has a full interview with Ahans76, which is worth reading.

"My entire collection consists of first editions," he claims. "What first edition means is when a game came with a white Sony seal on the top of it. This is the version of games that I have. Some older games got a second release and the white Sony seal is not there. I did not collect those types of games. I made sure that all the games that own have the white Sony seal. Also no greatest hits versions, unless they made a game greatest hits with “extra” content. I think there are only 3 games like that and I do have them in my library. Those games are Devil May Cry 3, Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition and Namco 50th Anniversary. I also have the original version of these games in my library as well."

Ahans76 also had some advice for potential collectors.

"My tip would be to collect what you want," he said. "Don’t be forced to collect anything that you don’t have any love for. My entire video game collection is post-NES. I wasn’t old enough for the Atari and don’t care about the Atari so I don’t collect any of them. I do have some rare older games in my collection like Minestorm 2 but that is just for the rarity."

Check out the full interview at PlayStationCollecting.


    He probably also has the biggest pile of shame in the world too :P


      I hope he also owns a few boxed PS2's as well. Be a shame to have all that and no way to play them in 15-20 years.

      That's ok - it's Shameless Gaming Month! I'm sure he could polish that lot off in the 3 and a half weeks left in the month :P

    Holy moly..

    Makes me feel better about the money I've spent on my habit so far though. :D

    Large disposable income and now wife/kids?

    Still, that looks VERY impressive

    This man is both a gentleman and a scholar.

    They're NTSC, who cares?

    Show me someone who has an entire PAL collection of PS2 games. That would be a TRULY impressive sight.

    The dude has 2 Fortune Hunter Editions! TWO!!

    Dude has bucketloads of cash!

    I thought my PS2 collection was good (about 250 PAL games).

    This bloke deserves a freakin' trophy.

    This is crazy. I wonder how much he spent. Could have put a deposit on a house or something!

    Nice to know someone else has a copy of War of the Monsters. The greatest PS2 game ever made.

      Oh cmon now, we all know the greatest PS2 game is a tie between Bratz: Forever Diamondz and Bratz: Rock Angelz.

    My hero although he's missing those Final Fantasy XI expansions.

    I call lies, there's no way he owns every bit of shovel ware that ever game out on that platform :D

    I like the layer of dust on top of them, clearly money well spent.

    Good to see a complete collection. I'm currently working on a full zelda collection (excluding CD-i and spin-offs).

    Local sellers have been quoting me about $400.00 for a sealed copy of "The Legend of Zelda" - NES.

    So he might have said he didn't pay too much more than retail. For PS2 that might be the case, but for the older systems... lots of $$$

    I have a complete pal dreamcast set, and a complete mtg revised set

    wow... love it...

    while i'm not trying to do this... it makes my 360 collection look tiny (just over 200)... lol

    Telegram for you Mr Lomax...

    BIN IT TEALEAF!! Bin it with
    all the others!

    (Google it lol)

    To bad ps2 sucks.

      Oh you funny.

    How do I contact him? Since the disc broke, this certain game has alluded me for many long years.

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